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Heather Shay

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: the quality or state of being proud: such as

a: reasonable self-esteem : confidence and satisfaction in oneself : SELF-RESPECT

There were no injuries, except for a few cases of severely wounded pride.—McCandlish Phillips

… it is so painful a thing to miss what you want when you have done your very best to obtain it! To struggle in vain always hurts the pride …—Anthony Trollope

Dressing to the nines on a tight budget is a matter of pride. [=something done in order to maintain one's pride] "When you're young you don't have to care about fashion," says Mr Wu, 82. "But when you're old, you have to."—The Economist

b: pleasure that comes from some relationship, association, achievement, or possession that is seen as a source of honor, respect, etc.

Family members watched with pride as the students took the stage.

professional/civic pride

a beautifully decorated house that shows great pride of ownership

craftspeople who take pride in their work

There's a real sense of pride that the neighborhood finally has a destination restaurant.—Ruth Reichl

c: exaggerated self-esteem : CONCEIT

Almost all the ancient vices—envy, wrath, greed, pride and, notably, lust—can, and will, be facilitated by the internet over the course of the show.—John Anderson

Ingratitude was condemned …, the sinfulness of pride was pointed out—together with the proverbial fact that it "goes before a fall."—Joseph Conrad

He [Henry Worsley] was, he knew, blinded by pride; as he later wrote, he could not be seen as "admitting to weakness."—David Grann

Interest and ambition exercise considerable sway among them; but pride and vanity none: the distinctions of rank produce little impression.—Germaine de Staël

Swallow your pride and ask for help—if you're lucky enough to have it.—Jessica Irvine

also : behavior that reflects such an attitude

I would gladly suffer his haughty pride and sharp tongue for her sake.—Diane Stanley


asometimes Pride : respect and appreciation for oneself and others as members of a group and especially a marginalized group : solidarity with a group based on a shared identity, history, and experience

Growing up in the 70s, she was immersed in shows of Black pride, activism, and bold style.—Jasmine Browley

a symbol of gay Pride

busually Pride : an event or series of events celebrating and affirming the rights, equality, and culture of LGBTQ people

… Madrid's take on Pride … starts each year in late June and runs through early July. What used to be a small celebration in the late 1970s has since grown into one of the largest celebrations of LGBTQ pride in Europe.—Meena Thiruvengadam

celebrating Gay/LGBT/LGBTQ Pride

June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month. This month-long celebration demonstrates how LGBTQ Americans have strengthened our country, by using their talent and creativity to help create awareness and goodwill. The first Pride March in New York City was held on June 28, 1970, on the one year anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.—Library of Congress

The rainbow colors of the flags that wave at Pride parades are meant to celebrate the diversity of a community that includes people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and—all the rest.—Sean Thomas-Breitfeld

: a source of pride : a person or thing that makes you feel proud

a: a group of lions living together

b: a showy or pretentious group

aarchaic : ostentatious or showy display

b: the most active, thriving, or satisfying stage or period : PRIME

in the pride of one's youth

In the pride of her beauty she had been married …—William Makepeace Thackeray


: to indulge (oneself) in pride —now usually used in the phrase pride oneself on to describe taking pride in some ability, quality, etc.

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  1. afraid or anxious.
    "a frightened child"
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strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties

maternal love for a child

(2): attraction based on sexual desire : affection and tenderness felt by lovers

(3): affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests

b: an assurance of affection

: warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion

a: the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration

: a beloved person : DARLING —often used as a term of endearment

British —used as an informal term of address

: unselfish loyal and benevolent (see BENEVOLENT sense 1a) concern for the good of another: such as

: the fatherly concern of God for humankind

: brotherly concern for others

: a person's adoration of God

: a god (such as Cupid or Eros) or personification of love

: an amorous episode : LOVE AFFAIR

: the sexual embrace : COPULATION

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  1. great happiness and exhilaration.
    "Richard's elation at regaining his health was short-lived"
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doubtful or uncertain especially from obscurity or indistinctness

: capable of being understood in two or more possible senses or ways

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At its core, emotional pain is an intense feeling of distress, anguish, or suffering that stems from non-physical sources. Unlike the ache from a stubbed toe or a headache, this type of pain originates from events or circumstances that hurt us deeply on the inside.

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feel out: to talk to or question (someone) in an indirect way in order to find out if something one wants to do or get will be possible.

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thrilled: extremely pleased and excited.

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Jealousy is a complex emotion that encompasses feelings ranging from suspicion to rage to fear to humiliation. It strikes people of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations, and is most typically aroused when a person perceives a threat to a valued relationship from a third party. The threat may be real or imagined.

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Humans feel best when we're growing. When we feel stagnant, it can trigger depression and a sense that our lives are not on track.

