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‘Intentional Vandalism’ Leaves 40,000 Without Power in N.C.


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“I told them that God works in mysterious ways and is responsible for the outage. I used the opportunity to tell them about the immoral drag show and the blasphemies screamed by its supporters. I told them God is chastising Moore County, thanked them for coming and wished them a good night. Thankful for the LEOs service, as always.”


Two hours earlier, Rainey had posted the message: “The power is out in Moore County and I know why.” And around the same time, she posted a picture of the Sunrise Theater, which was putting on the sold-out drag show, with the caption “God will not be mocked.”



Some other reports don't mention the Drag Show.



Twitter thread on it.


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  • Admin

Sooo-- a deity is now providing gun men to shoot out power installations on demand??  I would like to hear what happens when that is used as a defense in court.  Actually it has been used before to no benefit of the accused person.


NOTE, I am a practicing Episcopalian Church member.

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This is from the second article: "Last night, unknown individuals vandalized at least two substations in Moore County with criminal intent. Motive for this crime remains unknown.


From this, it appears that the local authorities have no idea as to who did this or why, despite interviewing a local conservative, and apparently an evangelical Christian, activist. Ms. Caraballo's conclusions are simply a matter of ill considered opinion not supported by fact. Presently, there is no evidence connecting "fascists" to this act (although I suspect othe4rwise). Nor is this an example of "terrorism." Rather, it is a criminal act of the basest sort.


Additionally, as a practicing Presbyterian (someday I may get it right) minister, I can state categorically that most denominations including the Episcopalians, Lutherans, Nazarenes, Methodists etc., do NOT condone this sort of hateful stuff. It's antithetical to everything Christ taught. It's too easy to condemn an entire faith for the actions of a few; this includes Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and countless others. Perhaps it's time to let the investigation run its course before we start rushing to judgment.


And for the record--God, by whatever name or faith--doesn't provide gunmen to shoot power stations or anything else. Especially in Christianity. Let us remember that one of Jesus' titles is "Prince of Peace."

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I certainly am not implying that this was a Christianly motivated incident.  In fact I believe the majority of Christians would condemn it.


I also think that the people being questioned have "plausible deniability" even if they know about it.  I do think it is worth noting that there was a recent incident in this same part of the state, with armed men protesting a "Drag Brunch".

Of course the perpetrators would have to actually be caught, and convicted which I'm not so optimistic about.  It seems to have been well coordinated, so it was apparently not a "lone wolf" thing.


I live in a fairly red county in NC myself.  (The dems sometimes don't even bother to field candidates)  I have been pretty open about my life.  To get my name changed recently, I had to post it all at the courthouse publicly.

When I was in Wallyworld this morning a guy gave me the hairy eyeball.  I just brushed it off, but then when I got home I saw this stuff.  Now I'm beginning to wonder…

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I'm always confused when people who do threats or vandalism target something that is completely unrelated to what they disagree with.  How is the electric company responsible for a drag show? 


In my area, when the electric company decided they were going to steal people's land (eminent domain), they were reminded that their infrastructure stays intact at the pleasure/cooperation of the local population.  A direct threat, clearly related to what was going on.  That made sense, in a way.  THIS does not.  Christianity has nothing to do with it, but perhaps mental illness might.  🤨


Ecclesiastes 3 tells us there's "A time to kill, and a time to heal.... a time to tear and a time to mend... a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war, and a time for peace."  There's room in my faith for war and violence, as a last resort when it is the correct time for those things.  The correct time, for a specific and rational purpose.  How on earth people randomly come up with "today is the day I shoot out the electrical transformers in the name of Jesus" is beyond me.  It would be interesting to analyze the pattern of thought that generated that one. 🤔 



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19 minutes ago, awkward-yet-sweet said:

How is the electric company responsible for a drag show? 

I mean, this?

People are on life support and stuff - oxygen etc.   


One of my daughters lives in that area.  She and her kids are staying with one of my sons till they get power back up.  They've been told it may take till Thursday.   


And all for what?

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  • Admin

The authorities are emphasizing in the more responsible press outlets that at the minute they DO NOT have solid leads to a motive for this.  What they seem to be finding is that this was done to specific items of the station that would take the whole thing down.  My own experience with electrical work is that this was not the random damage like they would get from even a major local storm, and that is what they are now reporting and is the reason for the severity of the damage.  The Drag Show is still a possibility but other things are still in the mix. 

