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Gender affirmation surgery questions


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Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I’ve been looking into gender affirmation surgery for a long time and there are some questions I haven’t found an answer to, hoping you can help me out with this. Some of my questions have to do with sex and things like that, is it okay to just go ahead and ask? Thanks

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Hi, Francesca.  Welcome!


This is definitely a place to ask questions.  We'll help however we can.  I will leave it to the moderators to say what is or isn't allowed.




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You may, of course, ask. However, keep it clinical and professional. We've got kids as young as thirteen on the site and, while they're probably fine with it, we don't need their parents or guardians blocking the site and cutting off their support.



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  • Root Admin

Hello Francesca,

Welcome to TransPulse.  :)  It's ok to ask about sex as long as you don't get too graphic about it. We have children ages 13 and up as members here so we need to keep all talk to a PG13 rating. Take a look at the community rules to see what's permissible or not.



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Thanks everyone. My questions are for anyone who knows about this, and especially MtF women who’ve gone ahead with the full surgery.


The main thing on my mind is I’ve seen lots of post op vaginas online, pictures and videos, but none of them look 100% like a cis woman’s vagina. And, like, I’m not saying it can’t be done, just I haven’t seen it.


Could anyone link me to pictures or even videos of completely ‘real looking’ and convincing post op vaginas, that no-one would ever notice any difference from cis female genitalia? It’s important to me to know what can really be accomplished with the surgery.


There’s also a big question for me about how strong are the orgasms, and especially is female ejaculation/squirting possible after the op? (It’s a personal thing). Again video links to prove this would put my mind at ease (and porn clips are fine, it’s for research purposes here). Hopefully you can help clear this up for me.


And to women who had the surgery done… what does sex feel like now? How do you deal with lubrication? And mainly how intense are the orgasms? Thanks :) 

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As you can see in my signature, I am 10 years Post Op.  I am under the Post Op care of a Gynecologist who assures me that in her 20 years of practice, that I fit in with ALL of her patients as to how I appear.  I think you mean the vulva and not vagina of the people you have seen, and every person who owns one does look different.  Put the Post Op pictures into what the Gynecologists see on a daily basis of Cis Women and you really have so much variation it will drive you crazy. We do not stand out as anything special.  I know people in the Adult Entertainment business, and their "perfect" female live shots are edited to a standard "ideal" look.  The Porn Star look is not what the medical field sees and all the ones you think are "not realistic" are just about average in looks to professional health care workers.  For pictures of Cis women's vulva's your best bet is to go to a lmedical school's library where they discuss pathology that can occur to a vulva. 


Post Op women who had unrealistic expectations of how they would look after the surgery make up a sizable number of the Regreters that anti-trans folks tend to obsess about as reasons to restrict our health care options.


Your Prostate Gland is not usually removed during GCS and so you do have its fluid that will come out of your urethra from time to time during intercourse or even just your healing dilations.  Without the load of sperm though it is not as much as it was.  Orgasms are greatly different from what they were as a male and take getting used to, although just being Post adds to the good feelings you have.  Go through our Post Op forum and you will get a whole load of information on what our members have experienced.

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Well, I mean a LITTLE special. We end up with more of an innie than most of the cis-female population but, yeah. There are cis-women who have surgery to get an appearance more like the neo-vagina trans-women have. Of course exact appearance depends on the skill of your surgeon so check out their after pictures for a good idea of what you're going to have at the end.


Ejaculation absolutely happens, just like Vicki said. Orgasms are harder to acheive but they're much more intense. About the same as your orgasms after about two years on HRT. Masturbate regularly on HRT btw. It helps facilitate nerve development and will get you better results after your SRS.


Sex is pretty neat honestly. It's different, but very satisfying. I'm very, very gay though so PnV sex isn't something I've tried.



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