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Caffeine, does effect HRT

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I am just starting HRT and wondering if anyone knows if caffeine effects the potency of estradiol?

I am trying to be careful about what I intake while on my program.

anyone else hear of the things we eat or drink that effect estradiol?



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Hi @lauran michelle There were no warnings by the Gender Identity Clinic, on the NHS website or in the box about consuming caffeine when starting HRT only about the dangers of smoking and advice for weight loss if you intend surgery.  I am still drinking tea and coffee it and the Estradiol is still working well, though as an artificial stimulant it never hurts to cut down your intake.

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Moderation in all things.

I asked about this when I started and after 14 months I can say it has had no obvious detrimental affect.


Drink away, though i will say I have cut out caffeinated coffee or tea after midday and found some improvement in sleep.




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I consume caffeine in multiple forms, coffee, tea, and soda, not that I drink a ton of it. But, my own personal observation that carries no scientific weight is it took over two years to hit target levels of estradiol, but with my body still showing changes according to normal development on hrt. Obviously, there could have been many reasons for this.

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