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A Question for Mascandrogynes

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If anyone here identifies as mascandrogyne, I could use some help, if you don't mind.

How would you describe what being mascandrogyne feels like?

How often do you get feelings of being partially female or neutral, if you do?

If you get those feelings, does it bother you when you feel more female, or do you feel indifferent to it, feel like you just have to deal with it, or anything similar?

I hope I'm not being intrusive, but I am on my journey to figure myself out, for myself, and it's become something very important to me.

Thank you for any help.

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Hey there @Cary , just saw this and am sad it took this long to give feedback, but hope this in some way helps. I guess in a way I could identify a bit with mascandrogyne. I try for the most part to be indifferent about my gender, but would be lying if I said it didn't bother me being identified constantly as female. My natural hormones don't exactly help my situation. Life has just been a long challenge of waves of uncertainty and I'm still not out, also I don't like advertising my lack of interest in play the gender games society is accused to enforcing. I'm not androgynous, more gender non-conforming/bigender.

A lot of the experience is just learning to take the hard punches society pulls and not take people's opinions/beliefs to heart. Be yourself, don't reside and force yourself into being what everybody else believes you to be. You're your own reality, that's a mystery to many normies and mostly everybody you don't let in. It's not the most ideal situation, but you do what you can and just try to be safe as best you can. The world isn't the kindest or nicest of places, and can be straight merciless at times, but it's not always terrible. It's a journey and quest for internal/external prosperity to be the best you living free in the present as yourself. You can't help or do much if you're busy burying yourself away. Be free and proud friend, live long and prosper.

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Hi @Mx.Drago,

Thank you for your reply! Thank you for sharing some of your journey with me, as well. I've done a lot more looking into the androgyne identity, and bigender, as well, and I think I can say because of the specifics, I don't think either is really a fit for me, although others have said otherwise, but only because I asked for their thoughts.

I'm just kind of going with trans nonbinary right now, because I know I'm trans and nonbinary, so it works and it's easier than getting into so many details online. 

I'm only out online, although I'm sure my kids know, one of them anyway, because I've been experimenting with my presentation a lot.

Unfortunately, I'm living in probably the most unsafe state in the US right now, and I won't be out to anyone here, anytime soon, thanks to the worst governor I've ever witnessed in my life time. As much as I'm enjoying my presentation, I've got me and my kids' safety to think about. It's now become impossible to trust anyone here I don't already know, and maybe even some people I do know.

I very much appreciate your response, though, and hope you are able to stay safe, as well.

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