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Which restroom to use at work?

Brianna R

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I’m wondering when if ever I should start using the women’s restroom at work. I work in a factory where there are many more men than women. I’ve worked here for over fifteen years and have been slowly coming out over the past couple of years. I’ve only come out to everyone in the past six months and I’m slowly presenting as more feminine.  I still use the men’s room because I’m afraid of upsetting my female coworkers. The problem is that as I go through this transition I’m becoming more feminine both inside and outside.  So eventually I feel like I won’t belong in the men’s room.  I’m planning to have GRS and breast augmentation in the next couple of years. I was wondering how others have dealt with this a their work places. 

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It depends on the people involved, both yourself and your co-workers.


Personally, I am pretty binary, so I didn't do a gradual transition.  I stood up at one of our monthly meetings and told everyone that I was trans and that, starting the following week, I would be presenting as female and going by the name Kathy.  Kind of like flipping a switch.


The rule of thumb for most people is that your choice of bathroom depends on your presentation.  When I was presenting as male, I used the men's bathroom.  When I started presenting as female, I started using the women's bathroom.


That rule of thumb works pretty well for bathrooms, but may need some rethinking if locker rooms and showers are involved.

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I started a job late last spring as security at a factory, telling the powers-that-be that I was a transgender female. I was told up front that I would use the ladies'room or an any sex one. Only worked there for about 5 weeks - never saw an any sex one. Never a problem. My current workplace has a fairly small area for employees - drivers and aides in and out constantly. My use of whatever restroom was never discussed at hiring. The ladies room has only two stalls, so I tend to avoid the voiding when there's a lot of folks milling about. (I operate under the assumption that there are some who are not on board with who I am, and certainly want to avoid any conflict.) Never used the men's room there, and never will.


I wanted to start using a local health club, but during the winter, the management does not want coats, gym bags, whatnot, cluttering the floor, so that means frequently using a locker. Not there yet - will rethink after hopefully getting surgery.

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yeah Washington is a pretty progressive state.

I think they have open bathroom law

So go where you feel more comfortable. Rule of thumb is you go to restroom that you present as

good luck


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I'm guessing there isn't a gender neutral or "family" restroom?


I work from home, so my advice is limited.  But having started life out as female, I know that women often go to the restroom in pairs or groups.  Do you have any female friends that you hang out with at work?  Sometimes there's safety and reduced discomfort in numbers.


For myself, on the rare occasion when I visit a restroom in public, I follow whoever I'm with.  With my GF or a female partner, its the women's restroom.  With my husband, I go to the men's.  With my friend who is a trans girl, she prefers the women's restroom so I go with her.  My appearance is relatively androgynous, so I haven't had issues. 

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In the event of any incident while using a womens room,  I think you’re legal gender is what counts.   (Is that right anyone?)

@Brianna R I also worry of upsetting my female co-workers.  Guess we’re both considerate😊


I gratefully started my current job after my legal gender change.  
With mask mandates that helped hide my continuing transition through the first year+ there.  These things helped me be confident to be in the womens rooms with everybody else I work with all the time. 

Its important for me now to feel comfortable passing as female while dressed down and not trying to pass.
I wish this for myself and for every single person soul reading this who wants it. 

In my earlier transition, I would use public womens rooms when I was dressed femme, with makeup.  I did it a lot.  Kind of intending to make myself comfortable through varied repetition. 

If I wasn’t comfortable, I might have darted quickly in and out of any closed stalls.
Same if I went into mens rooms. Definitely.

 I live by trust my gut. 


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12 minutes ago, Maddee said:

 I think you’re legal gender is what counts.   (Is that right anyone?)


In theory, yes.  However, the thrust of recent legislative attempts is to define your "gender-for bathroom-purposes" to be whatever was recorded on your original birth certificate at the time of your birth, regardless of any paperwork that you may have filed since then.  In other words, they don't care what's legal.


It should be the legal gender that counts, but the nutbars think otherwise.

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  • Admin

I would check with your work's Personnel Director and/or Human Resources Director on any company policies in regard to Transitioning employees.  They will use their procedures to notify your co-workers who need to know and remind them of how to deal with THEIR problems with the situation.  I do not know specifically about Washington, but down here in CA, any single user restroom is considered All-Gender no matter what the sign on door says, and your employer may have the same policy in place, so that is one avenue to look at. 

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I had already retired by the time I finally admitted to myself I was trans.

Where I worked there was only 1 woman there -- secretary/receptionist.  She used the one in the office, as did any female visitors.  I'm positive that I would have been terminated if I had come out there anyway.


