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Just started HRT, a little worried about pace of change


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Hi.  I was so happy to be starting HRT on 16-Sep-2022 (52yo) that I cried on the drive to the clinic.  I'm now a little worried that changes are happening too quickly.  Most of the research I read said physical changes start between 3-6 months, my body started changing about 3 weeks after starting HRT with nipple tenderness/pain.    I'm now about 2.5 months in and have breasts bordering on A-cup already - my end goal was to have no bigger than A-cup breasts.  I never read any article that describe how much discomfort was associated with breast/nipple development.  I've had difficulty sleeping and wake up with back pain every morning - twisting my back to be comfortable, maybe.  I've made the mistake of starting to run, without a bra, a few times.  But the worst part is that I am always aware of the extra weight on my chest and that I seem to knock or irritate my breasts/nipples all the time, sometimes just with the clothes I wear.  Have other people experienced changes happening way ahead of "schedule" or am I a freak?

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For me, all of that was 13 years ago, but the experience is "written in stone" in my memories.  We use the acronym YMMV for Your Mileage May Vary as far as the onset and completion of our new body features.  You are not alone, I experienced all of what you are talking about on MY schedule which was different, but it was a boulder rolling down the highway that would not stop, although I am now familiar with my body today and hormone effects are NOT NEW to me.  Welcome to the Forums, prior posts here cover the bases and little surprises the Admin/Moderators in regard to the questions you are asking.

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2 hours ago, Trans22 said:

Have other people experienced changes happening way ahead of "schedule" or am I a freak?


I'll echo what @VickySGV said -- each person's schedule varies.  For me, who will be at the 3-year HRT mark in a week, it's been beneficial to be more chill about the changes.  I definitely used to dwell on every small detail; now I've learned to take a more long-range view.  I'm not the only HRT person here who has remarked that HRT changes do not proceed at a constant pace -- breast buds can appear, then take a rest and disappear for a few months.  Right now my nipples are especially sensitive, but earlier this year they were less so.  Like many cis women, the breasts may not be perfectly symmetrical.  All this while I remained on the same dosage level (I'm on estradiol patches).


2 hours ago, Trans22 said:

my end goal was to have no bigger than A-cup breasts. 


Keep in mind that in most cases, a baggy shirt will succeed in hiding the existence of A-cup boobs, should you feel the need to do so.  Another option is to work with your HRT doctor to consider reducing your dosage.  This will lengthen the time over which changes occur, but they will continue, just at a different pace.  However, for me it has always been important to maintain HRT levels high enough to maintain the mental advantages that HRT brings.  Were I to stop it entirely, those benefits would disappear -- and likely with it a return of the depression and dysphoria that HRT has, thankfully, banished.


With best wishes,



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HI, @Trans22.  Nice to meet you.


My experience was like yours.  My breasts started growing within two or three weeks of starting HRT.  By three months, it was getting awkward to try to hide them.  That was mostly what I had expected, and I planned my coming-out accordingly.  Most of my development occurred in the first six months.


Yes, you quickly learn to wear a bra when exercising, even with A-cup breasts!  And to avoid door frames!

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Thank you all for your replies.   For me, the best benefit of HRT is in relation to mental health (so far).

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4 hours ago, Trans22 said:

For me, the best benefit of HRT is in relation to mental health (so far).

Hi @Trans22! This was almost an immediate benefit for me…even before any actual noticeable physical changes had yet occurred.


I had similar results to you in regard to HRT. Exactly 3 months after starting HRT, I took my last family portrait presenting male on Christmas 2018. I wasn’t out to anyone but my wife at the time. I was wearing a lightweight cotton shirt with no undershirt for the portrait. When my daughter posted it up on FB the next day, I was horrified how it looked like I had boobs. No one mentioned it but thats when I knew my 2 year ‘coming out’ timeline was going to be much much shorter than I had hoped. Eventually I ended up coming out to family 3 short months later and to the world at large a few months after that. It can sneak up on you so be prepared.


