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Republicans have taken away access to gender-affirming care from 22% of trans youth


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"Over the past few years, Republicans have focused their agenda on attacking equality for transgender youth, with a particularly chilling new Tennessee law requiring youth who have already started gender-affirming care to de-transition. Other states, like Oklahoma and Florida, are considering similar legislation."


Of course this is not news to anyone here.

And now they are working on taking affirming care (of all kinds) from adults as well - even at the federal level.  This will never make it through the senate (I at least want to believe this) and I expect Biden would veto it if it cam to that.


They're starting this stuff now in my state of NC as well.  The governor will most likely veto it, but there's no guarantee that the veto wouldn't be overridden.


I guess my point here is that I'm getting so depressed over this.  I'm definitely over 18, and 21, or 26 for that matter.  But they won't stop with young people.  And even if they did, it would still be a vicious thing to do.

I'm not sure what I would do if my hormones were cut off (like is happening to the youth).  


These attacks are coming at all levels.  The so called "Drag Bills" would potentially outlaw "crossdressing" in public.  This is me every day. Spokespersons for these people are calling for the outright "eradication" of us.  


I felt so much freedom when I came out.  I now feel like it is being taken away but a bunch of cruel self serving [email protected] with no skin in the game themselves.  I just feel helpless and hopeless.

Yeah I have those thoughts at times.

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R politicians believe that taking these social war stances will help them get elected or stay elected.  It is not about policy any more; that went out the window when DRT got elected.  I have to believe that when he is no longer running the party - and that might be years - it will go back to being the reasonable, responsible party it once was.  If it doesn't, they will lose election after election.


But that will take time, and there is much terrible damage they can do in the meantime.  We have to hope that the courts will come to our defense against these extreme positions and policies.  It's going to be a long, tough battle, but we have to have hope, and keep fighting against the insanity.


Carolyn Marie

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It is eventually going to come down to civil disobedience.  As long as cis people keep saying "so sad, too bad" and trans people  flee to sanctuary states / countries or go back into the closet, they will keep passing these laws.  They won't stop until they are made to stop.

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Before I begin, I will say up front that this will likely offend some folks and will probably get me censured. For that I am truly sorry, however, as a person of conscience, I feel I have to speak up. And, for the record, from what I've learned, these laws are abominable and I don't approve of them one iota. Make no mistake about that.


Still, I must speak up. I firmly believe that medical decisions should be between doctors and the individuals concerned, and in the case of minors, parents probably should have a voice as well. I'm not sure about the latter, but I'm willing to listen.


That said, there are a number of things I find disturbing about many of the comments being voiced here and in other threads and I will explain my reasoning as it does no good to simply say something without explaining.  To begin, name calling, specifically referring to individuals and entities by name calling is counter productive and only makes a case for change more difficult.


For example, referring to the state of FL as "the Reich," a particular governor or media personality as "Reichsfuhrer,"  "Goebbels," "Minister of Propaganda," or even changing the word "[email protected]" to "unhealthy politics" does nothing but alienate and anger the other side AND it gives them ammunition to use against us. I truly understand the anger. I truly do and I want to rail against them constantly. But I refuse to sink to that level. Frankly, it's reminiscent of third grade schoolyard antics.


I would also point out two things about the media in the United States. First, most of the media has a singularly liberal/progressive stance on virtually every issue. There are very few exceptions to this; Fox News being the most recognizable. The second point is even more stark: when the entirety of the "free press" marches in lockstep, IT IS NO LONGER FREE. It then becomes a defacto propaganda ministry; an organ of the government, if you will. That's not something I particularly care to see.


Also, for the record, the same comments apply to conservatives as well as liberals and progressives. The plain truth is that both sides have become so polarized in their thinking that any room for rational discussion is either nonexistent, or is becoming so. 


Now, to be sure that I'm clear, I'm NOT a fan of Tucker Carlson or Bill O'Reilly before him. Nor am I a particular fan of Rachael Maddows (sp?) but, I will defend their right to spew whatever they want no matter what I happen to think of it or how offensive it is.


