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Finding my female look

This Ichi

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My therapist gave me the advise to experiment a lot more. I take her advice by heart and so far it did help me quite a bit.

As a Genderfluid person I feel quite a big part genderneutral most of the time. Nontheless I am very curious to experience a full female appearance.

I will post ideas from time to time to hopefully get feedback of you.

This Topic is not only about fashion but I do not know where else to post this. Maybe I do split up the post when it comes to makeup?

It will take time not only because it is a lot to learn for me but all the stuff is expensive too. (just lost my mind yesterday as I saw the prices on chanel bags, omg and people tell me I am crazy 😜) well, no chanel handbag for me 😅


For no paticular reason I did start with my bodyparts first. My breasts (prothesis) will have bra cup size C. Also I did order my first gaff which is still on its way.


Yesterday I did try some wigs. Without telling much I am courious what you think of these two. Which one do you like better and why? I do not have a video with the dark wig.

Thank a lot for any opinions.




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Personally, I think the lighter one suits your skin tone better. They look to be about the same style otherwise. Look for something that frames your face really well, it doesn't have to be as long as you probably think, though long hair is fun it's a GIANT PITA to keep looking nice.



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I agree with Jackie 100% the lighter one is very complementary to your skin tone. On the other hand, the darker one accentuates the shadows of your facial features thus detracting from a more feminine appearance. 

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😊 Thanks so much for your feedback. I also like the blonde one better. The length is awesome, I didn't realize how long it actually is, because I felt so comfortable with it 😅

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I'm glad you decided you like the lighter wig better.  I actually like the darker wig on you.  Getting opinions from others is always great, but in the end, it really has to be up to you. 


Finding your own feminine style can be a challenge, but if you approach it with a positive attitude, it can be a lot of fun.  Again, it becomes a series of personal choices that make you happy.  Good luck exploring.😄

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Lately I tried to figure out cosmetics. Yesterday I went to a store in mall nearby. They also do makeup there and since I figured out I need help I booked for today. At first I was a little worried about sitting more or less in the middle of the store getting this done but it was ok. All in all I am happy with the result, I did learn a lot and while it was weird to run around with just my face done (no wig, cloths, breasts, etc.) it was fun.


There are some things I really liked:

-          -The colors she used

-          -She explained every step to me why she does it and how

-          -She wrote me a list with all the products she used

-          -Those lashes are not fake, only mascara 😊


Also 2 things I want to improve.

1. My eyebrowns are quite bushy and I will probably get them waxed.

2. She did not use color corrector to cover my beard, which i want to try to see the difference.



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@Vidanjali is so right!  Joyful attitude and a smiling face are probably the most attractive looks for anybody!  Outer beauty can fade with time, but inner beauty shines brighter the more it is cultivated.  😊

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