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Starting HRT

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Today I see my Dr for starting HRT. I'm very excited for this step. My appointment is only about a hour from now. I hope everyone has a great day. Take care.

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Congratulations and best wishes. Can't wait to hear all about it.


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11 minutes ago, RitaD said:

Today I see my Dr for starting HRT. I'm very excited for this step. My appointment is only about a hour from now. I hope everyone has a great day. Take care.


May the stroke of your doctor's pen be swift and sure to bring you the results that you desire.



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My appt went very well. I'm just waiting on the pharmacy to let me know my prescriptions are ready. Then have an appt with a nurse to show me how to do my injection. Also my patient history now reflects that I have gender dysphoria. I'm excited about that because my medical provider has electrolysis and it should be covered by my insurance. Woohoo. I feel very fortunate to have a good medical provider and the care team I have.

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The injectable estradiol valerate works very well. A few caveats. The vials can be hard to find. The other issue is that you will need to get decent syringes and needles. The first batch of needles and syringes that my pharmacy gave me, caused me to waste a few doses because the gauge of the needles was too small, and the syringe and automatic needle device failed.


You need a 21 gauge needle to easily inject the medication. The 22 gauge needles can be used, but it is very difficult getting the medication out of the vial and then injecting it. 


Good luck! Congratulations on starting HRT!

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Here I go quoting my endo when i started again: 

"Let's get this party started!"

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My Dr has me using an 18g needle to draw and then switch to a 23g needle to do the injection. I will probably have my esterdiol transferred to another pharmacy to save money. My normal pharmacy is going to be around $115 vs going to walgreens $53. Just a small difference. Plus I can walk to walgreens saves on gas. I waiting to see what the other prices are to see if they need to be transferred as well. Never hurts to save some money. Thanks for all the nice comments.

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Good luck with the 23 ga. You are fortunate if your local pharmacies are carrying any stock of estradiol. It has become harder to find.




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Oh congratulations I hope everything goes smoothly it’s made me feel so much happier can’t wait to hear more 

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Update: Well it has been close to a week and Walmart has not gotten back to about hrt meds. I asked my Dr if we could switch to a different pharmacy. I had her send it to walgreens. I'll be picking up my hrt supplies tomorrow after work. Thursday I have my appt to show me how to give myself an injection under the skin. Getting excited again. Got a little bummed when it was taking so long with no new updates besides "we will be in contact in the next 1-2 days" since last Thursday. My Dr messaged me today asking what was going on since I canceled 2 appts to be shown how to do the injection. Got my fingers crossed I don't have to cancel again.

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Mere speed bumps, Rita. I was hitting them when trying to get the lab work done & had to switch. It was frustrating, being so close, but it worked out. I bet yours will too!




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I'm a patient one. It'll all work out. I was asked at work by a co-worker if I was getting frustrated by having to wait and my answer was, I have waited 53 yrs for this, another week won't kill me. I have found for myself getting upset over somethings is just not worth it and it very taxing on the mind and body. My energy can be better used doing something that makes me feel good. To help keep my mind in point over the weekend I did my nails, waxed my brows and practiced some makeup. I really did not have to do my nails but I did and enjoyed. I still had masc brows so I waxed em to feminize them some. Most of the girls in my dept I work said I did a good job. They always love my nails. I also found the courage to share my make with my coworkers. Their use to seeing me with mascara lately. I got some nice compliments about my makeup. Gave me that warm fuzzy feeling. 

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      Hi i have a question for all of you that taking a long time hrt i see many post on the internet that after 4... 6... months hrt transform the face also to feminine is it true? thanks for advance
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      Good morning, everyone!!    I woke up early yesterday - early for me is 3AM - and could feel the depression engulfing me. Walked and fed the dogs at 4 and then crawled back into bed. My wife was awake and she wrapped her arms around and forced me to talk. It gave me the chance to vocalize what I was feeling, shed a few tears and get out of my head. I fell asleep and slept until 6 - woke up feeling so much better and by last evening felt great. It is frightening how quickly we can get into our own heads and overwhelmed by depression - and I am blessed to have a wife who can see it coming and pull me up.    The weather here was warm and sunny yesterday - which always helps - and we ate dinner sitting out on our back porch. Later, we enjoyed a little bourbon watching the sun set from our front porch.    Today we are going to Costco - I always love going there because, not only can you get bulk food at good prices, they usually have some nice, relatively inexpensive clothes to fill out my wardrobe. This afternoon, we'll be sunning and swimming in our pool. Heaven.   One of the small things that helped to bring my smile back was.........big hoop earrings! My piercings are healed and the starter earrings are gone!! Now, I'm experimenting with different styles of earrings - my wife is sharing with me - and I absolutely love the  feel of the large hoops moving in my earlobes. Funny how something so seemingly small can have such a large impact on your state of mind.    Enough sharing for today - if you made it this far...I apologize but it felt good to vent.   Enjoy this beautiful day and look for the goodness in it....it might be just something small like a pair of earrings that lifts you up.  
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      At the center they know me as intersex AMAB, so using the all-gender restroom will be required of me. On my next trip to the mall, I might try and use the women's room.  9 times out of 10 strangers address me as a woman when out and about. Not that I look very "Barbie" at all, but my breasts are very noticeable. I pass as "tomboyish".  I usually wear much more feminine attire when going to the mall because I shop at Torrid and It's easier if the SA just thinks it's another 60-year-old lady clothes shopping. 
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      New day. New start. Choosing joy.
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      Mildly depressed yesterday. Fought it off.
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      I'm not one for makeup other than foundation blush and lip gloss. Yesterday I tried to go all out, and the results were rather comical. I guess I reminded myself why I don't really do makeup. 
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