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A 2nd Research Study from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

Petra Jane

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  • Root Admin

Once again we have been asked to draw your attention to a Research Study organised by Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.


Excited to announce recruitment for a new study on the experiences of menstrual cycle symptoms in AMAB trans & gender-diverse individuals on estrogen hormone therapy! This project is led by a trans nonbinary researcher affiliated with Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and UNC School of Medicine (Harvard Longwood IRB #IRB22-1615).

This study team has noticed that AMAB TGD individuals on GAHT have been actively engaged in community discussion about a lesser-known set of symptoms that resemble those experienced during a menstrual cycle. Based on anecdotal accounts, the symptoms and associated impairment often seem to closely align with diagnoses such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Despite the wider medical and research community's lack of awareness regarding this phenomenon, AMAB TGD individuals have spent years looking to peers for answers and validation. Persistent community and patient commentary highlight the necessity for a deeper understanding of the nature and etiology of these menstrual cycle-like symptoms. We hope this research will ignite conversation and education so that this is experience that is no longer invalidated by the medical community.

The survey is completely anonymous and should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. It is made up of multiple choice questions about your symptoms in addition to short answer questions because your story and voice is the most important.

Feel free to message or email ([email protected]) with questions and any feedback ! :)


The study can be found here.

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  • Forum Moderator

Nice to see someone taking the anecdotal evidence seriously and looking into it.

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  • 1 month later...

Well then, I guess because I'm not taking estrogen "yet" I don't qualify for the study. 

I'll come back after my doctor prescribes my low dose to address my hot flashes. 🤔

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Funny how so few questions really applied to me as a topical, daily user of E.





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9 hours ago, Ivy said:

TBH, if I have any symptoms, I'm oblivious to them.

Same here, perhaps because I didn't start on E until age 69, well past male or female menopause.

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • Forum Moderator

Since I saw this thread, I have been keeping track.  Holy cow, can you say "regular"?  As clockwork.




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2 minutes ago, KathyLauren said:

Since I saw this thread, I have been keeping track.  Holy cow, can you say "regular"?  As clockwork.




My symptoms are "very regular" as well, and I'm not on HRT. 

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On 7/31/2023 at 5:45 PM, Hannah Renee said:

Same here, perhaps because I didn't start on E until age 69, well past male or female menopause.

This is me as well.

It's weird being "old" yet feeling like a teenager at times.

Another thing is that being on the patches, I don't think my levels fluctuate as much as, say, injections.

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      These folks sure have an unhealthy fascination and irrational hatred for those both giving and receiving medical help for established medical help.   Unfortunately it is hurting so many who need help.   Hugs,   Charlize
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    • Betty K
      Phew, well we can agree on the "be yourself" bit! And yes, chatting to others as yourself; in my experience that is so crucial. My sense is that, on the whole, people warm to me far more now that I am out of the closet than they ever did before when I was hiding.
    • tracy_j
      The trans people I was stating were the commonly quoted. In effect I am in one of those other categories but my thoughts still stand.   In my view it's not really a case of blending in though. I tend to think about things. One of my thoughts has been to look throught the eyes of a woman. Getting up every morning. Putting my clothes on (female) and going out. Am I seen as trans? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I don't really know. I just dress in the morning and live out my day. Yes I can be nervous. I'm that sort of person. When I think about it may cis women are self conscious too. Maybe not the same things but to the same effect. If I had been born female would it really have changed my world as regards being accepted as a person or would it have just brought other worries of equal magnitude?   There will always be  haters and agressive activism will only be fuel to their fire. In my experience the key is not to just blend in but to be yourself and chat to others as youself. Yes, that probably means you blend into your position in society but the only other option is to be outside.   Locally I look around me and hear what people say about different minorities. They are upset and even, at times, afraid of even speaking anything negative at times for fear of ending up in court. It is possible to get a prison sentence for anti trans speech and there are those who would attempt to achieve this end in the name of activism. The same is true with other minority groups. I suppose a worry I see, which luckily or otherwise I don't really have the option of locally, is that trans groups banding together in activism will be seen as a dangerous faction whereas an individual getting along (openly) with their life will not.   In my view many of the comments being made actually almost admit defeat as soon as they are made. Legeslation does not change the people. Only the people will do that. A big stick will only prompt an even bigger one.   Tracy        
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      I wore long skirts for years before going fulltime. Now I never wear long pants. I mostly wear skirts, skorts, or rompers. Occasionally, I wear shorts, usually over tights. I just hate long pants, 
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