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The Downward Trending YoYo


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Here is my diet journey.  I say that this is the toughest thing I ever did and when compared to others, I had it pretty easy.


I'm not a doctor and my tactics are definitely not for everyone.  I'm sharing this because if people don't share their stories, then what do we have to work with?  Here goes...


I grew up skinny; really skinny.  I weighed 120lbs until I was 35.  In the early 90's, I was biking 35 miles/day for 2 years.  In the mid 90's I was biking 60 miles/week and in the late 90's it was more like 40 miles/week.  I've always had a fast food rule.  Don't order soft drinks.  Don't order fries.  Don't order cheese.  I end up ordering 3 small hamburgers when I do fast food.  I love cooking and mainly lived on fajitas in the 90's.


Things changed in the 2000's.  I was homeless for 4 years and that disrupted my exercise and eating patterns.  I was very, very poor though, so I didn't have much money for food.  When I got off the streets in 2005, I started cooking curries.  I also started drinking soda pop with my curries.  I started biking again in 2006, but that only lasted for a couple years.  By 2010, I was at my highest weight of 195.  I'm 5'9".


So, 195 wasn't terribly overweight, but that weight came on quickly.  My A1C test came in at a 5.9 and in 2011 my doctor diagnosed me with non alcoholic fatty liver disease and he prescribed "rapid weight loss."  My mom had type 2 diabetes and I was certainly concerned about it.  I wanted to be thin again.  I've always enjoyed being "light on my feet."  It was all that dang soda pop!


So, I struggled with diet for a year.  Then I came to the conclusion that I would do it with "calorie reduction."  So I started tracking the calories of the things I was eating in Excel.  I had a row for each item (or groups of items) and their calorie amount.  And then I had a column for each day.  My first day was 6/5/2013 and I weighed in at 180.  Since I was conscious about dieting, my calorie count was fairly low.  I was averaging about 1,400-1,900 calories/day for those first few weeks.  I did that for a month and managed to lose 8 pounds.


After that, I had a better handle on how many calories were in the things I liked to eat.  I stopped tracking all those calories, but I continued to weigh myself every day.  I started doing some juice fasting (actually, I think I was doing this prior to the tracking) to get low calorie days.  This downward trending yoyo idea comes from how I would fast and have 500 calorie days for a week, and then go back to eating more normally.  I did a lot of yoyo-ing like that.  It was super frustrating, but I was trending down.  Two months later, I was at 167.  on 11/26/2013 I was at 162, so I had lost almost 20 pounds in 5 months.


I was not doing any exercise while I was doing this dieting.  I was very stubborn about doing "calorie reduction."  I noticed that when I was doing fasting days, that I had a lot of time on my hands and missed cooking.


By 3/1/2014, I weighed 156.  It was probably around this time that I started doing my prison diet aka the bread sandwich.  I would eat 5 slices of multigrain bread a day with mustard on them to have a 500 calorie day.  I found that if I put mayonnaise on them, I wouldn't lose weight, but I would with just the mustard.  I noticed how I would become constipated and felt that this was my body trying to get every last calorie out of the food that I was consuming.  This sure was a painful process.  It was the hardest thing I've ever done.


On 8/15/2014, I weighed 153.  Then up to 157 a month later.  Holiday weight got me back up to 161 by new year's.  A year later I was still at 160.  And still trying to diet.  I got down to 150 by the end of 2017.  After my partner died in 2017, I doubled down on vegetarian curries.  I only have one weight entry in 2018 and it was 143.


By that time, I was pretty much back to my old self.  My A1C had dropped down to 5.2, so I was not per-diabetic anymore.  And that really is the most important part of my journey.  By September of 2019, I was down to 138.  I got down to my low of 129 in 2021.  Maybe I was just showing off at this point.


I still struggle with it though.  It's 8/2/2022 and I weighed in at 141 today.  I've been in the 130's all year, but I've gotten into baking in the last year.  I've been at 140 for a week now.  140 is my cutoff of being unacceptable.  I will not allow myself to get back into the position I was in before.  My last A1C test was a year ago and was a 5.4.  My protein level has been dropping for several years and is now considered low.  I've tried addressing it with eating more legumes, but it hasn't had an effect.  I started biking again and biked 700 miles last year.  I'm hoping to have a good time biking this fall.  I'm considering adding some meat to my diet.  Fish and chicken.


