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The reason I am here!

Nik or Nikki

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Ok, so my first message on this forum and the main reason I am here is because I am not sure what I am. A few facts........


1) I was born male

2) I love wearing women's underwear, it just feels more natural to me. Yes, I know it is not made for my bits (and they slip out occasionally) but it just feels right

3) I have also recently started sleeping in night wear designed for women, again, this simply makes me happier (although I am still trying to get fully used to it!)

4) I have no real desire to fully dress as a woman or shave my body etc to make myself look more feminine.

5) I do not get sexually turned on wearing women's underwear and nightwear.

6) I do consider myself bi-curious


I just don't really know where I fit into this community!

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Hi Nik, nice to meet you. I think it's a bit too soon, based on what you've told us, to be putting you into any particular category, and that is totally okay. Many of us come to TransPulse confused and not knowing quite where we fit in. That said, at this stage I'd say crossdresser is the only label I could really see fitting, though it does sound like a very specific type of crossdressing. And remember, labels can change as our understanding of ourselves evolves.


One thing I think is important to note: sexuality and gender are independent of each other, so whether you are turned on by wearing women's clothing or not, and whether you are bi-curious or not, makes no difference to where you sit on the gender spectrum. Gender non-conforming people come in all shades of sexuality. The important question is how do you feel deep down about your gender? I know, it's a hard question, but it's a question only you can answer. Even the habit of wearing women's clothing doesn't tell us much; it's really nothing more than a clue to what lies deeper inside.


I hope you find what you are looking for here. Browsing the forums and reading other people's stories can really help you to understand your own.


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Welcome Niki.

  I don't believe labels or categories are static or even necessary.   If you insist on one i'd say you were a cross dresser.  Spending some time here expressing yourself and reading about others certainly can help in accepting and understanding your issues.





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Hi guys


Thanks for your responses, maybe I am simply a cross dresser then!


I just see so many beautiful cross dressers who make so much effort, and then look at myself and don't really relate to them, maybe I am just being too fussy!

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Welcome to TransPulseForums Nik or Nikki,


 I hope you find this form as helpful as I do.


Best wishes, stay positive, and motivated



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14 hours ago, Ivy said:

Welcome Niki

A question: Do you go out dressed Fem?  I don't know if it really matters, but it might be something to think about.

Hi Ivy


No, I don't go out fully fem, but I often go out wearing women's underwear, even a bra or a bodysuit in the winter when clothes get a little bulkier!