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undoubted:  not doubted : GENUINE, UNDISPUTED

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Worry is a category of perseverative cognition, i.e. a continuous thinking about negative events in the past or in the future. As an emotion "worry" is experienced from anxiety or concern about a real or imagined issue, often personal issues such as health or finances, or external broader issues such as environmental pollution, social structure or technological change.

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disappointment : the act or an instance of disappointing : the state or emotion of being disappointed

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a: something contained —usually used in plural

b: the topics or matter treated in a written work table of contents

c: the principal substance (such as written matter, illustrations, or music) offered by a website






c: the events, physical detail, and information in a work of art compare FORM sense 10c


a: the matter dealt with in a field of study


: a part, element, or complex of parts


: the amount of specified material contained : PROPORTION

2 of 4



3 of 4


contented; contenting; contents

: to appease the desires of

: to limit (oneself) in requirements, desires, or actions

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  1. 1.
    optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.
    "he is sanguine about prospects for the global economy"
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not having interest in or enthusiasm for something, especially work or study.
"unmotivated, poorly taught children"
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: full of high spirits : JOYOUS

(2): given to conviviality : JOVIAL

a jolly companion

b: expressing, suggesting, or inspiring lively happiness and good cheer : CHEERFUL

jolly laughter

: extremely pleasant or agreeable : SPLENDID

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sublime implies an exaltation or elevation almost beyond human comprehension. a vision of sublime beauty.

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: a feeling that accompanies or causes special attention to something or someone : CONCERN

: something or someone that arouses such attention

: a quality in a thing or person arousing interest

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Terror takes away our sense of safety and may also make us feel helpless, hopeless, and angry. After a scary or traumatic event, a person may no longer be able to go about their usual life in the same way as they could before. This feeling of overwhelming fear can have both short-term and long-term consequences.

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a: to relate to : be about

: to bear on

: to have an influence on : INVOLVE also : to be the business or affair of

: to be a care, trouble, or distress to

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a: being without company : LONE

