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The man-scape!


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Have you seen those ads for the "man-scape" or the "lawn-mower" or whatever? It think it's funny that masculinity is fragile enough that it needs "manly" names for hygiene products for men to use them.

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Haven't seen the ads, but I recognize the concept.  Its kinda weird. We have to have pink razors for women and blue ones for men, even though the blades are the same.  Mens and womens hairspray.  And medicine.  Women take Midol for menstrual cramps... its basically just acetaminophen (Tylenol).  Would most men take one for a headache?  Likely not, as its branded for women.  And I've seen men in the store walk all the way around the feminine hygiene aisle to get to something else rather than walk through it.  Silly. 

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Masculinity doesn't need 'manly' names at all. It's just a typical marketing exercise that reinforces the very stereotypes that we enlightened folk are trying to dismantle, which the rest of the world can't handle. 


I was involved in a similar discussion a fair while ago elsewhere. The discussion compared men who need to 'shop across the aisle' because of their rare but naturally occurring feminine figure and the stigma that they endure, to women who may have the rare need to shave their faces regularly and the absence of stigma if they buy men's products for that purpose.


It goes further. Ever notice how t-shirts are marketed as either 'women's' or 'men's/unisex'?

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Seen them - although I understand the pink/blue and product the same - I still get the pink now to make me feel better about myself, not them.

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Please don't judge me......but I actually bought one a few years back.😱  


I used a Norelco to trim myself down there for years and needed to replace it so I tried the Man-scape. I wouldn't trust it everywhere, though. Actually, I began shaving that area completely several years ago with a razor.


I put a new set of blades on the Man-scape and use it to trim my eyebrows, now. 🙃😁🌈


I'm so embarrassed. 

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1 hour ago, Mirrabooka said:

Ever notice how t-shirts are marketed as either 'women's' or 'men's/unisex'?

T shirts that are marketed as unisex or men's don't fit me. They ride up my hips! 

I can avoid the problem in two ways. Buying a couple sizes too big, or simply buying women's T's (I'm wearing one now). 


My T's from Torrid are cut different and of different material. They just don't ride up my curves. 

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One of my dear supportive friends trotted out the term "manscapping" when I shared with her about how, impulsively and desperately, I'd shaved my arms and legs for the first time (this was about a month ago. I can't see ever going back to the hairy limbs.)


I'm like, "Hmmm. Actually I read a Wirecutter article on the best women's razors and per their recommendation, I went with the classic Venus 3 blade. And also found some useful articles in "Mens Health" (of all places) on the best ways for men to remove hair from various parts of the body. 

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3 hours ago, April Marie said:

Please don't judge me......but I actually bought one a few years back.😱  


I used a Norelco to trim myself down there for years and needed to replace it so I tried the Man-scape. I wouldn't trust it everywhere, though. Actually, I began shaving that area completely several years ago with a razor.


I put a new set of blades on the Man-scape and use it to trim my eyebrows, now. 🙃😁🌈


I'm so embarrassed. 


Hey, if the product works, it works, regardless of its name. No shame in this community, okay??? Only love and acceptance.


Likewise, no shade to those pointing out the absurdity of aggressively gendered products. The point is well taken, for sure. And I'm sure everyone understands it's the motives of the marketing strategies which promote that aggressive gendering which are ridiculous, not the folks who use those products. Big difference.  

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I am also embarrassed (well ... maybe not🤔) to say I had to Google 'Man-Scaped' to figure out what you all were talking about.  Now I know.

But I have to agree with @Thea's original assessment ... on point marketing for fragile masculine identity.