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1 hour ago, VickySGV said:

 What they seem to be finding is that this was done to specific items of the station that would take the whole thing down.  My own experience with electrical work is that this was not the random damage like they would get from even a major local storm, and that is what they are now reporting and is the reason for the severity of the damage. 


Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm an artist not an engineer), but from what I understand, a few well-placed bullets could do that.  Make a hole in each transformer.  The things are cooled by gallons of mineral oil inside.... Once that oil leaks out, it overheats and no longer works.  The reporter said there was a smell of oil, which makes sense if that was the method.  Unless I'm wrong, I don't think this would take a great deal of technical knowledge....

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  • Admin

@awkward-yet-sweet I hope you are right on this, but patches and replacement of the oil go pretty fast.  The things that will take the time are control panels for the switching apparatus involved.  I live a couple of blocks from such a switching facility and friends of mine have been the people who maintain them and I am snoopy as all get out on that stuff.  I have seen into the guts of  onsite control panels and what is in them and having to put one back together is a nightmare.  I do hope you are right.

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  • Admin

As a former (reserve) police officer, I can think of a couple of reasons why someone would want to shoot up a power station: a) because young people with guns and too much time on their hands (or liquor in their stomachs) might think it was fun; and b) to knock out the power so as to break in and steal copper wire, which is very valuable.  I took several such reports of wire theft back in the day.


As to the religious retribution-as-cause nonsense, I doubt it.


Carolyn Marie

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@Carolyn Marie. what you're saying makes sense. Particularly the part about theft as a motive. While I've not heard of stealing the copper wire from electrical transformers, I can say that stealing copper pipe and wire from abandoned/condemned buildings is growing more and more common. It's become a real issue in the Phoenix area over the past several years. I also doubt the religious retribution-as-cause. That's what we used to call "low hanging fruit" in the intelligence community.

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1 hour ago, Marcie Jensen said:

I also doubt the religious retribution-as-cause.

Could just be a coincidence.


It does seem to be overkill just to stop a drag event.  Looks like they could just knock out the power to the building, or that block.


My paranoia does kick in sometimes.

I mean, it could have been a test run for something worse.  IDK.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't just a prank though.


There's too many idiots running around, armed to the teeth.  I own firearms, but I'm talking like a bolt action rifle or a shotgun.  I'm too old for combat anyway.


We seem to be descending into some kind of collective madness.  I have theories about that, but this is not the place for them.

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@Carolyn Marie   @Marcie Jensen Copper theft is definitely a thing... But I was under the impression that the majority of overhead transmission wires were aluminum due to cost and weight.  My husband's company does commercial and public electric projects.  I recall him mentioning something about it, especially one underground project where all wiring was aluminum to deter theft.  



Which leaves us back at low-hanging fruit for wanton destruction.

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@awkward-yet-sweet. Yes, you're correct about transmission wires, they are mostly aluminum; particularly residential service mains (ie: from the power pole to the house). The vandalism was directed at the transformers, though. Electricity is transmitted at about 50000 volts A/C if I recall correctly. Residential power is delivered at 220 volts A/C. The transformers' function is to "step down," or reduce the voltage, the service main wires' function is to deliver the stepped down power. The internal wiring of the transformers can be either copper or aluminum. Copper is more common in transformers because it's more efficient as a conductor.