And yes, @Carolyn Marie, your point about the GOP's stance on social warfare issues is not only exceedingly well taken, but applies to every political party in the world. It's also the most cogent point raised thus far. You're also right about how long it's going to take in terms of damages for things to change. I'd say about 40 years given the number of conservative federal judges Trump appointed. 


Now, am I frightened about the future? You bet I am. And not just about health care issues. But shrill commentary and name calling are not the answers. In the novel (not the movie) Starship Troopers, the late Robert Heinlein made the comment that governments exist only as long as they are functional and serve the needs of their people. We are at that point right now. The evidence is all around us, this is but one battlefield.


Once again, I apologize to all and sundry for my bluntness, but it needed to be said plainly. These laws are, imho, unconstitutional, unenforceable and just plain stupid. We don't need to stoop their level, though.

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3 minutes ago, Katie23 said:

I am pretty sure there are no healthcare guidelines in the Bible. I am pretty sure there is also some small phrase in a document called the Constitution that talks about separation of Church and State. That may prevent the Bible from being used as a guide to healthcare law. 

You're right. There aren't. Although in Luke 4:21 Jesus says "Physician, heal thyself." That's about as close as it comes.


Separation of Church and State derives from the establishment clause in Article 1 of the US Constitution and was included to prevent something like the Church of England being formed and to prevent religious discrimination. 

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I have very similar feelings to yours @Marcie Jensen- until the demonization of political opponents ceases we will always be engulfed in emotional rhetoric.


I actually pin the collapse of Ds & Rs having any incentive to work together to the elimination of Congressional Earmarks in 2010. Prior to that, each side had to give in order to get and that kept our system close to the middle and eliminated the need for emotion. Bringing home the bacon to your district meant reelection. 


When earmarks were eliminated there was nothing but political ideology left to center one's argument around and failure to find common ground gave strength to the extreme wings of each party...not wholly unlike how terrorists recruit acolytes by promising "their way" is the true path to what is right and good.


And so, each side attacks without fear and demonizing those who appear different is an easy way to engender distrust, outrage and secure votes and support.


Just a few personal thoughts.

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@April Marie, I hadn't considered the elimination of Earmarks before. You make an excellent point. Thank you.

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Well, at this point folks on here know I'm no fan of the Democrats.  Or the Republicans.  I simply am not represented by most of the folks who are "serving" us.  Because really, they are serving themselves and turning us into pawns.  That's what fascists, socialists, and governmenty types do.  We've got the Baskin Robbins' 31 flavors of totalitarianism on the ballot...


Civil disobedience...it's coming to that.  But before we get to street protests and the possibility of mayhem, there's stuff we can start doing.  Nonpartisan stuff....basic human stuff.   


I think a first step is to turn off the TV.  CNN, NBC, FOX, and other outlets don't make money if you don't watch (and act on their ads).  They don't make money if you don't click on their websites, and hateful hosts/presenters don't get hired or retained if they don't have an audience.  Fearmongering and clickbait are obscenely profitable.  There are alternative news sources. And turning off your cable or satellite service saves you money, if you haven't done that already.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to cut the cord.


The establishment thrives when people rely on it - for news, for help, for socializing, for commerce, and for basic necessities.  Cut them off at the knees wherever possible by networking.  Interact with neighbors.  Buy local, with cash, and on the gray/black market if possible.  Don't fund them with sales tax if you can find a way around it.  Barter is even better.  Produce some sort of goods or services at home...anything!  Involvement like this makes people see your face and it fights "othering."  I have faith that people WILL react against the system if they see their friends and neighbors getting hurt.  Granted, these things won't solve the issue of gender-affirming care availability.  Not right now, and maybe not in the near term...but gotta start somewhere.  And perhaps that could be a topic of its own? 





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9 hours ago, awkward-yet-sweet said:

Involvement like this makes people see your face and it fights "othering."