Good luck,

Susan R🌷

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Everyone's made good points here and there isn't much to add. There are two important points; no three to keep in mind.

1. Everyone responds differently.

2. Your estrogen levels and hence progress WILL fluctuate.

3. Ensure you are on the correct dosage and combination of medications as this affects how your body responds. In my case, it took about 18 months to (finally) get the dosage and medications right. AND, keep #1 in mind throughout.




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Thank you @Susan R and @Marcie Jensen.   I am in no way self-conscious about my changes and am very proud of my new body (I hated and ignored my old self).  I am a more public person now than I ever was and wear clothing that shows off my beautiful body.  I've lost count of the number of times people have said words like "you look taller" - what they are noticing is that I'm standing tall now (confidence).  The human mind is capable of things that the medical profession cannot explain and I think my female mind never allowed me to have a typically masculine body or voice.  I've measured almost all aspects of my body and most show up as typical for a woman or small woman.  I have had no problem with my personal transition to living as a woman - my gender psychologist told me that she had never had anyone turn up to their first appointment with so mature a female look.  My partner has suggested that people look at me and see a woman and I think she's right - I haven't noticed anyone staring or looking at me in disapproving way.  I've lost count of the number of affirming comments I've received, and am especially proud when cisgender women express being envious of my body.
I have no idea how to tell whether I'm getting the correct dosage of HRT medciations, but I feel more comfortable inside my body with each passing day.

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1 hour ago, Trans22 said:

I have no idea how to tell whether I'm getting the correct dosage of HRT medciations, but I feel more comfortable inside my body with each passing day.

Actually, I think that that is the best measure of all.

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1 hour ago, Trans22 said:

I have no idea how to tell whether I'm getting the correct dosage of HRT medciations, but I feel more comfortable inside my body with each passing day.

While I agree with @KathyLauren, you should be 

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Well. that was weird. I was trying to say, @Trans22, you should be getting regular blood tests so that your prescribing medical professional can track your estrogen levels. Usually this takes place on a quarterly basis. My PCP and Endocrinologist have both told me that the "normal" estrogen range for cis women is between 55-200 while on HRT and that your testosterone level should drop to under 50 over time if you are on the correct dosage of HRT meds. I will grant you that I suspect my endocrinologist may in fact be a vampire who secretly loves to draw blood, but you should probably discuss this with your medical professional.

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My first quarterly test will occur on 20-Dec.  For now though, I'm praying that my fairy-tale new life will continue.

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I had a little budding happen pretty quickly then not a lot changes for a little while, but as pretty much every one has said the mind change was pretty immediate. I think the consensus is that even if that was the only effect it is totally worth it just by itself.

I'm smiling at the things we all did with our developing bodies. Brushing ourselves wrong all of a sudden is like stubbing a toe. Backpacks require a new approach as does activity without a bra. Bumpy roads with no bra is also no fun. I probably get myself the most with guitars.

As far as size it not an exact science but a lot of girls say your heredity will hint at size. So if your mother and sisters are large then you may develop that way and vice versa. But nothing set in stone.

Remember it's your individuality that makes you beautiful! Also hrt is like boiling water, the closer you watch the slower it goes. 🙂


