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This Is As Meaningful To Today's Events As It Was 11 Years Ago--


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I posted this here in the Forums a few days after I joined here.  I could have boosted the Post to today, but I think it is relevant to what has gone on int the last week because it speaks of safe places that we and our LGB and Q siblings need so badly and hold so dearly when we find them. 




I wrote this about a year after I first very timidly came out but before I had begun my full Transition as I was resolving personal Spiritual Issues.  It has crept into my thoughts deeply as I mourn the violation of a Sacred Space where TG people can be themselves safely. The same is needed by all my siblings who are LGBTQ and the rest.  It is why the events of this weekend have hit me so hard. 


Perhaps Just A T/G Dream


This may only have been a dream, but I know it could happen.


I was at a “Club” where TG and non binary people hang out the other night. Not far from the door was a group holding a religious symbol high and telling all who entered this Club door that they were sinning and evil by being who they were and going to this place. I passed this gauntlet of insult masked as ‘concern for my soul’ and was told that God could not be in this place where I can be who I really am, even for so short a time as one evening.


It seemed that only moments later, after I and others had endured this trial, that a person entered the Club and came over to me and laid a hand on my arm. I looked at them, and could not tell whether or not it was another T/G, a man, or a woman, because around this person was the beauty of all mankind, all genders and all feelings of love, and each one clearly visible on their face. The person spoke a name to me, that was neither my male name or my femme name, but I knew it as my REAL name, and felt the love of my friend come through in speaking it to me. The voice came gently, quietly, in the din of the Club and yet it came with the force of thunder, “Beloved, I am indeed here tonight and all nights. Come let us dance with Joy.”


Not only I, but almost all of the people there that night danced with my Friend. As my friend danced with each other T/G, Gay or Straight, they too heard their real name of love. Some looked downcast for moments as they were spoken to, but then lifted faces shiny with tears of joy and love. Sadly, one or two left quickly with their heads down-turned with pain, and when they left, there were tears of sorrow on the face of our friend. For those who stayed, there was a new sparkle to the air, and drinks alone did not account for the feeling of fun and joy and peace that was there.


Too soon this night ended, and as my Friend walked me to my car, he saw the group who despised us ,and although they cried aloud my friend’s name none approached him. My friend looked at me to kiss me good night, and as HE did, he looked toward them and said “They say MY NAME, but I know them not! For they did not know ME as I walked with you and within you and as I walk with and within all of those whom I have touched tonight.”

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@VickySGV That dream is very deep. When I think about a loving God & creator of all things, your dream captures His essence and the love He has for us.  I don’t think He’s shortsighted and easily swayed by public opinion like those protesters in your dream. He knows us so well….every nuance and intricacy within our lives. That is “the friend” you seem to be describing in your dream.


Thank you for sharing this post.

Susan R🌷


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I can't help but wonder about people who claim to speak for "God".    If it really is "God," can't they speak for themself?


If these people want to hate us, they should just admit it, and drop the excuse of "God."

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Thank you so much, Vicky. It made me cry as I too recognized Him and heard my real name spoken and felt tears of joy on my face. Bless you. 😇 💜


— Davie

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