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    • tracy_j
      The trans people I was stating were the commonly quoted. In effect I am in one of those other categories but my thoughts still stand.   In my view it's not really a case of blending in though. I tend to think about things. One of my thoughts has been to look throught the eyes of a woman. Getting up every morning. Putting my clothes on (female) and going out. Am I seen as trans? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I don't really know. I just dress in the morning and live out my day. Yes I can be nervous. I'm that sort of person. When I think about it may cis women are self conscious too. Maybe not the same things but to the same effect. If I had been born female would it really have changed my world as regards being accepted as a person or would it have just brought other worries of equal magnitude?   There will always be  haters and agressive activism will only be fuel to their fire. In my experience the key is not to just blend in but to be yourself and chat to others as youself. Yes, that probably means you blend into your position in society but the only other option is to be outside.   Locally I look around me and hear what people say about different minorities. They are upset and even, at times, afraid of even speaking anything negative at times for fear of ending up in court. It is possible to get a prison sentence for anti trans speech and there are those who would attempt to achieve this end in the name of activism. The same is true with other minority groups. I suppose a worry I see, which luckily or otherwise I don't really have the option of locally, is that trans groups banding together in activism will be seen as a dangerous faction whereas an individual getting along (openly) with their life will not.   In my view many of the comments being made actually almost admit defeat as soon as they are made. Legeslation does not change the people. Only the people will do that. A big stick will only prompt an even bigger one.   Tracy        
    • CatieAnne
      I wore long skirts for years before going fulltime. Now I never wear long pants. I mostly wear skirts, skorts, or rompers. Occasionally, I wear shorts, usually over tights. I just hate long pants, 
    • VickySGV
      I have two saxeT (they are backward) friends who have already changed their medical care down into Mexico although I don't think it was this specific reason, but this could spark an inverse border crisis pretty easily. This may be related to the Planned Parenthood record dust-up since PP would be getting a goodly chunk of the saxeT medicaid money since they are a good provider of services to the Trans community too.
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.timesofisrael.com/in-kiryat-tivon-residents-elect-israels-first-transgender-city-councilor/   It's been too long since I had something to post in this forum.  Congrats to Council Member Weinberg!   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.wyff4.com/article/sc-library-board-approves-policy-move-books-with-transgender-themes-from-children-section/60031299   Not a good day for looking through my news feed.  Not good at all.   Carolyn marie
    • VickySGV
      He does seem to have an unhealthy and fetishistic interest in Trans people.  It is almost like he is living vicariously as part of the Trans communities with all of this to the point of the DSM describing his actions in the Transvestic Disorders section.  His state is having disastrous range fires burning out of control and his mind is not on what his office can do for those victims.
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.advocate.com/news/texas-gender-affirming-care-medicaid     No warning, no hearings, no expert testimony; for all anyone knows, this was done without any medical input at all.  The Texas war on trans people has gone farther than just about any other state.  You have to wonder if the people of Texas really approve of this aggression against a tiny population of people who have harmed no one.  There are a whole bunch of profanities I would spew forth at this moment, but my wife would not approve.   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.keranews.org/texas-news/2024-02-29/lgbtq-group-sues-to-block-texas-ag-paxtons-request-for-records-about-transgender-children     Seems like this has become a personal crusade for Paxton, who is a bully and a bigot.  He won't win this fight unless he finds an equally bigoted judge or two.   Carolyn Marie
    • VickySGV
      @awkward-yet-sweet  You folks are all doing very much alright.  Keep it going.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      @VickySGV You've got an interesting, very broad definition of activism.  Seems to encompass almost any sort of positive activity, even perhaps reaching to things that aren't directly LGBTQ.  I suppose under that umbrella even I might be an activist of a sort (unusual thought).    I'm certainly involved in my community's food program, and I've been part of finding jobs for my two trans friends (and I doubt they'll be the last.)  To me, those things just seem like everyday human stuff.  And I suppose my presence could even have a mild influence in government.  My husband is a member of the Defense Board, our sheriff is a close family friend, and my sister (she's lesbian) is running for Constable of our township.  Husband's mother is the coroner and head of the county medical clinic, and her office is decidedly respectful and inclusive after hiring my friend as a nurse - complete with nondiscrimination signage on the wall.  If these sorts of things are aspects of activism, it is certainly quieter than what's often associated with the word. 
    • KayC
      I'm with you, @Timi!  Happy I could share this with those that haven't seen it before (as somebody else did for me).     And ... I am totally with you too, @Vidanjali!  I couldn't have said it better myself 🙏😊
    • KayC
      "The bill also would force health plans that cover gender-affirming care to cover “detransition” procedures."   I don't think they're going to get many 'takers' on this part ...
    • Betty K
      That is so great to hear, Vicky. Much respect to you and Carolyn Marie.     Awesome! Again, so great to hear. And thanks for giving me some ideas.
    • Betty K
      I apologise, I should not have used the word "synonym", since it can mean both a word that means the same as another word and a word that means something similar. (Eg, "night" is supposedly a synonym for "dark", but I doubt many people would claim they meant the same thing. If it's daylight outside and I turn off the light in a windowless room, am I now in the dark or in the night?) What I should have said is that logic, rationality and common sense are not all interchangeable; they do not mean the same thing. But I take your point, people do often use them interchangeably. I find this worrying, because many people also seem unable to reason logically. For eg, recently one of my teenage clients told me that all people with brightly coloured hair are trans; when I related this comment to some people at a trans support group one of them said, "But that means I can't be trans, because I don't have brightly coloured hair." That is a thoroughly illogical argument, and the type of misunderstanding that is the source of so many disagreements.   But I am going way in the weeds here. Again, sorry everyone. I will try not to go down any more language rabbit-holes.   As to what "activist" means in your neck of the woods, luckily I don't think that meaning has become accepted common usage just yet. Of course that is a grey area, but there are still certainly people in many countries who use the word in the sense I used it above.     I understand that this is your view as you have expressed it many times elsewhere, and tbh I think many people on the left would fundamentally agree with you, though they would slightly favour the Democrats over the Republicans. But I still find it very strange how you framed your lack of safety as if it were more the fault of the Democrats than the Republicans.
    • VickySGV
      There are a WIDE VARIETY of "Activism" things that are NOT political in the direct sense of what is normally thought of.  Two of us at least on the Staff here have been instrumental in managing community organizations for the benefit of LGBTQI people as social and interpersonal care activities.  ALL of the Forum Staff are activists just by managing and caring for our on-line community members here at Trans Pulse. @Carolyn Marie who lives in the same general part of California and I have crossed paths over the years, and she was the coordinator for a Transgender Day of Remembrance in the local area and speaks of her work on the board of a National Organization that has gained much for the communities by communicating with leaders in business and in legal improvements.  Both she and I have spoken at a major Medical School. I am one of the Founding Members of a singing group of Trans and NB singers that has been on the Disney+ Pride Celebrations and has collaborated in the background with over 25 name celebrities (with some to come).  Not to mention two of their own productions. All of the singers and production people are volunteers who have fun with each other. Through an LGBTQ Center I was on the Board of Directors of, I have done education for a group of Foster Care homes that are seeing an influx of Trans and Queer clients who have been removed from their homes due to safety issues. All of this is activism and support for the Trans,NB and IS folks without getting near a single politician other than hosting a few at LGBTQ Community Centers, which by the way may be active in helping all kinds of community work such as Food Pantries or special Back To School or holiday toy giveaways for needy families.  None of this is walking the streets with picket signs or shouting rude noises at Transphobes in a parade.  Yes, actual politicians do see us and occasionally they will come up and talk to me in a dignified manner which I return.  I got political a few days ago by voting early, but that does not mean the topic MUST be in politics.  Lets look at other Activism that can be fun and meaningful, it is there.        
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