This, I think, is the key.  I know that some trans folks have to be stealth for their own safety.  By all means stay safe any way you can.  But if it is at all possible, get out there and interact without hiding the fact that you are trans.  If people see us as regular people, then our presence is normalized and they have no reason to be afraid of us.  That increases the number of people who recognize the Ministry of Propaganda for what it is.


I live in a village of 150-200 people.  They all know that I am trans, because I stood up at a community gathering and told them.  The "grapevine" took care of spreading the message to those who weren't there.  And I am accepted in the community.  Which makes for 150-200 people who can stand up and say, Well, Kathy is trans and she's okay."

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8 minutes ago, Katie23 said:

It is okay. I know when to leave.

There is absolutely no reason for you to leave. Please don't let a difference of expressive opinion drive you away.


Your thoughts, your opinions and how you choose to express them are as valid as anyone's. We might not all agree on our approaches but we all have the same goals and outcomes in mind. If we can't talk among ourselves and offer opinions here then where is that possible?


You are as much a vital part of our community as any of us.

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2 hours ago, KathyLauren said:

But if it is at all possible, get out there and interact without hiding the fact that you are trans.  If people see us as regular people, then our presence is normalized and they have no reason to be afraid of us. 

I want to think this.  And it is what I do.  There a few other trans people in this community, but they are younger and I don't really have contact with them.  


But I do go out in public to do ordinary-type things, like shopping, having a beer, etc.  And some people do see me frequently.  At the grocery store for example.  I went to Lowes yesterday, the lady at the checkout remembered me from before and remarked that she hadn't seen me for awhile, and remembered I was a veteran (for the discount).  There were a number of people I told when my name change went through, and they remember to call me "Ivy."


I hope this is doing some good for trans-people in general.  But I'm not going to crawl back into a hole and disappear.

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I have so much respect for you @Ivy, @KathyLauren, @Willow and all of you women who are out there representing us - and feel a bit guilty and sad that I'm still not in a position to come out fully to be part of being a positive example. Hopefully, I'll get there but, in the meantime, I am in awe of you all and your examples both inspire and motivate me in my own journey.


Thank you, ladies, for all you do!

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1 hour ago, Ivy said:

I want to think this.  And it is what I do.  There a few other trans people in this community, but they are younger and I don't really have contact with them.  


But I do go out in public to do ordinary-type things, like shopping, having a beer, etc.  And some people do see me frequently.  At the grocery store for example.  I went to Lowes yesterday, the lady at the checkout remembered me from before and remarked that she hadn't seen me for awhile, and remembered I was a veteran (for the discount).  There were a number of people I told when my name change went through, and they remember to call me "Ivy."


I hope this is doing some good for trans-people in general.  But I'm not going to crawl back into a hole and disappear.

For what it's worth, Ivy, imho, your simple, everyday presence in the community is probably doing more for the LGBTQ+ community than that of thousands of activists. What you're doing is showing everyone you meet, each person you interact with, each human contact, that we're nothing to be afraid of. That we're present and lead ordinary lives and have much the same values and feelings as everyone one else; that we are people, too and have worth. That our hopes, dreams, wants and needs are, with apologies to Miranda Lambert, "just like you. Only prettier." (Couldn't help the last bit. Sometimes what passes for a sense of humor in me just kicks in...)


As @April Marie put it, I have the utmost respect for every person out there who is representing our community. We are a diverse community in our opinions and outlook and each one of us should be able to express themselves freely. We may not always agree, heck, we may be on completely opposite sides of an issue, but that doesn't matter. What DOES matter it we listen s that we work together toward the same goal of acceptance within society and that listen to each other and if not heed, at least consider our collective experiences thereby learning how to be more effective in advancing our cause.


Sorry. Didn't mean to get preachy again. Occupational hazard. 

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As I re-read my post I realized that it's in the general area so I was VERY remiss so let me re-state:


 I am in awe of you all and your examples both inspire and motivate me in my own journey.


Thank you, ladies and men, for all you do!