I have no particular desire to go out fully fem to be honest x

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    • geekyalex
      Trying to get as much information as possible, went to the gender clinic and we were talking about bottom surgery, I have dysphoria about down there. I have done some research on meta but it's hard to tell what is truth and what is just scaremongering and thought it would be better asking people that have went through it  I just want to know how many surgeries is there for meta? Has anyone experienced side effects, issues and or not happy with the outcome?  Is it worth all the risks etc?   
    • Trans22
      I learned that I was born with a female mind at the age of 52 - the word "transgender" didn't exist in my vocabulary at the time.  It took me about 2 months to accept that my psychologist's conclusion seemed to be correct.  The before and after story for me is like night and day and some of the changes happened almost overnight.  I'll summarize my situation by just saying that my mind really loved seeing me appear as a woman.  The more time I spent as a woman, the harder it was for me to continue my pretense of being the man that my biology suggested I should be.  For me, I didn't see living authentically as a choice because there was no acceptable alternative for me.  I'd lived in a world of confusion and depression for almost 40 years (the dark) and after experiencing "the light" I saw only one survival option - live authentically.   I started coming out in mid-late May 2022 with a few unplanned oversharing moments at work.  I was reborn on 1-Jun-2022, the day that I presented as a woman in public for the first time. My transition story is both embarrassing and amazing.   The embarrassing is because very few people were surprised by my coming out (long story) - in hindsight it's easy to see that my past existence was troubled because I could never hide my femininity.  The amazing because almost everyone has accepted me as a woman, in what most people describe as a very redneck or backwards town.  I am so glad that I never acted on my almost daily thoughts and dreams about ending my life, because I've finally experienced how great living can be. The biggest challenge facing me now is to heal my numerous open psychological wounds - I really hope that one day I can think or talk about my past without breaking down almost immediately.  This post has taken almost an hour to write because of my strong emotional response to even the briefest mention of my years of existence.
    • Trans22
      Hi.  I was so happy to be starting HRT on 16-Sep-2022 (52yo) that I cried on the drive to the clinic.  I'm now a little worried that changes are happening too quickly.  Most of the research I read said physical changes start between 3-6 months, my body started changing about 3 weeks after starting HRT with nipple tenderness/pain.    I'm now about 2.5 months in and have breasts bordering on A-cup already - my end goal was to have no bigger than A-cup breasts.  I never read any article that describe how much discomfort was associated with breast/nipple development.  I've had difficulty sleeping and wake up with back pain every morning - twisting my back to be comfortable, maybe.  I've made the mistake of starting to run, without a bra, a few times.  But the worst part is that I am always aware of the extra weight on my chest and that I seem to knock or irritate my breasts/nipples all the time, sometimes just with the clothes I wear.  Have other people experienced changes happening way ahead of "schedule" or am I a freak?
    • Mmindy
    • Mmindy
      @KymmieLI'm sorry for your family loss, and hope your wife finds comfort during this tough time.   Good afternoon everyone, We hosted Thanksgiving at our home, with both of our children, their spouses, and children. We also included a new boyfriend that my oldest granddaughter is courting. Also included were two college friends of our other granddaughter's who didn't travel to their homes for Thanksgiving. It was a total success, with everyone (17 total) crowding around our makeshift extended dining room table. Everyone was included in the conversation, and games. We used a whiteboard easel to play, group Pictionary, and Family Feud. At the end of the evening, the non family guests couldn't believe how much fun they had, and wished their families got along this well.   Best wishes,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋    
    • Mx.Drago
      You're way kinder than most known.
    • Mx.Drago
      I loath paperwork, anxiety through roof.
    • Ivy
      Not an expert, but from what I've heard it's "male pattern baldness" and you inherit it from your mother's side.  Yeah, a result of a hormone imbalance ("testosterone poisoning") in trans-girls). 
    • Abigail Eleanor
      After reading this entire topic I'm really curious about this PHR place in Chicago. It will be tough for me because I'm yet another person with insurance that won't cover any of this. I might be able to scrimp and save and try this. I'm almost at the point of contacting them for more info.    One thing I discovered; it seems they've changed the name of the business. Cirine Hair Removal and Skin Care. I'm pretty sure it's the same people, can anyone corroborate this?   I've already had about 20 hours of electrolysis in once-a-week sessions with a local electrologist. I'm about to change to a new one because I'm starting to feel the one I've been with is a bit clumsy with her technique 🙃    I noticed that PHR (Cirine?) has two locations, Wilmette and Chicago. Have y'all been going to Wilmette...has anyone used the Chicago one?   
    • Mmindy
      Anxiety took two days. Better now. 
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      @Vidanjali Interesting haircuts... one of my husband's sons has that spiky high fade going on.  Over the years, my hair has gotten shorter and shorter.  As a teenager, I had it medium length in a ponytail, identical to my sister.  I've been doing the "fluffy androgynous" look for a few years now.    I wonder why men lose their hair?  I've heard it is something about testosterone, which is why I'm not wild about doing any more T than just a little bit.  My husband's father lost a lot of hair in his 20's and 30's, but my husband has not.  Any idea why?     
    • Mmindy
      Hey there Luna,   Welcome to TransPulseForums, as you can see by the previous comments you're in a safe place with people who care about you, and will listen before they respond.   Best wishes, stay motivated, and safe,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Vidanjali
      @awkward-yet-sweet lately I've been rocking a high fade a bit like this fellow, but I don't spike up the fringe.    But, recently I've been inspired to grow it out a bit and go for a glam rock kind of look, like a younger Noel Fielding except shorter overall & I'm thinking baby bangs.    @Roach was a great day in total - it felt good to assert myself in a lighthearted manner with the guy.    I've been cutting my husband's hair since we got together in 2012. He says if I don't do it, he'll just shave his head. My Christmas wish is he'll open up to going to a barber shop. If I say so myself, I'm quite good at haircuts, but with my disability it's become more difficult. He's a lucky guy in that he HAS hair, 1st off, and that it is a lovely texture. 
    • Sally Stone
      I had the great pleasure of meeting a gentleman named Wayne Maines who has a transgender daughter named Nicole.  There is a book about she and her family titled "Becoming Nicole."  Wayne struggled to understand Nicole the same way your husband is struggling now.  The great news is that Mister Maines eventually came around and actually became a staunch advocate for Nicole as she transitioned.  This true story shows that there is hope, even when the situation looks bleak.  Perhaps you can somehow get your husband to read about Wayne Maines.   I wish you and your daughter all the best.  Your support of her is to be commended.  Dads can be amazingly resilient, so don't give up on your husband yet.  Maybe, if he is willing to read about another father going through a very similar situation will help him.    
    • Mx.Drago
      Actually, yes!     I see where the confusion is occurring. It's the"logical conclusion" you're referencing. Social evolution isn't the same as natural evolution and has different factors that don't apply to natural evolution. Nature doesn't have a bank account that it can literally physically hand over to anyone, crowning them next in line as royalty. Social Darwinists are people who took Darwin's Theory and said well it obviously means social evolution must also apply to this same theory of “survival of the fittest." Then promoted the idea that certain people become powerful in society because they are innately "better." Social Darwinism has been used to justify imperialism, racism, eugenics and social inequality. It's the same thoughts that promote people like Elon Musk, that guy who "had" that crypto empire and other extremely wealthy people, who use it to trick the desperate and unknowing into thinking that they are some how better mortals than everybody else and are therefore more deserving... 😑   Life has so much value, and I believe it doesn't need to be in any "image" of an entity that prefers not to be seen.    
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