I too have a well earned belly that I'm trying to get rid of.  I'm doing sit-ups every day now.  I look pretty skinny in clothes, but without clothes, my belly sticks out.  I don't know that I can ever get rid of it, but I'm interested to see if I can make it better.


I think the soda pop was a way of comforting myself after getting off the streets.  I wanted to start drinking alcohol with the soda pop, but I decided against the alcohol.  The soda pop idea was the stupidest thing I ever did, but losing weight like that was an impressive feat.  But you know, all things considered, I had it pretty easy.

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The main thing I like about posting online is that it makes you think about what you just posted.  The last week I've been studying my little protein problem some more.  Some info online says that the relationship between consumed protein is not 1:1 with the protein levels in your blood.  I'm sure there is some relationship though.  It may be more about just starving myself than the lower protein levels.


I have been working with my doctor about the protein for a year now.  They recommend that I get 70g/day when I'm doing my 50 miles/week of bike riding.  Online says that 50g/day is normal for my height/weight.  If I'm eating rice and beans for dinner, I typically get about 50-59g/day and it is very hard for me to get to 70g without any meat.


I went shopping for salmon/chicken the other day and wound up just getting a couple cans of tuna.  I really have been low-no meat for many years now.  I wound up buying a whole organic chicken today and will make my saag chicken this weekend.  I certainly don't see myself doing this regularly.


Anyway.  Those are the numbers!  To human is to measure/copy.