The last time I used a men's room in public, there were a few guys in there.  (I was wearing a dress but didn't know what else to do. This is NC, home of the notorious bathroom bill.) Let's just say I was terrified.  I will hold it till I bust before I ever do that again.

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What I have learnt while socially coming out to my friends is that we put far more thought into things like this than most people do in their lifetime.

The first time I went out and used the female bathrooms my friends or sister were always there with me, because I was so nervous.

When I went on a girls weekend with my friends I worried about using the loo at rest stops and even the single loo/shower & hot tub at the house we stayed in. None of them had even thought about it until I was thanking them for being so understanding. 

We make it a bigger issue than it is or needs to be. Everybody pees.

I echo many of the above sentiments, in public just use the place that matches your presentation.

At work, if you are nervous just ask one of your female friends & they will probably accompany/guard the door for you until you feel comfortable or raise it with management to get an official policy in place.

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Thank you all for your advice.  I asked my HR department what the company policy was she told me that I could use whatever restroom I’m comfortable with and if anyone didn’t like they could use a different one. I still don’t want to make my female coworkers uncomfortable so I asked one how she felt about it she said it would be weird at first but she’d get used to it. Turns out that there is a single use female restroom in the building next door so I’ll use that on until I have my surgery next year after I’m presenting more feminine. 

