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Dropping libido is awesome. Sexual desire down from Male level to Female level.

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Hi Everyone. I'm here to report that my libido for sexual desire has dropped significantly. I was on vacation for 9 days before I realized I had not thought of self gratifying myself (aka masturbating). I for once in my life did not have male levels of sexual desire. It felt awesome. This is without being on HRT or blockers.  One of the hardest things for me to accomplish during my transition was/is the lack of sexual desire. It bothered me to such an extent that I felt like it was the hardest hurdle to negotiate. For me personally I feel like there is no way I could be my genuine Female self when I was stuggling with male sexual desire patterns. Lets be honest here, men partake in the act of masturbation a lot more then women generally, because of the level of the sexual desire hormone testosterone in the male body. We ladies don't do it anywhere near as often, nor do I feel we think about it. I'm now happy to report that my libido is down to a female level

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I'm still Pre-HRT but my dysphoria is taking care of my libido in a brutal way.
I just don't have ANY sex drive left. Thou it's sad in a way it's also kind of liberating not having to have

those thoughts and desires while not yet being in my intended body.

Whenever a few years down the line that that has been corrected i will welcome those

feelings and desires with open arms. But currently it's actually helping my cause by letting me

feel less dysphoric about it. I feel sexy as a dumptruck as it is so no loss ;)

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After nearly 18 months of hormones. I'm literally maybe 2 times a week. Compared to 5 plus times a day as a 35 year old male. Now I can easily go 5 times before the fireworks happen. Yea it takes a lot longer, but the journey to get there is a lot better.


Also while ill never experience a full on female one. When I started having them. I started asking the females i know if that's how it feels. They all reported similar feelings. When I had my first real big one. I explained to a female how it felt. She just laughed and said welcome..

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I’m also pre HRT and have notice my sex drive going down as well.   I think for me what’s caused the change is the the shift in being sexually aroused by females to wanting to be female.  

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    • Girl From Mars
      It's something that is still falling into place bit by bit. I've grown in so many ways since I decided to transition, I'm still being surprised by what my authentic life looks like.   The old me struggled and was constantly weighed down by poor mental health. Now I've got a career and stuff I never thought I was good enough for. It's overwhelming at times. I'm not used to being 'normal'!
    • KathyLauren
      Inspiring!  Thanks for posting.
    • Mandy Jo
      This morning was stressful this morning,A couple kids in my first morning class disrupted class while I was teaching.Started with pulling on a female student's hair and then cussed me out.Both even threw a paper ball at me too.Did send them to the principal and both were suspended,Their moms were not too happy with them.Said they are going to be punished good and grounded
    • VickySGV
      Just read in an LGBTQ Nation article where, yes. the thing about Furries is a characterization of Trans identities.  A political candidate in Colorado is the main shoot from the mouth person in that fracas.  She has over 30 state school districts and 3 organization of school administrators and superintendants telling her to go chase a cat, preferably a wild cat who will turn and chase her. 
    • Willow
      @Marcie Jensen @Billie75B my E levels tanked three months ago.  I just did blood work yesterday for new numbers. If they are still in the tank, we will change things but it’s been a fight with my endo and he’s the only one I can go to.  This state likes to make it very difficult for doctors to help transgenders.
    • Russ Fenrisson
      Definitely, definitely. This seems very illegal and very invasive. It can already be embarrassing enough having a monthly and having it start at inconvenient times, and having documentation like this might actually embarrass an athlete and cause them- on the extreme side- to consider dropping athletic sports if that's how they're going to be treated. Really, it shouldn't be a school's business when a student experiences such a process or when they had it last. That's only important to the parents- if the student is comfortable with sharing such information- and doctors if a medical emergency occurs. No athlete should be barred under the basis of a process not everyone goes through. There are some girls who don't get monthlies or as often as other people.
    • KathyLauren
      If anyone opts out of answering, they will be branded as trans, and discrimination will follow.  The whole point is to identify trans people.
    • Russ Fenrisson
      At the time I went to see the counselor, I don't think the trans condition was very well understood or thought of as important. And it really isn't right for a therapist to make that kind of 'deal' situation with their client. Often, one issue causes another and they can't be singly ignored or favored for another.    I saw mentioned somewhere about interviewing a therapist before actually starting treatment. It genuinely sounds like a good idea, especially since you'll be seeing them for a time. I don't like the feeling I'm conducting an interrogation, but I'll have to get over that if I want to get better. And, maybe, the therapist won't mind either.   I'll remember to ask about that too. Where I live, there are few therapists available that work with transgender issues. I just hope they can help those that are FtM. My one concern is the therapist having a negative reaction towards me. It's probably in my head, but if I run into a similar situation as I related before, I might be mortified.
    • Russ Fenrisson
      @VickySGVSounds like a pretty funny situation. I've never been to a Furry event before but they look like fun. I've met a few Furries in person in the past and they're really cool, creative people.   @awkward-yet-sweetHaha! That's a funny one!    @Marcie JensenThat sounds like a funny sketch. I've always been a fan of puns.
    • Ivy
      Since this is being done online, there is no way to guarantee anyone's privacy. They did claim it was optional though. Seems unnecessary intrusive.
    • Ivy
      Sometimes y'all make California sound pretty good.
    • Carolyn Marie
      Great story.  Thanks for posting it, Astrid.   Carolyn Marie
    • Davie
    • Davie
    • Davie
      Thanks for the Buddy Holly @miz miranda The Pixies,  here comes your man.
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