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Dating as a transgender women


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Hi everyone just a question about dating while transitioning or transistioned. I found heeps of social media posts and videos saying how hard it is to find a man or a woman to accept them. Then I see posts about how men love them too.


I am confused, what is it really like for an M to F transgender woman to find partners? Are cis-lesbians ok with transgender women? what are your experiences? 

Also, if interested in men, what kind of experiences have you had with dating men? 


I know an ex-gf who was a transgender woman who got a bf almost straight away after me. Do you think she was just lucky? she was attractive. So I assumed it was not all that hard, but then I see posts on social media saying how hard it is and they all run away. 


What are some experiences you've had in real life as a transgender woman? with a man or a woman partner/dating

Thank you

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Hello, @LifeExpPerson.  Welcome!


I don't have experience in dating as a trans person, so I am probably not going to be much help.  I did want to welcome you to TransPulse.


The lesbians I know are fine with trans people, but whether they would want to date one, I don't know.  I do know that there are some lesbians who are not fine with trans people.


As for men, well I don't swing that way.  But I think it would be wise to approach them with extreme caution.  There are many men who see trans woman as a kinky fetish rather than as real human beings.  And a few see us as disposable kinky fetishes.  Be careful!




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I am finding femme t4t is more common than I realized, probably just because of the common ground. It really depends on if you are looking for a hookup, something LTR or just as friends. 


Dating is really a case by case basis for me. I don't paint people a certain way or other unless they give me reason to. Dating women feels more open-ended than I feel dating men, who I feel more often than not it's just for a one-time hookup. I am not sexually attracted to men, but I have a couple male friends I trust.

The best bet is to join an organization or club and network and meet others on a very casual basis where there is no pressure and you can see people unscripted. 




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I live in a small town. While im bi sexual. Its been super hard finding any one. Male or female. The men only want me because I'm a fetish to them, and what bi females I have found. They are either married, or want my for a fetish. 


I tired online dating, but that was full of scammers, and time wasters. My friends did say to keep a door open though. Just as I was about to close that door. I got a message from a woman a few hours away. I looked at her pictures, and she seemed normal looking. When compared to the scammers. Like every thing was covered, and she wasn't wearing make-up. 


Any way I took a chance with her. Not even knowing she was real or not. I saw she was a lesbian, and after a few days of talking. I told her I was trans. Which shocked the hell out of her. We started off super slow. Probably because I was super hard on her to Prove who she was. We eventually video chatted around a month ago. Her and my relationship changed 100% that day. We both became more open. I'll admit I was holding back. Till I knew she was real, and I think she was to. Even though she still won't admit it.


We have been talking for almost two months now. We have talked a lot about how she feels about what I have, and we're both know there is a hard limit on that. I'm totally fine with it. We're both grown adults. We know there is more to sex then just normal sex. 


While we haven't met yet. Because of things out of our control. Whats in my pants dosn't come up any more. I would say at this point. We know eachother pretty well. Maybe not perfect, but I would say we know eachother better. Then I knew my ex in the same time, and we were seeing eachother every weekend..

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Note: I'm a straight transgender woman, looking for a boyfriend and future husband!


I live overseas and am older, so it's probably more difficult for me, but I mostly feel lost at sea. I've had a few first dates but not any second dates. That will be a nice achievement (?!) for me. I mostly have been using the dating apps, Tinder and My Pairs (a Japanese app), so maybe that's the problem. I've met a few guys I like at a snack bar I go to, but no one has asked me out. To summarize, I guess I'm just starting off on my dating adventures. I'll follow here for more advice. I'm thinking I might try joining some Meetups. Maybe that will help. Good luck to all of you in your dating adventures!

