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Support whilst you wait for GDC


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Hi everyone! 


My name is Honor and I am a final year nursing student in London. 


I was hoping to gain some insight into the kind of support/if any that you have been offered whilst waiting to be seen for an initial appointment at a Gender Dysphoria Clinic. 

Do you feel as though you have been signposted to support groups or had enough mental health support whilst you wait?  If anyone is willing to tell me about their experience I would really appreciate it! 


I am asking as I am writing a change report for this issue, hoping to find out whether after you initially see your GP, that you feel supported throughout the massive wait to be seen by a specialist. 


Thanks so much and best wishes :) 


Honor x




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While i am not in your health care system i can simply say my GP was supportive and has continued to be so.  The day after i went to her office as myself and explained my path she came down the driveway of our farm.  We were working with a herd of goats.  Giving shots, and trimming hooves.  My wife sat next to me and the doctors words to my wife were "I see you are ok with this".  Over time she has taken over my hormone prescriptions and occasionally bugs me to get another mammogram.





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Hi Charlize, 


I'm so happy you had a good experience! Thanks so much for taking the tike to reply :) 


Hugs, Honor x

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Welcome Honor Rose.

Being here in NC, we have informed consent.  So I doubt my experience would be the same as yours.  I didn't really have to wait more than a few weeks for an appointment after I called a Planned Parenthood clinic.  One of my daughters went with me to hold my hand as I was sorta nervous.  But here it was just a matter of talking to a nurse practitioner and signing some "informed" and "consent" papers, and she wrote me a prescription.

Later. I switched to a VA clinic.  There, I had to meet with a psychologist to get a referral to the endocrinologist.  Again it was really only a matter of weeks.


I hear that it is a bit tougher in the UK though.

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Hello, Honor


I applaud your interest in improving the system and patient/doctor relations!


As I have many friends in the UK, your questions have made me curious: What has the experience been like for people in the UK who have applied and now are waiting to meet with a GP? Has there been grumbling? is widespread grumbling what has given rise to your investigation of the matter? As I say, I am merely curious as a Yank in US Wild West with friends in the UK; we often share stories about our two countries' healthcare systems: how they differ, how they are forever evolving.


I'd rather you devote your time to your initial inquiry. Please don't reply to this question –– unless you find yourself with an absolutely unencumbered moment!


Very best wishes,


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Having just started this process (South UK) I can give my experienance so far.  I used my GP surgery's online system to request an appointment for referral to the GIC, and initially I got a response back with an appointment date but that there would be 2 GP's in attendance.  Bit weird but OK.


Come the day of the appointment I was met with one GP who didn't know why I was there (hadn't looked at the notes) so I just asked to be referred.  They pulled up the form and filled in the basics, and told me they would send it off and that was a month ago.

I've heard stories about forms not actually being submitted after you've left the appointment so I should probably check on that.


Whilst I was there I let them know I was aware of the 2+ year wait for a first appointment (more like 4-5 now apparently) and that I would be looking to go private for care and HRT, and would they offer shared care if I did?  The response from the GP I was with, was that if it was a medical professional they should be able to. I didn't press further on if it mattered if they were outside of the UK or not (looking at you G-GP) but it appeared that as long as it came from a trusted source they may be able to help with HRT prescriptions.


I came out feeling better about it than when I went in, but I've not heard anything since and all in all I think the whole thing took about 20m, and they didn't even try and refer me to any gender therapy clinics either.  As it happens my local GP clinic has very recently merged with another and has close to 10k people on their books, and getting an appointment can be a nightmare so I don't expect any follow up care from them at all unless I seek it directly.

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Hi everyone, thank you so much for your replies!! 


I'm so glad that those living in the US seem to have mostly a positive experience and feel supported :) It's useful to hear about different experiences as most of the research conducted on this topic are currently in the US! So nice to connect with you all.


Hey Jupiter, 


(Sorry I'm not sure how to reply individually aha) 


Thanks so much for explaining your experience with your GP. As everyone in the UK knows, they are currently inundated with people needing appointments so I imagine it may be difficult getting a referral. 


My research is mainly exploring whether there is any mental health support available to those who are waiting to have their appointments with then GDC. As far as I'm aware, unless you pay for private healthcare or you seek hormone treatment elsewhere (not ideal) that you would just have to wait to start the process for up to 4 years! 


I am wondering whether signposting to support groups/charities or even regular mental health check ups from your GP would be useful during this time? I hope that your experience will be better than most in the UK at the moment but I would love to explore how to make it an easier process. 