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    • Davie
      Thanks, @JJ Orange Polish it, if you must, but it's a gem of a story already. And it's part of who you really are, so it's even more valuable than just a story. cheers, Davie
    • Emma De
      @Russ FenrissonThank you so much for your kind words. More treatment tomorrow and I will also be getting a machine to help me medically. If it works then I look forward to seeing the changes. Things have to get worse to get better sometimes, it feels that the worst is winning, but as I keep telling myself the hope and optimism will win in the end. I just need the webb space telescope to be able to see that far at the moment.   I wish you well with your transition as well and the changes the body can make are amazing. HRT is a dream, and I start with a therapist in a couple of weeks, at last. Even if they will focus on the medical challenges, I will do my best to subvert it to my gender challenges as well.   Love, hope and optimism to all. For those who saw the Commonwealth games I was so pleased to see the LGBTQ+ presence and flag so prominent.
    • Sally Stone
      Charlize, the beach is huge, so huge in fact, I can't see the water.😁
    • Davie
      I wish this on every state of the USA. And on every state in the universe (Neptune excepted).   Advocates Praise Massachusetts Protection for Abortion, Gender-Affirming Care.  Access to abortion and to gender-affirming care are now rights secured by the constitution and laws of the Commonwealth.   https://www.glad.org/post/advocates-praise-ma-protection-for-abortion-gender-affirming-care/  
    • Heather Shay
      this one is stuck in my head - always dreamed about this life.... and the version many might remember.... ah what could have been.....  
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I was never able to envision myself that way.  But I watched those kinds of shows and I always had the thought in the back of my mind that the "wife" in those situations could never be me.  As much as I wanted to fit in the role I was expected to take on, even from an early age I knew it wasn't going to turn out like that.  Other girls would envision their future wedding (even in elementary school), and I could never really participate in those conversations.  It just felt alien.  I explained it away in those early years by just saying I wasn't going to get married and my sister and I were going to live together as best friends forever.  Interestingly, that last part has happened 😄 We still live under the same roof, and probably will for the rest of our lives. 
    • Charlize
      I'm glad you got help Lauren.  10 days of sobriety is something i never thought i'd ever see over 15 years ago.  We in recovery are here to help.  I know i needed help and today am glad i've been given the chance to help others.  Just message ant now us.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Colleen Henderson
      For someone who's “out”, I'm really not out very much. I work at home and rarely have face-to-face interaction with people. But this week has been different.   As part of my vow to live my authentic life from now on, yesterday I told the person who has just started cutting my hair that I'm transgender and no longer want to have anything close to a male style. She was totally understanding and, though my hair needs to grow out some more, we're now on the way to a presentation that's clearly feminine.   Today, I had a routine appointment at the local VA medical clinic. I went in full female mode, quite anxious to see the Physician's Assistant I've met with before. She has a transgender child, so we get along very well. The nurse is cool to talk with as well. VA medical facilities are very LGBT-friendly, so I'm never hesitant to be myself there. The PA loves to chat, and because her next appointment had canceled, I was there with her for over an hour. She has a wealth of knowledge, and much of our conversation was a deep dive into the meaning of my test results, the pros and cons of various medications and treatments, etc.   Getting out of my comfort zone and spending so much time with others has done me a lot of good. I haven't experienced that since I worked volunteer office jobs in female mode a few years ago. It's much different from going to the grocery store and only having a few words with the cashier at checkout. If I attracted any unusual attention being so visible in those environments, I'm not aware of it.
    • JJ Orange
      I was young. I was a little kid. I had my hair in a braid and I sat in front of the tube tv, watching an action movie from the 90s. Drinking a Capri Sun, and setting my dolls next to me so they could watch the movie, too. The muscular hero stopped the bad guys and saved the woman and her son on the screen. My father told me, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be saved by the hero?” I answered with a yes, but in my mind, I said “No. I want to be that man. A strong man with muscles who is able to intimidate villains and save the world. I want to be the strongest man alive”.   (Sorry if it is a written weirdly. I wrote mostly off the top of my head.) 
    • Russ Fenrisson
      Greetings, Helen, and welcome to the forums. There's a lot of kind and awesome people around and I'm sure you'll find a few you can click with. Just know, as you're learning about yourself, it might take time and it won't happen over night. It generally takes time and when you figure out what works for you, it is generally very rewarding.
    • Davie
      Hi @WillowA113 I make up stories, too. Lately, I've turned to writing and re-writing my own story of transition and while it is very hard work, it helps me discover exactly who I am and where I want to go. It's almost like a crystal ball that way. Best of luck to you. You are young but you sound like you've got a lot already figured out. Don't be afraid to follow your true self. Best of luck.  Hugs, Davie
    • JJ Orange
      Going back to this topic! I'm a little shy to talk about my beliefs as when I ever I had, I would get stuff thrown at me. One time, my deeply-Catholic uncle told me that anything non-Catholic is the work of demons. Well, thank you sir for making me more self conscious! I would like to add that, again, not everyone who is Christian is like this.  My current believes relate back to my ancestors, mostly of the Nahuatl/Jalisco area. I am deeply attached to many dieties, one of them being Xochipili, the Nahuatl god of flowers, gay people, sex workers, art, and dance!  I love him dearly as he has helped me become more accepting of the person I am today.    I also have some folk Catholic influence and some of Wiccanism.     
    • Russ Fenrisson
      @JJ Orange Yeah, for some reason those dads in older shows and movies would kick back by the fireplace and smoke a pipe or cigar before bed or dinner. I thought I would do the same one day, but I never did- I personally choose not to drink or smoke. Regardless, for some reason, I looked up to those kinds of guys.   Not sure if that fantasy will ever become a reality but there's always animals ready to be adopted.
    • Davie
      Excellent advice, @Jackie C.. The best I got was from my sponsor, who after hearing me complain endlessly, asked me: "Well, what do you want?" which I thought was the most ridiculous question I'd ever heard. He kept repeating it until I burst into tears. I'd never asked that of myself. Now, it's the first thing I ask. I believe my higher power gives me "wants" as her suggestions for my life and dreams. AND she's been right. It simplifies and directs every question I have every day. It's like a perfect cuppa tea with magic dust. Mmmm . . . . hugs, Davie 
    • Kasumi63
      Oh, well. I was hoping to get updates, but I guess Jeanette is gone. I will be having voice feminization surgery with Dr. Haben tomorrow. I am both nervous and excited. Jeanette's account pretty much matches my first impressions of Dr. Haben. He inspires confidence, but I haven't had the surgery yet, so I will provide updates when I'm up for it. Last chance to give me advice! 
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