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    • Astrid
      Yeah, I know some other NBs who've done the same, utilizing HRT only until they attained the (permanent) physical appearance they wanted.   That's never been my desire, because the mental gains that HRT has afforded me would disappear if I were to discontinue it -- and the mental aspect of it is every bit as vital to me as the physical.  My doctor confirmed that, in her experience, that's likely.  And my own several-week interruption of HRT last year during a medical procedure confirmed it for me, as well.  I have no plans to stop HRT; it's simply too integral to maintaining my positive attitude toward my whole identity, physical and mental.   Astrid
    • Astrid
      My distinctions are pretty much identical to yours, @Vidanjali.  The only difference is my AMAB origin, which means I would consider myself transfem-ish.  My deliberately imprecise place on the gender spectrum thus lies on the fem side; that's where I'm happiest.   Cheers,   Astrid
    • Delcina B
      Welcome @Rebel! Glad you're here! As you said "this is my life," while some of those I love have accepted me, some haven't, my wife, oops, ex-wife is one who didn't. Oddly we seem to get along better now than when we were married. The alternative to taking this journey exploring my gender was self-destruction. I'm glad I made the choice. I hope you find the wonderful support, advice & acceptance here as I have.   Hugs! Delcina 
    • KathyLauren
      @CD Rachel, you look great!  I am glad that things are going so well for you!
    • Delcina B
      Welcome @Andrea Nicole! Glad you're here! Our stories have so much in common. The more I travel this journey the more comfortable I feel with such a beautiful balance of mind & body. I hope you find the wonderful support, advice & acceptance here as I have.   Hugs! Delcina 
    • Delcina B
      Welcome Bo! Glad you're here. I can relate to someone trying to make me feel I was selfish for choosing to transition. My reality was, if I didn't I'd be drunk, dead, or both. I hope you find the wonderful support, advice & acceptance here as I have.   Hugs! Delcina 
    • Marcie Jensen
      Given this information, what she was a naked woman. Period. So...why is this even an issue? Which also begs the question, how on earth could the teen have known Ms wood was trans? This looks like an attention grab to me...
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      So, if there was no penis to see.... How exactly did the girl think she saw a naked male? Size of shoulders? Bone structure?  And without seeing genitals, how did she know this individual was naked in the first place?  Or am I a little bit dense?
    • CD Rachel
      Hello, sorry that I have been away for awhile but life sometimes has a way of getting interesting. So I have been seeing someone for the past 4 months now. We have been having a wonderful time together and I almost feel like my past life was a dream. Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family went very well. I feel so much like this is the life that I should have always had. I am totally out as Rachel and though I am not passing being fearless has led to meeting many new and wonderful people that accept me.    I have been surprised that I am also now being seen as the person that I had always wanted to be. Several times over the past 2 month people have  complimented me for being brave, generous, kind, loving, honest and open. Honestly when I started my transition these are the characteristics that I had written down describing the person that I wanted Rachel to be. The one that I was not planning on was brave but apparently that is how I am seen. My transition has truly been a transformative experience.   I hope that it is ok if I share a couple pictures of myself.... one from work and one from home.   Well, I have a lot of reading to do in order to catch up.. Hope everyone is doing well!  
    • Chanelta L.
      Hi Ivy,     It was a different time back 50's, 60's, and even 70's. Trans definitely wasn't a thing back then. Female impersonators, now that was the term. Now that I look back, my parents knew my tendencies, and I remember one conversation they had with me once about a supposed friend of my dad. There was a club near us for a while that had Female Impersonator shows and they told me about how his friend had a son who performed there and they were so proud of him.    I was oblivious at the time, but even if I knew it was a way to out myself I would have been too afraid to do so. I did not want to be different I guess.   Well I am much less afraid now, and am going to explore and embrace this side of me for sure. And you're right, it is never too late.    Chanelta
    • Ivy
      Saw a bit more on this: https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-a-santee-california-ymca-locker-room-freakout-became-an-anti-trans-crusade?ref=scroll   Thought this part was interesting. "In quick succession, the story traveled from KUSI to the New York Postand Daily Mail. A game of telephone played out in the process, with Mail, OAN, and The Daily Wire reporting that Phillips had seen a penis in the locker room. But Phillips herself had said in her city council comments only that she had seen a “naked male.” On local TV, she got a bit more specific, saying that she “did not see the man’s front side.” In fact, it would have been impossible for the teenager to see a penis, because Wood underwent gender-affirming surgery in 2016."
    • Maddee
      Sorry lame comment. I am surprised and happy to hear your good news Heather! Best to you going forward 🌈🌈
    • Jackie C.
      I know a AFAB NB who had some hormone therapy until their body had more-or-less the appearance that made them comfortable in their own skin. I presume they went through one of the informed consent clinics. I don't see them going cowboy route and just self-medicating though I've never asked.   Hugs!
    • Ivy
    • VickySGV
      Fully agree with @Carolyn Marieon locking this one.
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