Thanks again and best wishes, 


Honor xox 

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    • awkward-yet-sweet
      Herzlich Willkommen!  🙂   I don't have more than a few words of German, but your English is quite good.  We have some other members on this forum who live in Germany, and I'm sure you'll get a chance to talk with some of them.  The cool thing about being on here is that there's lots of people from around the world, of different genders and cultures and ages.    It is a good thing to have a close friend that you can talk with.  I hope that you are able to improve your life and feelings and find peace. 
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I don't have much relationship experience outside of my current family....and nothing real before age 26.  But from what you describe, here's my take:   Your GF probably shouldn't be talking with somebody in a seemingly romantic manner behind your back.  But how far she has been going is kind of an unknown.  Perhaps there's an innocent explanation, perhaps there isn't.  You don't know.   She handed you her phone, so either she didn't think you'd go through it or she legitimately thinks she's being honest and has nothing to hide.  You don't know.    So, there's two major unknowns and I sense quite a bit of anger and mistrust.  No matter who is right or wrong, does that sound like a healthy environment for either of you?  Since your first sentence mentions her as your now "ex" girlfriend, is that something you regret?  If she's not in your life in a romantic way, is there a need to continue feeling angry, or would it be better to find a way to move on and forgive? 
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      Maybe, but maybe not.  I know a city near me in my deep red state where it could happen.  Although it is just as likely that there wouldn't be any demonstrators from either side standing outdoors, as most folks are too busy working.    I wonder if in the areas where one of the sides is more in the minority, that minority is more vocal.  At least around here, it is the minority of loud radical leftists (and less often, loud ultra-right supremacists) that usually create the conflict and disorder.  Perhaps California has the same issue with a minority of loud right-wingers?  I think there are folks who believe that volume makes up for lack of numbers. 
    • VickySGV
      Oh heavens, 12 minutes away from my house.  I think more will come out on this, and I do think the ones with the fists deliberately came to make trouble and show it off.  When they pan out on the shot though, the actual number, while violent were small. 
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      @Willow  Wow.  That's some difficult stuff to process.  I hope the family has strong bonds and a good support network.  Whether the overdose was accidental or not, taking large amounts of a substance usually is intentional for some reason or other.  Folks typically don't do that because they're feeling good about themselves....and its a sad thing when it ends badly.    I know puberty is a mess for just about everybody, but it is triply messy for those of us who don't know what we are, can't figure it out, or know for sure but can't do anything about it.  I wish our society could approach adolescence with a bit of flexibility.  People are seldom the same at 18 or 28 as they were at 13. 
    • VickySGV
      That is what my Profile says is my Joined date for the Forums.  I went back and found my first post in the Introductions Forum.  What an adventure, and the Members and staff here have made this a special place for me ever since.  Somewhere in that time I got asked to be a Moderator and most recently one of the Admins.  WOW, both a significant responsibility and sometimes a totally heartwarming and uplifting set of feelings.  Thank all of you for taking part in the Forums and letting me be part of your lives on your paths of discovery and growth.
    • missyjo
      clapping n whistling  hugs
    • Carolyn Marie
      The only difference between this scene and one in a deep Red state, is that in a Red state there wouldn't be any pro-LGBT demonstrators outside the school board meeting.  BTW, Glendale is considered a "very liberal" city as far as voting.  I therefore think quite a few of these folks were from outside the area.   Carolyn Marie
    • VickySGV
      One of our maxims here on the Forums is that IF you have any questions at all about your gender, you are NOT Cis Gender, and thus Trans Gender.  What we can't say is exactly what you are under the Trans Spectrum, that is a journey for you and a therapist to go on and discover.  Where are you going to take your Trans self to be comfortable and authentic is the real question.  It can be as little as the decision to be less like your birth gender's expectations of behavior, profession, trade and possibly your family care role.  These are mostly a matter of attitude.  They can go to complete Transition on the other end.  Give yourself permission to act as you feel without shame and you are on your way.  Stick around, read what is here, find a Gender Therapist, don't overthink life or try to be what is uncomfortable and BE YOU.
    • Charlize
      It is certainly good news.  Federal judges have been instrumental in civil rights for a long time.  Pity that 45 got to appoint so many as McConnell had blocked so many nominations by the Obama administration.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Charlize
      Tiffany i remember feeling much the same.  I only allowed myself to go out as myself when i was far away from my neighborhood.  Perhaps that was good way to gain confidence but ti was difficult at best.  When i did go to local gay bars it seemed quite safe.  after all if someone knew me there....... why were they there?  I kinda figured it was a mutual silence thing. I'm glad you have your wife there with you.  Being with another woman makes it much easier.  Most of all try to enjoy yourself!  It was an amazing, if at times scary, journey for me.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • EasyE
    • EasyE
      Will I wear a skirt tomorrow?   I really want to, in public...   Why are these urges so strong?
    • Alessia
      The thing is I am still very anxious about telling anyone and what I would have to go through. I fear that I lose the love nad support of my brother and sisters and my mom and I fear to lose my closest dear friends. But I will tell it one friend now since i have now a bit more confidence. He is gay and is a big supporter of transrights. We talked about such things a lot and he is a very caring and empathetic person. That would propably my next step but I now want to go to a therapist in this matter and even contacted her already.
    • Charlize
      Take several deep breaths and try to let go of anger.   Big Hugs   Charlize
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