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These bills are horrible examples of legislation, nonetheless I believe it is a mistake to focus this debate only on the politics. One of these bills has been vetoed by the Governor of Kentucky quite eloquently,



I don't care whether he is a democrat or whether he is driven by conscience; I care that he has placed the heart of the topic out front in passionate yet unheated discussion of his views.


I consider myself an non-aligned voter and admit to being extremely cynical about the current state of politics including both parties. Republicans are oblivious or willfully ignorant of discrimination. Democrats need 'victims' and quit willing to manufacture them if necessary. No political party, politician, activist speaks for me nor for the majority.


I grew up in Chicago in the 60s and 70s under the thoroughly corrupt and racist democratic regime of Mayor Richard J "Shoot to kill " Daley. I now live near Memphis a thoroughly blue section of red Tennessee. State legislative session are often televised so one can experience how government works. We seem to be leading the pack in awful legislation. I have written a few letters to the sponsor of the anti-drag bill asking why this legislation is necessary and why it is more important than the significant issues with violent  crime and juvenile crime. Not expecting any response.


I hate these bills however I also hate the increasing use of executive orders to circumvent the legislative process. However, I see some the politicizing rhetoric as fear mongering which may damage  the young people targeted by these bills by placing urgency on their decisions. To my knowledge none of these bills have actually been enforced creating the legal standing for court challenge. Organization such as the ACLU have gone on record as preparing court battles. In the bills I have read there seems to be obvious unconstitutional violations such as discriminatory application to certain age groups.


In my opinions I believe the true driver of these bills is Republicans attempting to attract women voters that aren't accepting of trans women. Biden's executive order o women's athletics seems to have sparked push back. I am so tired tired of being a pawn in political or activist agenda. Modern US politics is driven by loyal voting blocks. I don't believe either party views Transgender people as a sufficient voting block to control an election, as stated by Hilary Clinton



Trans youth cannot vote so there is no current political penalty for targeting them. Additionally, the political calculus is that the voters attacking Republicans are going to vote for Reps so they are not going to affect elections. However, Democrats seem to more than happy to do very little beyond political exploitation of these laws. Instead of ritual outrage, we should be looking for ways to use our political process to attack the laws. Correspond with the legislators on why their bills are wrong, contribute time or money to groups that will legally challenge these laws, work to get politicians for either side that exploiting this.

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When I wrote to my state rep, they replied with a link to some detransition-horror-porn.

Half the country is in the grip of Fox News propaganda.

I just saw a clip of Tucker bitching about queer people talking about arming themselves -- as if the right isn't already armed.

The absurdity of it all is stunning.

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5 hours ago, miz miranda said:

In my opinions I believe the true driver of these bills is Republicans attempting to attract women voters that aren't accepting of trans women. Biden's executive order o women's athletics seems to have sparked push back. I am so tired tired of being a pawn in political or activist agenda. Modern US politics is driven by loyal voting blocks. I don't believe either party views Transgender people as a sufficient voting block to control an election, as stated by Hilary Clinton


I think you're right about that.  Since (at least recently) women tend to vote Democrat more than men, perhaps some Republicans are hoping to increase votes by enlisting TERFs who have not supported them before?  I suspect there are more TERFs than trans folks, so perhaps it is some wacky numbers game? 


But for every person the recruit to their cause, it seems to me like they will alienate a couple of people from their normal base who are not anti-trans.  And I suspect the anti-trans stuff was a reason for the "Red fizzle" last fall that should have been a Red Tsunami (and would have been if the focus was kept on the economy.) 


4 hours ago, Ivy said:

I just saw a clip of Tucker bitching about queer people talking about arming themselves -- as if the right isn't already armed.


That's nuts.  Most gun owners around here would be delighted that other folks are getting into the 2nd Amendment spirit.  And there have been a couple of LGBTQ+ gun rights groups around for many years, so it isn't anything new.  I can't figure out who is actually listening to Tucker, especially lately.  Tucker used to make some sense at times, but even my husband's parents (who are die-hard Trumpers) don't listen to him anymore. 




