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I finally did it


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Hi it's Suzanne


   I finally did it. I've told my sister who I really am. I finally got to courage up last night, I asked her to come round today because I had something to tell her. Before she arrived I felt that I couldn't do it, I nearly backed out. Well she arrived and sat down I started to cry and told her I couldn't do it. She said that there wasn't anything I could do to shock her or make her hate me. It took awhile for me to give her my letter. I asked her to read it and then left the room. She came to me a few moments later and put her arms around me and told me that she already knew. Apparently she had known for years and was waiting for me to be ready to tell her. Also I knew that my mother had know years ago before she died, although she never said anything directly to me i knew from things she said to me in random conversations before she died. My sister confirmed that she did know, she told me that my mother had said it to her years ago that she knew. Twenty years ago, why did I leave it so long to tell her, if I had known back then I could have saved all those years of pain and loneliness. Anyway now it's out in the open. She says she doesn't hate me and never will. She has promised to stand by me all the way through my transition. She has even offered to tell her son for me. Apparently the last few months she and her partner had talked about me being Trans and he has no problem with me also. If only I had known. She said that she knew that I was going to tell her today because over the last few months they knew that I was having a hard time with something, and she knew It was because of this. Well I've finally taken the first step. I just need  to keep going. This is the first step towards my transition and to me finally being Suzanne the woman I should have always been. I know it's not going to be easy, but with my sister and hopefully her son, partner and other brother-in-law all supporting me I will have the strength to do anything. I will have the strength to be finally be the real me, to be happy in my new life. I know that other members of my extended family will probably have a problem with me transitioning but I don't see them that often and I don't care what they think anymore. As long as I have those closest to me supporting me I have all the support I need. I may lose friends along the way but if they care for me they will stick by me. Others if they don't then so be it. I feel better now knowing that I don't have to hide things from my sister, her partner and hopefully her son and my brother-in-law. Hopefully I'm now free to be the real me, Suzanne.

I'd like to thank everyone who has supported and given me advice here, without you I wouldn't have taken this big step towards my new life, and with your continuing support I will finally complete my transition to womanhood and to finally being Suzanne and to finally being free. Again thank you all so much.


As always ❤️ Suzanne


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That's wonderful, Suzanne!  I am so happy for you.  It took so much courage to say what you needed to say, and I'm glad you have family support.  I wish you all the best on your journey to womanhood.




Carolyn Marie

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Hi Carolyn


   Thank you so much, I wouldn't have been able to do it without everyone's support here. Thank you so very much.


♥️ Suzanne 

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On 10/1/2022 at 11:13 AM, Suzanne44 said:

She came to me a few moments later and put her arms around me and told me that she already knew.

That’s great Suzanne, 

I’m so happy for you.





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Hi it's Suzanne


   Thank you all for your kind words and your support. I honestly don't think I could have done it without your support thank you so much.

    All those that are closest to me now all know, and they have all said how proud of me they all are for finally having the courage to tell them. They said that they wished I had said something sooner to them, I do too but at least I am now free to begin my transition and become Suzanne I am finally free to be the real me. I know it's going to be hard and a long process but now I have my family supporting me I know that I can do anything. There will be no more hiding. I will finally be able to be happy. 

   Thank you for all your advice and support, and continuing help. I really couldn't do it without you all. I know I still have a long way to go but with all the friends i have found and are still yet to find here I know  that everything and anything is possible THANK YOU 🙂

    I know I have still got many questions to ask, and still need lot of advice, so I will speak to you all again very soon.


Thank you so much


As always with all my ♥️ Suzanne 


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    • Birdie
      It's funny that it takes a bit before it sinks in. Then it's like.... Oh wow! They are hitting on me! 😲
    • MirandaB
      Not to mention our economy for our first 80 or 90 years as a nation relied on slave labor. 
    • Charlize
      Welcome Cindy. I found the same some years ago.  Then there was mostly porn on the internet and finding this site where i could safely share with others was a great support as i found my path. Its simply great to know we are not alone.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Ivy
      Apparently  Most of us missed out on the socialization.
    • April Marie
      It was that top you were wearing!!  Sometimes we all get taken a bit by surprise. I walked out of the house last week to walk our puppy and dead into the Fedex delivery guy. I just kinda freaked out, babbled something, tried to grab our puppy and was just totally a nerd. I still am embarrassed but it was the first time I wasn't in control of who and when people saw me.   We're just learning things most women learn in their teens, aren't we?
    • hailey
      It is and she fully supports those two friends as well
    • Ivy
      Had a guy try to pick me up at the grocery store today.  He was very persistent. As a trans woman in my 70's, I am not used to this.  I think I might have been too friendly.  I'm kinda confused at how I acted.  I still feel weird about it.  Really I was kinda stupid.  But I did not give him my number.
    • MaeBe
      There are days I think, "I should make some calls to a few legal organizations to see what they say about the treatment Birdie gets". You muscle it out, but what happens to the next person that isn't as tough? Or the next?
    • MaeBe
      What a nice story. The world's a better place when we make connections.
    • MaeBe
      The romanticism for a form of society that can only be viewed through the beer goggles of history is kind of odd IMO. "We did it right, back then" is a bit reductive. There was so much we did so wrong for so long. We continue to do right and wrong things, but to say "let's oil our guns and set it all on fire" is far flung and would destroy society for a very, very, long time. Maybe forever. And not in a "it's better now" kind of way. In a "we're all dead" kind of way.
    • hailey
      Finally did finish that single mom's house,was the door I replaced.Her son helped and taught him to use my finish nail gun when putting the trim back on.He was not scared of it.Did what I taught him on the spot.That single mom thanked me knowing I went through hard times in life too and helped her out back.Said it will be her turn to help someone out back going through hard times in life.Saw I was open about my life,she noticed something about me too and told her I have a female side of me.Told her I crossdress part time going by Hailey.Said she has a couple friends that are transgender that she loves and accepts.Said to come by dressed as Hailey sometime 
    • MaeBe
      Welcome, Cindy!
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Cindy!  Please do explore the different forums and subforums and post wherever you like, or start a thread of your own. We'll be here to help if you need us.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • MaeBe
    • April Marie
      Welcome to TGP, Cindy!!! We are so glad you found us. You'll find lots of resources, ideas and discussion along with wonderful people. Each of us is unique but also have many similarities which makes us so strong as a community. Jump in where you feel comfortable!!
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