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Interactions with other people changing after HRT.


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I've recently come to the realization that my interactions with other people are changing since starting HRT.   I struggle to maintain interest in conversation with men now and, even more surprisingly, I'm finding myself waiting to be invited to speak while men fight to have their thoughts and opinions heard.  On the other hand, I am loving and thriving from my conversations with women.  Over the past few days, I've even found myself listening to my mother until she is ready to say goodbye.  It seems my interactions with other people has  almost swung 180 degrees.

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Just wondering...are other aspects of your life changing as well?  Like, are you more emotional or intuitive? 


I've heard that HRT can change all sorts of things.  I was told that the little bit of testosterone cream I use might change things a bit for me... so far, nothing different mentally/emotionally.  I think results are going to vary dramatically form person to person. 

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Lots of changes for me already, physical and emotional - I've documented some/many elsewhere on here.  It took me a while to notice emotional changes because, as my wife says, I always had difficulty with my emotions.   Intuition was like emotions in that I was already very strong in this space before transition - I'm much more likely to vocalize my intuition now though (I used to keep my intuitive 'observations' to myself in the past).  For me, the mental changes are far more rewarding than the physical changes - so far.

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I to was having changes emotions, big time mood swings,some breast growth they took me of hrt on nov 7 had blood clots blaming the E  dont know I kind of liked the feeling being on HRT 

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Hi everyone. There are a lot of good points here, on a variety of things. To @Trans22, I haven't really experienced changes in how I interact with people based on gender. But, I HAVE noticed, and been told by friends I've known for many years, that I am calmer and more patient than I used to be. I've also been told I'm more "serene" than in times past. That's a word I would never have used to describe myself. I'm also more talkative than I used to be. 


I've also noticed the emotional changes--I cry more easily nowadays, for example, and it's easier for me to show emotion. Like @rachel w, I've had mood swings. Often at he oddest times. It's kinda like going through puberty and menopause at the same time. (That's how my doctor describes it and she is a transwoman who has experienced this.) And, as @awkward-yet-sweetpoints out the results vary among individuals.


Generally speaking, I don't worry about it. I just accept the changes and move on. Life's too short to stress over the changes. The main thing is to get the correct dosage, communicat4e with your doctor because E can cause blood clots and other issues, as can T, I'm told. And most importantly, enjoy and roll with the changes to become the most authentic, the best YOU that you can be.

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As hormones and presentation changed i definitely saw a change in interactions.  Men became a bit guarded when we spoke. There was certainly a bit of sexual tension.  I unfortunately also discover male dismissal of my opinions.  While speaking about my own paintings at an exhibit i was more or less pushed to the side by two men who seemingly knew more than the painter.

Joining the sisterhood took time but i am often more comfortable with women and feel a support which is much different than men ever offered.


2 hours ago, rachel w said:

i to was having changes emotions, big time mood swings,some breast growth they took me of hrt on nov 7 had blood clots blaming the E  dont know I kind of liked the feeling being on HRT 

having had similar issues i have been using a topical E for quite some time now.  The risks this way are low.  After surgery i no longer produced T and E is actually safer under medical supervision.





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6 hours ago, Marcie Jensen said:

Generally speaking, I don't worry about it. I just accept the changes and move on.

That's pretty much how I am running with HRT changes too.  I am loving myself & life for the first time since the onset of puberty, so acceptance and positivity (present and future) is really easy for me.