I did get one bit of GOOD news (local) today.  My rural county hasn't really had its own medical services with the exception of a small private clinic open two days a week.  That's changing.  My husband's mother is our county's coroner, in charge of any medical issues our county government has.  The county bought out the clinic, and she's been placed in charge as it becomes public.  She's got enough funding to hire a full-time nurse practitioner, a full-time nurse, and bring in a couple of doctors part-time from the nearby city.  I encouraged my nurse friend (a trans girl) to apply for the nurse job, and she got it!  My husband's mother is definitely NOT approving of trans folks (and she's not very friendly to me), but she stops her personal views and politics at the clinic door.  Her own words today - "Everything is equal in medicine.  Hire anybody qualified, treat anybody who needs it.  All people count.  Government and special interests be damned." 


So, the folks in my county are going to get used to being helped by a good nurse who happens to be trans.  If an old-school, very right-wing doctor in a rural area of a deep-red state can hire a trans nurse and make a strong statement regarding equality...I think there's hope. 






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I'm not in the States or the UK so, at this point, I'm not dealing with the same levels of despair, frustration, fear and anger that many of you must be. I see it from a distance. It affects me, and I'm pretty sure Australia will experience more of this transphobic madness in due time, but for the most part I feel safe where I am. I'm out and visibly trans every day and generally only receive positive feedback. That said, and I'm sorry if this sounds naive, but I believe ultimately we will win, because we have young people on our side. Not just young trans and gender-non-conforming people either, but a large percentage of young people who have grown up with trans friends and acquaintances and just don't see what the fuss is about. I think the gender genie is well and truly out of the bottle. That's why the transphobes hate and fear us, because of the power of what we have unleashed. And yes, I know it may take a while, and it may get even bloodier in the meantime, but gradually society is simply going to have to accommodate us. And I firmly believe that as that happens society will change, not just wrt gender but fundamentally, because gender is so fundamental to society.


@Ivy I totally admire and support you for being out and proud in your little village; I'm sure you are doing good work educating people simply by being yourself. But I'm also sad to hear you don't interact with the younger trans people in the area. I think one of the biggest drivers in disharmony in the world, both in the wider society and within the trans community, is the generational divide. Simply by interacting, by swapping ideas in a calm and friendly manner, and NOT just on the internet, I think younger and older trans people can both learn so much, and in the process help strengthen our community. Not only that, but trans young people give me hope, probably more than just about anything else in my life at the moment. I know it can be intimidating to approach them, but in my experience they are always gracious when I do.


Please don't give up Ivy. You are an inspiration. We have lost too many trans elders already.


Sending love from across the seas.

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Oh, and as to the bills denying gender-affirming healthcare to children, I agree, almost nothing depresses me more than this. I work with trans kids and I see what that healthcare means for them, and I sometimes wonder what I will do if I have to watch it taken away from them. I don't know if I can bear reading anything else about Florida; it is truly devastating to witness, even from this distance. 😭

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3 hours ago, Betty K said:

But I'm also sad to hear you don't interact with the younger trans people in the area.

It's nothing intentional.  There just aren't many to start with. (This is a very "red" area)  They do move in their own world.  My youngest (queer, mid 20's) lives with me these days.  She's a barista and works with a trans woman.  


I suppose I seem a bit odd to them.  I'm kind of an old hag with tattoos and stuff.  I really don't like to draw attention (which probably seems weird since I'm openly trans)  I did get out and participated in some protests uptown after RW was overturned.  People that actually know me are fine with me.  But there are the weird looks from strangers.


The young people have their own thing going.  My daughter stays up at night playing video games online with her friends, and sleeps in.  Me, I like to go to bed, get up early, and bake bread.  I'm happy to talk to people when I'm out and about.  But I can't hear very well either, which doesn't help.

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4 minutes ago, Ivy said:

I suppose I seem a bit odd to them.  I'm kind of an old hag with tattoos and stuff.


I just hope you won't underestimate their empathy. I think most young trans people have at least some idea (vague as it may be) that we older generations lived through very different times to them. They know it was hard and they respect us for surviving and living our truth, even if it did take us till late in our lives. That's certainly how I feel about you, and I know it's how some of them feel about me. But yeah, I hear you, your lives may just not interact. I hope they do though.