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      Hee-hee!  Gotta love the censorbot.  😄   Glad to hear that the Aussies and Kiwis gave her a proper welcome and sen-off.
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      Hello all, first post. I’ve got so much to say but I don’t want to overdo it straight up, so I hope I don’t, but I probably have.    I feel a little lost and I’m looking for a home. Sorry, that’s a bit dramatic, so let me explain. I secretly started crossdressing in panties and bras when I was a child just like millions of other boys probably did, then grew out of it, but I began it again after my wife and I got married, 38 years ago. Over many years, I introduced panty play into the bedroom and then occasionally as day wear for her to discover. Fast forward a decade or two and it is now normal for me to wear my own panties daily and bras whenever I feel like it. I feel extremely lucky to sport a pair of moobs that almost fill a B-cup bra. My wife and I are still happily married and she totally accepts my kink but I have always held the view that she doesn’t really understand. To her it is just a kink but to me it is much deeper than that. You know the old saying about men being in touch with their feminine side? To me, over the past year or so, it is more like me falling in love with my inner woman, and I am now happy to let her out, bit by bit.   Also, a couple of years ago I learnt that due to an ongoing medical condition, if things kept deteriorating, I would eventually be placed on hormone treatment consisting of a drug to stop my production of testosterone. I researched the side effects and discovered that it had dramatic de-masculinizing effects as well as the possibility of mild feminizing effects. My reaction? I was excited! How wrong is that? I haven’t started ADT yet but I expect to, possibly this year.   Despite my increasing comfort with letting my inner woman show herself more and more, which I have done by letting my hair and nails grow and wearing more unisex looking clothing, I am not looking to transition. Well, I don’t think I am, but I can’t help thinking that my mind already has. I’m not trying to ‘pass’ in public though, it’s just that I’m more comfortable now being true to myself. Does that make sense?   The thing is, I am happy to be male. I am not dysphoric and never have been. I am happy to be considered as being somewhere on the rainbow, but I don’t need a femme name or them/they pronouns. But, the thought of my hormone balance shifting to the point where I might undergo a certain amount of involuntary feminization on top of my already pink brain, puts my mind in a happy space. I imagine being a man with a woman’s body.   More recently I was questioning my gender identity. At one stage I made up my mind that I was the simultaneous type of bigender, but labels are less important to me now. I am what I am. But I still went ahead and listed Questioning as my gender identity here.   I guess I sound a bit confused and stressed. I have a question which I would dearly love to be answered. Am I in the right place here? I have lurked here and on other forums for quite a while now, but some of the other CD forums seem too extreme for me. I’m not into passing or drag or play dates. I just want to talk. I am happy to be steered in the right direction if I can’t make a home here. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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      Sounds great to me can't wait. Still long wait once consult done wait to see if insurance will pay for it. Then an appeal. Then booking OR and DR. Final fitting. I feel still many steps but a start
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      time passes slowly as I wait.
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      Thank you all I just needed to vent. ❤️
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      I like the vibrant colors of spring.  I love all seasons.  I like the changing.  I'm putting my yard through a transition this year and look forward to it being nice and clean in the spring in a year or two.
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      https://fb.watch/jvJKCT52lo/   This isn't strictly "news", but I found it so uplifting. Marama Davidson, a Maori woman who is Minister for Sexual Violence Prevention in Aotearoa New Zealand, responds to accusations of violence at the Posie Parker protest in Auckland this weekend. Parker, for those who don't know, is one of the most virulently hateful anti-trans activists in Britain. She left Auckland unscathed but doused in tomato juice. Ironically, given the journalist interviewing Marama Davidson is only interested in the so-called violence against Parker, Davidson was knocked down earlier that day at a pedestrian crossing by a member of a motorcycle gang who had come to support Parker. But Davidson doesn't want to speak about that, she wants to speak of her love for trans people. So moving.
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      https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/mar/25/anti-trans-activist-posie-parker-ends-new-zealand-tour-after-violent-protests-erupt   Posie Parker (AKA Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull), one of the most extreme of UK "gender critical" activists, has recently been on tour in Australia and New Zealand. Early in the tour, she made headlines when a gang of neo-unhealthy politics showed up for her Melbourne appearance and -- with the protection of police, who held back the large and vocal group of trans people and allies who had come to protest the event -- mounted the steps of Victorian Parliament House throwing unhealthy politics salutes and carrying a banner saying "DESTROY PAEDO FREAKS". From then on, an increasing number of protesters turned up to each of her appearances. On her last stop in Australia -- in Hobart, Tasmania -- she was drowned out by boos and left saying it was the worst place she'd ever visited. But far worse awaited her in Auckland. She has now cut the tour short and returned to England.
    • Betty K
      Oh, and as to the bills denying gender-affirming healthcare to children, I agree, almost nothing depresses me more than this. I work with trans kids and I see what that healthcare means for them, and I sometimes wonder what I will do if I have to watch it taken away from them. I don't know if I can bear reading anything else about Florida; it is truly devastating to witness, even from this distance. 😭
    • Betty K
      I'm not in the States or the UK so, at this point, I'm not dealing with the same levels of despair, frustration, fear and anger that many of you must be. I see it from a distance. It affects me, and I'm pretty sure Australia will experience more of this transphobic madness in due time, but for the most part I feel safe where I am. I'm out and visibly trans every day and generally only receive positive feedback. That said, and I'm sorry if this sounds naive, but I believe ultimately we will win, because we have young people on our side. Not just young trans and gender-non-conforming people either, but a large percentage of young people who have grown up with trans friends and acquaintances and just don't see what the fuss is about. I think the gender genie is well and truly out of the bottle. That's why the transphobes hate and fear us, because of the power of what we have unleashed. And yes, I know it may take a while, and it may get even bloodier in the meantime, but gradually society is simply going to have to accommodate us. And I firmly believe that as that happens society will change, not just wrt gender but fundamentally, because gender is so fundamental to society.   @Ivy I totally admire and support you for being out and proud in your little village; I'm sure you are doing good work educating people simply by being yourself. But I'm also sad to hear you don't interact with the younger trans people in the area. I think one of the biggest drivers in disharmony in the world, both in the wider society and within the trans community, is the generational divide. Simply by interacting, by swapping ideas in a calm and friendly manner, and NOT just on the internet, I think younger and older trans people can both learn so much, and in the process help strengthen our community. Not only that, but trans young people give me hope, probably more than just about anything else in my life at the moment. I know it can be intimidating to approach them, but in my experience they are always gracious when I do.   Please don't give up Ivy. You are an inspiration. We have lost too many trans elders already.   Sending love from across the seas.
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      "Why not F-35's or tanks?"  He sounds like Biden...when did that happen?  What he says sarcastically I'd love to see literally.  Pretty sure my GF would have a tank in our yard if she could find one.  🤣    Honest pro-2nd Amendment folks should be happy for anybody to have weapons for self-defense, and revolt against government oppression.  Tucker is sounding like the old-fashioned Southern Democrats post-Civil War.  As in, the "Army-Navy laws."  Gun control's origin is totalitarian and racist.  After the war, states that were uncomfortable with minorities passed laws prohibiting the sale of guns not of "Army or Navy type."  At the time, those were prohibitively expensive for folks without much money, effectively putting the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms out of the reach of most freedmen.  That's just one example of regulation.  Here's others: https://www.sedgwickcounty.org/media/29093/the-racist-origins-of-us-gun-control.pdf   We've overcome that kind of discrimination, but it takes work in every generation to prevent totalitarian regulations.  Nothing pleases me more than to see women, trans folks, minority folks, and recent immigrants lining up at the gun shop, attending shooting competitions, and enlisting in the military/law enforcement/local defense.  Exercising your 2nd Amendment rights is like lifting your fist to oppressors, racists, thugs, and degenerates in high places, declaring solidarity with the downtrodden and disadvantaged.      Guns for me but not for thee?  Disgusting and un-American.  Tucker's effigy should be dressed up like King George III.     
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