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    • awkward-yet-sweet
      So, if there was no penis to see.... How exactly did the girl think she saw a naked male? Size of shoulders? Bone structure?  And without seeing genitals, how did she know this individual was naked in the first place?  Or am I a little bit dense?
    • CD Rachel
      Hello, sorry that I have been away for awhile but life sometimes has a way of getting interesting. So I have been seeing someone for the past 4 months now. We have been having a wonderful time together and I almost feel like my past life was a dream. Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family went very well. I feel so much like this is the life that I should have always had. I am totally out as Rachel and though I am not passing being fearless has led to meeting many new and wonderful people that accept me.    I have been surprised that I am also now being seen as the person that I had always wanted to be. Several times over the past 2 month people have  complimented me for being brave, generous, kind, loving, honest and open. Honestly when I started my transition these are the characteristics that I had written down describing the person that I wanted Rachel to be. The one that I was not planning on was brave but apparently that is how I am seen. My transition has truly been a transformative experience.   I hope that it is ok if I share a couple pictures of myself.... one from work and one from home.   Well, I have a lot of reading to do in order to catch up.. Hope everyone is doing well!  
    • Chanelta L.
      Hi Ivy,     It was a different time back 50's, 60's, and even 70's. Trans definitely wasn't a thing back then. Female impersonators, now that was the term. Now that I look back, my parents knew my tendencies, and I remember one conversation they had with me once about a supposed friend of my dad. There was a club near us for a while that had Female Impersonator shows and they told me about how his friend had a son who performed there and they were so proud of him.    I was oblivious at the time, but even if I knew it was a way to out myself I would have been too afraid to do so. I did not want to be different I guess.   Well I am much less afraid now, and am going to explore and embrace this side of me for sure. And you're right, it is never too late.    Chanelta
    • Ivy
      Saw a bit more on this: https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-a-santee-california-ymca-locker-room-freakout-became-an-anti-trans-crusade?ref=scroll   Thought this part was interesting. "In quick succession, the story traveled from KUSI to the New York Postand Daily Mail. A game of telephone played out in the process, with Mail, OAN, and The Daily Wire reporting that Phillips had seen a penis in the locker room. But Phillips herself had said in her city council comments only that she had seen a “naked male.” On local TV, she got a bit more specific, saying that she “did not see the man’s front side.” In fact, it would have been impossible for the teenager to see a penis, because Wood underwent gender-affirming surgery in 2016."
    • Maddee
      Sorry lame comment. I am surprised and happy to hear your good news Heather! Best to you going forward 🌈🌈
    • Jackie C.
      I know a AFAB NB who had some hormone therapy until their body had more-or-less the appearance that made them comfortable in their own skin. I presume they went through one of the informed consent clinics. I don't see them going cowboy route and just self-medicating though I've never asked.   Hugs!
    • Ivy
    • VickySGV
      Fully agree with @Carolyn Marieon locking this one.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I grew up Orthodox... church was mostly a ritual.  I joined my current faith community and actually began to believe because of my husband's first wife.    I'm strangely comfortable with my community, even though patriarchy is even more intense than where I grew up.  Sometimes you find out that you belong in a very unexpected place.
    • Mmindy
      Congratulations, that's wonderful @Willow I was raised in a strict Southern Baptist Church, and appreciate the learning it provided me as a young adult. I left the Baptist Church, when I moved from Missouri to Indiana, attending a Missouri Synod - Lutheran Church. I liked their teachings, however I wasn't going to go through the requirements to be confirmed. I've settled in a Friends Church that is Quaker based, because they don't judge people and are more free will. When ask about my Faith? I say I'm from the Church of independent thinkers. I do consider myself to be Christian, and because most of the Christian Based Churches believe in the same basic tenants of Christ. His crucifixion, and rising three days later to pay for our sins. I'm more about my own personal relationship with the Trinity. I don't like how some churches spend more money on things, than people.    Hugs, I know you'll make a difference.   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋 
    • Carolyn Marie
      Yeah, I think this thread has about run its course and has detoured onto unintended roads.  Let's move on, shall we?   Carolyn Marie
    • thoustan
      Hi, amab here has anyone who is also amab nb gone down the route of hrt?   I have some questions if you have?   Do you feel more validated as an nb, did you ever feel like it pushed you to far the other way?   How did you acquire the fem&ms or whatever shape you got the oestrogen in, did you have to diy it or were you able to get a prescription? If you got a prescription were you honest abt being nb or did you have to fake being full mtf?   Did you go on a full or reduced course and did you take testosterone blockers or no?   If you did go on a reduced course was there anything you weren't expecting or was it what basically what described with a full course just lessened (this is what I'd expect)?   Is this post more suited for the hrt forum?
    • Astrid
      As you know, the wait times for this in the UK via NHS are years away.  I have UK friends who have have the funds for the private route and were happy they did.  We do NOT recommend over-the-counter HRT, if you're considering that.  There are real health risks that need to be considered and monitored.   I am NB and began low-dose estrogen under the auspices of an excellent gender clinic here in Boston in December, 2019.  Physical changes did occur (at a slower rate), but I found low-dose did not offer me mental improvement of dysphoria, so under supervision we increased the dosage.  I'm very happy now with both the physical and mental changes that HRT affords.   I underscore what @KathyLauren recommended -- seeing a gender therapist was very helpful for me, and for many, many other folks who participate in TransPulse.  Finding an exact label for your identity is something many folks focus on at first, but the label is just a label -- finding the actions, whatever they may be, that make you happy turns out to be more important as we move forward with our journey.   Cheers,   Astrid
    • Willow
      Thank you @Marcie Jensen.  It’s been a long time coming but the seed was planted many years ago.  Seventies.
    • Willow
      @Mmindy  I have been a Presbyterian all my life from Nursery to now.  My faith did waver as a teen but came back to me.  I was ordained as an elected Deacon in 1981.  I am absolutely certain God has spoken to me several times including now. Even the current minister at the church we belong to has stated that while he felt called, he has never had God speak to him (in a voice)    Several years ago he told me to minister to teen transgenders.  I have been doing that for a year now.  But I believe I need to do more, hence getting ordained as a minister in the universal church.  I do have some theories about the various worldwide deities, which I believe are the results of Jesus’s disciples scattering to the corners of the Earth.  Strick Christians never consider that, they rarely think beyond Paul.   This body fits better with my thinking.   But to me, I don’t care what you believe or don’t.  The primary thing is leading a good life whether you believe or not.  My mother did, my father didn’t.  You are free to choose for your self    Hugs   Willow
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