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    • Suzanne44
      Hi it's Suzanne      I finally did it. I've told my sister who I really am. I finally got to courage up last night, I asked her to come round today because I had something to tell her. Before she arrived I felt that I couldn't do it, I nearly backed out. Well she arrived and sat down I started to cry and told her I couldn't do it. She said that there wasn't anything I could do to shock her or make her hate me. It took awhile for me to give her my letter. I asked her to read it and then left the room. She came to me a few moments later and put her arms around me and told me that she already knew. Apparently she had known for years and was waiting for me to be ready to tell her. Also I knew that my mother had know years ago before she died, although she never said anything directly to me i knew from things she said to me in random conversations before she died. My sister confirmed that she did know, she told me that my mother had said it to her years ago that she knew. Twenty years ago, why did I leave it so long to tell her, if I had known back then I could have saved all those years of pain and loneliness. Anyway now it's out in the open. She says she doesn't hate me and never will. She has promised to stand by me all the way through my transition. She has even offered to tell her son for me. Apparently the last few months she and her partner had talked about me being Trans and he has no problem with me also. If only I had known. She said that she knew that I was going to tell her today because over the last few months they knew that I was having a hard time with something, and she knew It was because of this. Well I've finally taken the first step. I just need  to keep going. This is the first step towards my transition and to me finally being Suzanne the woman I should have always been. I know it's not going to be easy, but with my sister and hopefully her son, partner and other brother-in-law all supporting me I will have the strength to do anything. I will have the strength to be finally be the real me, to be happy in my new life. I know that other members of my extended family will probably have a problem with me transitioning but I don't see them that often and I don't care what they think anymore. As long as I have those closest to me supporting me I have all the support I need. I may lose friends along the way but if they care for me they will stick by me. Others if they don't then so be it. I feel better now knowing that I don't have to hide things from my sister, her partner and hopefully her son and my brother-in-law. Hopefully I'm now free to be the real me, Suzanne. I'd like to thank everyone who has supported and given me advice here, without you I wouldn't have taken this big step towards my new life, and with your continuing support I will finally complete my transition to womanhood and to finally being Suzanne and to finally being free. Again thank you all so much.   As always ❤️ Suzanne  
    • Marcie Jensen
      Probably jsut trying to butter her up.
    • StephieGurl
      PS - I have talk these feelings over with my therapist, and will continued to. She even offered me extra time during this trying time of whacked emotions.
    • StephieGurl
      I thought I would write an update since it has been. I recalculate the timeline to day 26. I believe I have finally ended the physical withdrawal symptoms. This happen about 3 days ago. But, now I face and indeterminant duration of mental health issues. My mental cravings for opiates is surprisingly low. I exhibit no opiate seeking behavior. Wishing I could take some arises during difficult times of emotional upsets. I seem to be easily irradiate. And have angry outburst and even rage. I should be glad it is only verbal behavior. These incidents are usually followed by a period of sadness and some suicidal ideation (with no intention of carrying through. Also my means to do so are absent.) It is during these times that I wish I could have some hydromorphone without drug seeking behavior, I will often cry sometimes sooth by my partner. In between I may have a period of malaise. Just not feeling like doing anything. I have notice these symptoms are calming down, less intensity and duration. I am writing more. I kick off my new philosophy blog with I reposted of one I had just posted to my transgender blog. I will be working on both blogs, but eventually I feel that my philosophy blog is where most of my thoughts are going. [I know I must being boring people here or plain TMI] I am finally writing a long thought about piece on free will with 900+ words so far.   As far as withdrawal affecting my transgender life. It hasn't. I still take care of my face and other skin surfaces. I have always been easily sent in to a dysphoric mood upon seeing any hair on my body. Thankfully hrt seems to have lessoned hair grow on my body. This has only been noticeable except my back which happened earlier in the last month at the 2.5 months since starting. I also must don makeup if I have any contact with outside world in person or online video.    Anyway, that's my update.
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      Handle GD before it handles you.
    • Heather Shay
      What is the proudest moment of your life?
    • Heather Shay
      Underappreciated PH song - cool graphics  
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    • Willow
      Good morning everyone    @Bri2020 it sounds like a fun day ( sarcasm intended). But it also means you are on the road to recovery. I hope everything goes well today     while Ian did leave significant damage in the area but nothing compared to Florida, we had no damage not even at our boat. I believe the area lost three piers. It would seem like the only time they get maintained is after a storm damages them our worse. No wind. Sun is out. It’s a beautiful fall day    
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      Good morning everyone,🐈   Happy birthday AJ!🎂 Happy birthday Charise!🎂 Happy birthday Dr_Inlaw!🎂 Happy birthday KristiFletcher!🎂 Happy birthday Lisax123!🎂 Happy birthday Natalie21!🎂 Happy birthday what the frog!🎂 Happy birthday Who is Chris!🎂 Hope you have a terrific day!   *Honorable Mention* Happy birthday Gizmo!🎂 (my cat)   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
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    • Ivy
      The idea of pursuing and extraditing them across state lines is…  I don't know how to word it.  It's just evil.
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      I do have the E patches.   I have heard that the progesterone helps it work. The first clinic I went to (PP) gave me progesterone, but no estradiol.  They said I was too old for their protocol. My boobettes are barely A cup.  They are quite real though.  If that's all they do, I mean, okay then.  But just a bit more would be nice.  I would not do surgery for them though.  I'm 72 now anyway. I'm trying some OTC cream stuff.  It's not as strong as Rx stuff, but perhaps it might help a little.  IDK
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      I attended a masquerade fund raiser last night so this is me trying to dress up.
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