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Show Time tonight --


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Tonight is show time for "Voices- The Trans Journey In 3 Acts" put on by the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles here in Los Angeles.  I was cut from 3 monologues down to as single due to show run time limits but time is approaching.  I will actually be on stage a total of 5 times, and another  chorus member is reading a poem I wrote for the Chorus 5 years ago. (It has been that long!!) Those of you who do show business know better than to wish me good luck at this point.  I already broke a molar a week ago so we can pass on the Broken Leg thing too.  "There is no business like show business!!"

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The show was a HUGE SUCCESS.  Only a handful of empty seats from people who had bought tickets but did not show, so, over 230 people in the audience (250 is theater max).  I have been napping off an Adrenaline Hangover today.  We all went out to 11:00PM dinner at a local 24hour diner type restaurant.  Two of my kids and their SO's were in the audience and loved it.  One number we did was Steven Sondheim's Children Will Listen from Into The Woods, and the cast members had submitted pre-teen pictures of ourselves that we had provided several months ago, but it had people in the audience tearing up from thinking of then and now in our lives.  One of our young Trans men had submitted a video made of pictures of his coming out in his local school district and the legal issues his family went through.  One story of coming out as Queer in the times of the HIV/AIDS epidemic was in there as well.  It was an emotional but hopeful and as the name of one of the Chorus's own songs written for us says it was "Victorious".

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Vicky, the show sounds amazing.  Glad it was such a big hit.  Too bad your chorus doesn't tour nationally.  I'd love to see and hear them.

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@Sally Stone  We don't tour nationally via the road, but here are a couple of our appearances via the Disney Channel from this year and You Tube the year before---








There are a couple more of the bunch out there as well. 


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Wow @VickySGV!! Congratulations on your success. I look forward to watching these. I’ve seen you in one or two of these shows previously and it’s always inspiring to see one of our own making an impact. Good on you!


My Best,

Susan R🌷

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Cool!  Congratulations on your success!  I hope there was some celebration with cake and punch for y'all afterwards 😊

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