: cut off from others : SOLITARY

: not frequented by human beings : DESOLATE

: sad from being alone : LONESOME

: producing a feeling of bleakness or desolation

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    • Davie
      Good news about Iowa! "Iowa Attacks On Trans And LGBTQ+ People Fail: 20 Bills Die As Legislature Adjourns Iowa becomes the latest state to adjourn Sine Die without passing a single piece of explicitly anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. The only bill to pass was a broad religious freedom bill." — ERIN REED  April 22.  
    • Mmindy
      You look wonderful, I hope you had a great time with the makeup artist. Now tell us about the bridle shower... How did that go? I hope you were accepted by everyone and felt welcomed.   Hugs,   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Abigail Genevieve
      I think my Mom wore makeup until her death. 
    • Vidanjali
      You're very welcome. Btw I was just looking at their bookstore & wanted to specify you'll find the books I recommended under the "mystical insight" tab. https://shop.yrf.org/yoga/books/books-mystical-insight/   And if you want a very brief and impactful primer on Vedanta philosophy, this little book is awesome.  https://shop.yrf.org/items/books/waking-dream-and-deep-sleep/  
    • RaineOnYourParade
      @Vidanjali Thank you! I'll take a look at the books and ask you if I have more questions <3
    • Vidanjali
      Such synchronicity - I also just posted in the Hinduism forum. My guru, Swami Jyotirmayananda, has written many enjoyable books which provide accessible insight into Hinduism and the mystical meaning of dieties and their doings. I recommend his books "Mysticism of the Ramayana" to learn about Rama, Hanuman, and others; his "Mysticism of Srimad Bhaghavatam" to learn about Krishna and other incarnations of Vishnu; and his "Worship of God as Mother" to learn about aspects of the Devi or goddesses for starters. You are also welcome to ask questions in this thread or DM me with any questions you have as it is my pleasure to discuss aspects of Hinduism. I have been a devout aspirant and student of Vedanta for several years now and have begun to work on developing some educational materials on behalf of Swamiji's Yoga Research Foundation.    Here's a link to their bookstore. They do ship rather promptly. https://shop.yrf.org/
    • Mmindy
      Good morning everyone,   It’s Monday for those that work, and a day of continued recovery for me. I feel a little bit better today however I’m going to continue self medicating.    I slept most of the day yesterday, as well as all night. Yesterday my wife went to the store and bought me several cans of chicken soup, which was really nice of her since she had already completed the weekly grocery shopping Saturday.    @Willow I hope and continue to pray for your health, and understand your concerns about progressive loss of speech.    Hugs,   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋    
    • RaineOnYourParade
      I'm very much not an expert in Hinduism, but the things I have read were very intriguing to me   That being said, I recently got a story idea involving Hindu deities. It's really only a bare idea right now and not anything solid worth sharing, so I'll skip over that part to the point. If I do end up writing it, I would want to make sure to get things right even if I never share it, so if anyone has good places to get good research on the topic at large done for said story idea, I'm all ears
    • Vidanjali
      This morning I was watching my guru's daily livestream on twitch. We're watching Hindu scriptures depicted via an Indian TV show from the early oughts & Swamiji provides commentary giving spiritual insight into the events and characters in the storyline.    If you're reading this and know little to nothing about Hinduism, here's a very brief primer. Vedanta is the mystical philosophy of Hinduism. Vedanta purports that Truth is One and is spoken of in countless ways. Hindus believe God is One - absolute, indivisible & all-pervading. That Absolute is called Brahman and is also refered to as The Self. The many Hindu dieties represent various aspects of God and are meant to help the spiritual aspirant to learn, reflect, and be inspired to emulate. The demons depicted in Hindu scriptures represent various negative qualities present in the personality - impurities which the aspirant endeavors to sublimate by self-effort and surrender to God's grace.    That said, in the series we've come to the story of demons, Shumbha and Nishumbha. They represent "me" and "mine", respectively. I've heard Swamiji tell the story of Shumbha and Nishumbha many times as they also appear in the scripture devoted to worship of God as Mother & each year in October, the 9 day festival of Mother worship, called Navaratri, is celebrated at Swamiji's ashram.   Me & mine relate to ego and attachment. Today, Swamiji framed me & mine in the context of self-doubt and doubting the world. Egoism or self-doubt means you are identified with the mortal personality and body, whereas your true identity is The Divine indwelling all.   In terms of doubting the world, Swamiji humorously said, you think God got a headache one day and didn't create the right way. I found this quite fascinating, to think of mine-ness or attachment in terms of doubting the world. When you assign the label "mine" to anything, you imply that there is also "not mine". That which you call mine is dear to you; you identity with it. Conversely for not mine - at best you are indifferent about it & at worst you hate it. Such is the trap of attachment - attachment and hatred go hand in hand as you also develop hatred to some degree towards whatever you perceive as a threat to that you've identified as "mine".   Broadly speaking, the label "mine" is assigned to parts of creation. Conversely, "not mine" is assigned to other parts of creation. Every being does this all the time to some degree unless you are enlightened. And there are those who assign "mine" to parts of creation they consider acceptable, and "not mine" to parts they consider unacceptable. Certainly this is related to points of view which consider certain groups of people, including transgender people, as inferior, wrong, or evil. This is due to ignorance.   In today's message, Swamiji imparted that those free of ignorance see all of creation expressing the glory of God. God is all-pervading or omnipresent. That is easily said, but deeply profound and not so simple a point of view to attain because in so doing one must also see all seemingly adverse situations also as God's glory. This is accomplished progressively by spiritual practice - by learning, deep reflection, developing trust and faith, and constant surrender by seeing your body-mind-personality as God's instrument.   I am sharing this message as I am aware many trans folk struggle, internally and/or externally, with the idea of God having made a mistake. Here are some clips from today's livestream in case you're interested.   About "me-ness" called ahamta: https://www.twitch.tv/1391ijimaws/clip/ProtectiveBetterSpaghettiHassanChop-CycVSKmub2HU9XKJ?tt_medium=mobile_web_share&tt_content=clip   About "mine-ness" called mamata: https://www.twitch.tv/1391ijimaws/clip/FantasticBlueNostrilPeanutButterJellyTime-b3Bmo10LmukqGi_X?tt_medium=mobile_web_share&tt_content=clip   God doesn't make mistakes: https://www.twitch.tv/1391ijimaws/clip/AnimatedRelievedLadiesOMGScoots-Ojk5Y-rPndUS7AWX?tt_medium=mobile_web_share&tt_content=clip    
    • Mmindy
      Good morning @Birdie   I hope you're feeling better today. What will it take for them to understand you are an intersex person fully capable of being the woman you always were? You don't have to answer that because I know the state you live in and the troubles you face. I wish they could get over themselves and accept you for you.   Hugs,   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Ashley0616
    • April Marie
      Perhaps I'm in the minority but I generally put on light make-up unless I'm just working around the house. Foundation, darken my eye brows a bit, gel eye pencil along the bottom of my eyes (normally blue), mascara, a bit of rouge on my cheeks to add a little color and then lipstick.   Each of us is different and going with some make-up helps tamp down my dysphoria so that's the way I ride. :-)
    • Ashley0616
      Depression is gone at the moment
    • Ashley0616
      gleeful: full of glee : MERRY
    • Ashley0616
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