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    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.audacy.com/knxnews/news/local/tensions-high-ahead-of-noho-elementary-school-pride-event     This is too close to home, and is a shame.  Just goes to show that even California is subject to haters and anti-trans violence; and I do consider burning a trans flag an act of violence and intimidation.   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2023/05/31/a-proclamation-on-lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-queer-and-intersex-pride-month-2023/     A bit surprised that a business magazine that I thought was conservative is very much in favor of inclusiveness in the business community.   Welp, that proves that Forbes is now woke...let the right wing boycotts begin.  😬   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2023/05/31/a-proclamation-on-lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-queer-and-intersex-pride-month-2023/     Carolyn Marie
    • KymmieL
      @Willow I sent you a message on the fix for your HVAC system in your Eddie. Hope it helps.   Wow, your boss must like you or something sending you to another store to screw theirs up. Have fun. I've had to do it before. Actually got sent to the Rawlins, WY store for a week to help out. Company footed the hotel bill.   I have got 2 weeks to get the wagon up and running. She is getting there. need to hook up the PCV valve, install the plug wires, Add coolant, and gas. Then install the new chrome valve covers that should be here on Friday.  Then cross my fingers that everything works right.   Hugs,   Kymmie
    • natalianatalia
      Hi Nicole have a nice Month!! fortunately i find a person here in Greece that doing this job to teaching how to chnage the voice and thak you so much for the link its great!
    • natalianatalia
      Hi Ashley, have a nice month! my personal doctor said to me that hrt change the organism and psychology from 6 months to years depending on person 
    • MaybeRob
      "Those are many of the same groups, along with Romany peoples, mentally challenged and physically deformed peoples whom the unhealthy politics targeted".   Looking from a distance that's what I am seeing. The former president's rallies looked eerily similar to the unhealthy politics Rallies, pre war.  It's the same principle - blame them they are different. Hate hate hate! seems to be the policy atm, and not just in the US.    MaybeRob
    • missyjo
      thank you both for your kind n wise words hugs
    • VickySGV
      @Sally Stone  We do actually have some folks out in "The Jungle" doing some fighting in ways that do not leave physical injury to be cleaned up, but rather with good service to our communities and the ones who could be hurt badly in both our Trans and Cis friends.  I and another Staff member  here are members of community service organizations, which are doing effective work in legal assistance and community information and entertainment positions.  Participating at your local level in organizations that work with community leaders is a lot of fun and gives the bullies more opposition than they expect.  I have got three cities to cover this year for Pride Proclamation Presentations that let the citizens of those cities know that their elected leaders consider us to be real and HONORABLE members of the community (not to mention that we VOTE as well.).  There is much we can do that is low stress and just some handshaking and being present to remind leaders of our humanity is often successful.   
    • Carolyn Marie
      I agree wholeheartedly with what you say, @Sally Stone.  Even regarding bullies, I have my own similar experience.  In 9th grade I was in Agriculture Class, and a strong, tall bully starting throwing dirt clods at me.  No reason, I was just a small, weak, easy target.  One day I had had enough, and I walked up to him and told him to stop.  He grabbed my shirt and literally lifted me off the ground.  I didn't flinch, didn't back down, looked him in the eye and told him off in colorful language.  I didn't pop him, but I think he knew I would.  He never bothered me again.   Anyway, concerning our trans troubles, the problem isn't just bullies, although that's a big part of it.  it's also the whole political climate, with the far right "base," conspiracy theorists, bloggers, pundits and politicians needing reasons for why things aren't like the mythical "good old days," which they long for.  We are different, easily identifiable (not in just in terms of physical presence, but b/c we also have symbols), and small in numbers.  We, along with Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, even Blacks, are easily "othered."   Those are many of the same groups, along with Gypsies, mentally challenged and physically deformed peoples whom the Nazis targeted.  Things won't turn out the same - America is not the same culture, and the players are not the murderous thugs and fascists of the 1930's & 1940's; but there are similar elements.   That is why we have to fight like hell politically and in the courts to keep the bullies at bay.  We have an uphill climb, but we will succeed in the long run.  I have to believe that.   Sorry for the long rant.   Carolyn Marie