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      @Mmindy Well, the discussion about the Keurig was a long time ago.  It wasn't THAT important, so I let it go since I'm rather spoiled in other ways.  I'm used to the Russian tea, since I lived with my GF before we joined our husband's family.  Not my favorite, but its ok.  When I moved in with GF years ago, I knew I was going to be eating a lot of Russian food for the rest of my life.... not to mention dealing with her dominant nature.     @heatherd You have definitely had a lot going on simultaneously.  I don't think I could handle two major legal issues at once.  I can only imagine the stress.  Hopefully everything will turn out well.      
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      Thank you everyone!  Sharing your experience helped me decide.  I wound up getting 4 birth certificates.  I only had one of my old one.  I submitted my application and they took my money, so it's just a waiting game now.   Hugs, Lydia
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      Same here.  After years of denial, I got the nerve to wear a skirt (privately) - just to feel what it was like.  The dam kinda broke.
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      Things going good for me.Went to court on Thursday,I have full guardianship of the 14 year old girl I took in.Judge was impressed  with everything.It was good for us and my family told her welcome to the family.I had to testify in court on Tueday,the man that sexually assaulted me was charged with one count of sexual assault and a hate crime last week.I was brave testifying.He faces 35 years,his attorney tried plea deal again and the prosecutor said no.I am glad the prosecutor is being good to me.He is facing 35 years now due to a couple more on his long arrest record,Rape and domestic violence conviction he did to an ex wife of his.
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      @mmindy. You sure do have a nice shop.  I had a Delta 14” bandsaw, table saw, jig saw, wood lathe, drill press all Delta cast iron except the table saw that was Sears. Lots of hand tools power and hand.  Thickness planner.  Woodworking was my hobby.  I made our entire bedroom set out of maple.  I made my daughter a memory chest for our youngest granddaughter after she died of cancer, all cherry plus some hand carving, and many more things over the years.  I get it!  Each has his priorities.     my son now has all those now.   yes my wife gets indoor decorating.  Our coffee maker is Keurig but it’s a combination machine.  Make a cup, make a pot.  It shares counter space with a hot water pot.   Willow
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      Screenshot from the video. The title of the play is not mentioned, if I recall. 
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      Experience - 2008, front row center seats watching Jeff Dunham live. He was presenting some of the stuff for his upcoming Christmas special.
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      Well, I think your KEURIG* should have equal space in one of the kitchens. As for the Zavarka? I would give it a fair chance to develop a taste for it.   @Willow we live in a ranch style house in a middle class neighborhood. When we built the house, I wanted the largest one story home, that would fit on the smallest lot. We knew it would be our forever home, and didn't want to climb stairs, or mow a hug yard. Suzie has decorating priorities in the house, and I can do anything I want in the 2 car garage. The only gas engines in the space I affectionately call my shop, are a Harley (year round) Spring and Summer the lawn mower, Winter the snow blower. Other than that it's a small metal fabrication/assembly area, a 36" wood lathe, bench top band saw, and full size drill press. I also have a table saw with out feed table, along side that is a combination swing arm chop saw.   I'm set,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
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      Having more rings on my trunk than most, I go back to the era of World War II, when much of the vocal music reflected the angst of couples and families separated by war and not knowing what the future held.   Even now, some of the Vera Lynn songs of that time resonate with my emotions.    
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      @Mmindy I thought the Keurig machine was amazing when I first saw one.  But my family is old-fashioned, and when I was going to get one I was firmly denied the counter space in both our main kitchen and the downstairs kitchenette 😔.    GF has a couple of huge Russian samovars....one for use inside which is electric, and an outdoor one that uses charcoal. Russian tea is different than how tea is made in the USA.  There's a very concentrated tea called "zavarka" which is then diluted with hot water.  It seems overly complicated to me, but I have gotten used to it.      Breakfast this morning was tea, a plain boiled egg, and a bowl of kasha (buckwheat pepared similar to oatmeal or grits). Simple and not particularly tasty, but at least there's plenty of it.      
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      I was thinking about this, this morning and the best I can come up with it I Want to Hold Your Hand by the Beatles. When I saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show - that was it. From then on music has been an integral part of my life including over 50 years of  writing and singing my own songs.   You can just love to hear music or are affected by music or type of music or artist but how has music touched you.
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      There were things going on in some of the bigger cities.  But I never heard about it.  I lived a rather sheltered life - small town, conservative family, etc. I guess that's one thing about the internet.  "Don't say gay" bills won't keep kids from hearing about it.  If they don't themselves, their friends will.
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