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Observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month Prematurely


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I went in for a yearly Eye Exam today, and the nurse admitting me noticed that I was due for my every-two-year Mammogram, and since the "Grams" are done on a walk-in basis right next to the Optometry department, I said to myself that I may as well get the boobies mashed and radiated.  So I have just had a Boob-O-Gram.  I have been getting them every two years since my GCS when my HMO's records were changed to female.  I think I was the X-ray tech's first Trans woman patient, but while she was surprised was still very caring and professional.  She did ask me about my hormones and knew what was what as far as T blockers and E and I was cooperative and not put off by it.  I am only a 'B" cup, but even they do get squished a bit.  I had to have three shots of one breast where I did have a biopsy for "intrusive fibroid tissue, non cancerous " 9 years ago and two shots on the other breast.  I have had no other worrisome sighs such as lumps or pain or nipple discharge.  I expect that I will get back my usual "Dense Tissue" but no problems report as I have since the Biopsy adventure which I think is still here on the forum from 2013 if you want TMI. 

The scare that I had 9 years ago has made me an advocate for Trans Breast Health and Women's Breast Health in general.  I have never had a problem with other women in the dressing rooms, and my HMO is Trans friendly but you do have to let them know you have never had a period and its your option to say why mostly.  Do not be afraid of having mammograms or letting most medical people know about you.  We are at risk for cancer and more so if a female relative has had it.  I will be proudly wearing my Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirts next month and supporting my usual women's health center with a gift of $$ to help ALL women be safe and cared for.

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I had my first one earlier this year.  I don't remember any questions about periods, but they did ask if I still had my uterus.  I had a moment of fun by answering, "I never had one of those."  Got a nice double-take from the technician, then I explained why not.


Even my almost-A-cup boobs got squished a bit, but it wasn't too uncomfortable.  Mine are medium-dense.  Because the pattern of density makes them naturally lumpy, I have to go back next year for another one.


Definitely get 'em checked regularly, ladies.

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Thanks you for posting this.  It is time for me to get mine as it's been at least 3 years.  Covid got in the way of several procedures.  Mammogram was one of the least unpleasant procedures.





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My work does fundraising every year for breast cancer. So on October 1st this year, everyone comes in wearing pink or other things denoting breast cancer awareness. Not me though. So everybody asks me why I'm not wearing pink. My answer:"I did my part for breast cancer awareness. I've had three mammograms in my life. How about you?"

I remember my first one. The tech takes me in the room and starts with the usual questions. "Are you pregnant?" Me: "No." "When was your last period?" Me: "Never." Then she looks at me and I tell her "I wasn't born this way." Oh, she says and gets on with the test. I was thankful I didn't have to go into any more detail. Now I guess there's a note in my chart so they don't ask anymore. 

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      Good morning everyone,❤   Happy birthday Kara Zor-El🎂 Happy birthday princess32🎂 Happy birthday Murph90🎂 Happy birthday samichan🎂 Happy birthday Liana🎂 Happy birthday Nia Happy birthday LaurenMichelle🎂 Happy birthday RamesesRadio🎂 Hope you have a terrific day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
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      Hi i have a question for all of you that taking a long time hrt i see many post on the internet that after 4... 6... months hrt transform the face also to feminine is it true? thanks for advance
    • natalianatalia
      Hi from Greece Best and right way is to taking hrt for as long we need i am in second month and my breast goes to b from zero and i am very happy! 
    • April Marie
      Good morning, everyone!!    I woke up early yesterday - early for me is 3AM - and could feel the depression engulfing me. Walked and fed the dogs at 4 and then crawled back into bed. My wife was awake and she wrapped her arms around and forced me to talk. It gave me the chance to vocalize what I was feeling, shed a few tears and get out of my head. I fell asleep and slept until 6 - woke up feeling so much better and by last evening felt great. It is frightening how quickly we can get into our own heads and overwhelmed by depression - and I am blessed to have a wife who can see it coming and pull me up.    The weather here was warm and sunny yesterday - which always helps - and we ate dinner sitting out on our back porch. Later, we enjoyed a little bourbon watching the sun set from our front porch.    Today we are going to Costco - I always love going there because, not only can you get bulk food at good prices, they usually have some nice, relatively inexpensive clothes to fill out my wardrobe. This afternoon, we'll be sunning and swimming in our pool. Heaven.   One of the small things that helped to bring my smile back was.........big hoop earrings! My piercings are healed and the starter earrings are gone!! Now, I'm experimenting with different styles of earrings - my wife is sharing with me - and I absolutely love the  feel of the large hoops moving in my earlobes. Funny how something so seemingly small can have such a large impact on your state of mind.    Enough sharing for today - if you made it this far...I apologize but it felt good to vent.   Enjoy this beautiful day and look for the goodness in it....it might be just something small like a pair of earrings that lifts you up.  
    • Birdie
      At the center they know me as intersex AMAB, so using the all-gender restroom will be required of me. On my next trip to the mall, I might try and use the women's room.  9 times out of 10 strangers address me as a woman when out and about. Not that I look very "Barbie" at all, but my breasts are very noticeable. I pass as "tomboyish".  I usually wear much more feminine attire when going to the mall because I shop at Torrid and It's easier if the SA just thinks it's another 60-year-old lady clothes shopping. 
    • April Marie
      New day. New start. Choosing joy.
    • April Marie
      Mildly depressed yesterday. Fought it off.
    • Birdie
      I'm not one for makeup other than foundation blush and lip gloss. Yesterday I tried to go all out, and the results were rather comical. I guess I reminded myself why I don't really do makeup. 
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      I can't shake this downer attitude.
    • Heather Shay
      Helping others is the only help.
    • Heather Shay
      "Out of difficulties grow miracles." —Jean de la Bruyere
    • Heather Shay
    • Heather Shay
      Humans have been performing dentistry since 7000 B.C., which makes dentists one of the oldest professions.
    • Heather Shay
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      I'm planning on attending two of these, and there are at least 3 more I'd attend if they didn't overlap or if my schedule permitted. 
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