    • Birdie
      Yeah, they are bewildered by us. Strange also how they want to tell us what gender we are. "Excuse me, I'm half and half, I think I get to decide?"
    • Betty K
      Me neither. No more punching walls for me. I default to tears instead. I always cried a lot, but I often had to go through anger to get there. Now it’s the other way round. I’m still angry — I’m absolutely furious at conservative society and how it held us all back and is still trying to do so — but I don’t really feel it till I’ve felt the sadness. I think the anger is useful though. I don’t let it own me like I used to, but I’m not just going to give the bigots a free pass. I think straight society deserves a dose of righteous trans anger.
    • Sally Stone
      I do my best to ignore the rhetoric, hate, and marginalization directed towards us, but there are days when I simply want to crawl into a hole to avoid it all.  To date, I haven't actually descended into a hole and instead, I find myself wondering why we have such a big target on our backs.  It's not like we are bad people.  In fact, most of us just want to go through life being who we want to be, living in the skin that makes us most comfortable.     Maybe it's an epiphany of sorts, maybe I've just climbed out from under my proverbial rock, but it's obvious we are a big target because bullies just love the ones who don't fight back.  They feel empowered when they can direct their vitriol at someone knowing that someone won't fight back.  I remember back when I was in junior high.  I was bullied terribly by a pair of classmates for nearly two years.  They both identified me as an easy target because I wouldn't stand up for myself.  I chose to be nonconfrontational.  But two-years is a long time to be bullied and finally, when I couldn't take it any more, I beat the snot out of one of those two bullies.  I only stood up to one of them but they both got my message and neither ever bothered me again.  It just goes to show that bullies are generally nothing more than blowhards and when they realize you are willing to stand up to them, they back down, or they go find someone weaker to prey on.   What we are dealing with these days is no different.  Our desire to be left alone, to live quietly without having to be confrontational, unfortunately, has sent the wrong message and made us easy targets.  Okay, I am in no way advocating violence here.  I'm not saying the way to take back our lives we have to punch our detractors in the nose.  What I am saying however, is we need a stronger collective voice.  A voice that delivers the message: "Don't f*** with us.  It's all a matter of having a collective voice that drowns out the bullies.    For most of us, I know our trans situation, our intense desire to fly under the radar, often prevents us from speaking out.  Unfortunately, this is not "the way."  I'm pretty certain that if we want the rhetoric, the hate, and the marginalization to stop, we have to be the ones to step up and make it stop.  Waiting for anyone else to do it for us, is going to a very long wait.       
    • Willow
      Hi   so my hours for tomorrow were changed, I start two hours earlier now, at 10 instead of noon, and at a different store.  It’s just a mile or two further away.  Off Friday, the. I work Saturday and Sunday.   @KymmieL I was wondering if you could recommend a good Ford Eddie Bauer Explorer gurl in Myrtle Beach.  I need to open up the heater AC mixer it seems the mixer flap isn’t moving.  Also, the driver side sunroof drain hose is disconnected or rotted.  I need to get into that too.  What do you think 🤔?  Finally, I got some sanding and painting to get done on the roof.  And all to be done with out a garage or a compressor.   let’s see a few spray cans of paint. Some sandpaper A couple feet of 3/8 id hose, and maybe some vacuum hose should handle the supplies.  So, what do you think?  Got any recommendations?  lol 😝    I put a new battery in it a couple weeks ago.  Amazing what all that fixed.  Biggest issue will be replacing the control switches on the steering wheel.  There is a risk of tripping the air bag if I mess up.  Once I’ve done all this it will be like a 20 year old car with 172,000 miles again.   time for bed    Willow    
    • Ivy
      I used to be always just a little bit angry at nothing in particular.  I just suppressed it.  That kinda went away for me when the egg cracked.
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