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NY AG James Threatens Nassau County w/Lawsuit Over Trans Athlete Ban

Carolyn Marie

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These rules always cause trouble.  I think these things have to be looked at on an individual level.

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    • Abigail Genevieve
      I don't have the report, but there was a study on teenage suicide prevention programs.  The conclusion was interesting: telling kids that suicide was an option that they should not take caused more kids to kill themselves.  Help should be available, but over-broadcasting it apparently turns some kids suicidal.   "Real" trans kids do not need anyone to tell them they are trans.  Someone with other problems may be told that all they need to do is transition and their problem will go away, sort of like giving an appendectomy for a broken leg.  I was glad to see the detransitioning rate is as low as it is; stuff I had read indicated it was a lot higher.   I think kids should be told there are resources available but not be pushed, which apparently happens to some kids, according to the testimonies of some detransitioners.  Gender dysphoria is real but treating it is not the solution to every problem.   Someone may work out they are trans only after decades, and growing up in the wrong gender will generate comorbidities.    I think detransitioning would generate all sorts of problems, particularly if the individual transitions again (someone did this).  Physical, emotional, psychological problems.  Best to be mean and screen people as accurately as possible, which I think is being done.  Gatekeeping can be important in sorting out those who are trans from those who are, say, suffering from bipolar disorder.
    • Ivy
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      Indeed.  I also suspect that there are trans folks who may not know who they really are.   And also those who think they are, due to the increasing focus on the issue, when perhaps they might not be.  Trying to figure it out it's like trying to diagnose yourself on WebMD. 
    • Abigail Genevieve
      Woman's t shirt, women's jeans, sneakers.  No bra.  My boobies are bigger without a sports bra, but it is a Catch-22.  I fail the pencil test, so I don't technically need a bra. Bra == girl, boobs == girl.  Thinking about just breaking the barrier, accepting I look this way and cannot fight it, and buying a nice pink top and a denim skirt.  It would cause a lot of uproar that I do not want to face.    
    • Ivy
      Maybe there's a reason, just sayin'
    • Ivy
      Looks nice. I've never tried makeup.  One time my daughter put some on me, it was pretty bad.  But admittedly, the light was not so great.  IDK, I don't really notice any women my age with any.
    • Ashley0616
    • Ashley0616
      I can deal with mental torture pretty well for the most part. I can listen to a song 90 times straight. Especially up beat ones except for the one Dylan Mulvanne came out with. I feel like my mind would definitely go crazy. 
    • Ivy
      Maybe not.  But some trans people don't want to be visible for… reasons.
    • Ashley0616
      I hope you are feeling better. I'm sorry what you have to go through. 
    • Lorelei
      my outfit to my cousins bridal shower. Also my first experience having my makeup applied professionally. The makeup artist, another trans woman, did a great job and used a hair straightener on my hair. 
    • KathyLauren
      Yikes, @Birdie, I hope you do rest and recover well.  I get occasional tachycardia, and it is scary when it happens.  It certainly wasn't an over-reaction for them to call the ambulance, especially with chest pains as well.     I hope you said yes!
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I'm also interested.... it would be nice to figure out how to gain a bit of weight.   I don't have and eating disorder, or at least I don't think I do. I just don't seem to eat enough. I have always had a high metabolism, and I have always been slender. But at my current height I used to be 115 lb. A year ago I was down to 105 lbs. I know I lost weight when I got assaulted, and I never gained it back. But recently my husband put me on the scale because he said I've looked and felt really skinny. I weighed only 97 lb, which is not healthy for my height.  So I have to gain 15 to 18 lb, I'm not sure how I can do that.   Mostly, I think I have a hard time sitting down and just eating a meal. I get distracted taking care of the kids, and I don't usually feel really hungry because I nibble on things through the day. I live on a lot of nuts and berries and vegetables.  Good nutrients, but not much calories.  Probably need to eat more pork and mashed potatoes 😄
    • Willow
      Good morning everyone   Anniversary congratulations @Ashley0616   head colds verses spring allergies it’s always a debate for me.  I’ve been taking Musinex on a regular basis but I’m going to try something different today. I have a thick mucus it the back of my throat that I can’t swallow.  It’s a side effect of the cancer treatment from my laryngeal cancer.  It does cause me to have a garbled voice, be constantly clearing and a need to have water at the ready.  I am just concerned that as this gets worse eventually I won’t be able to talk.  I hope you get better fast @Mmindy   @Adrianna Danielle congratulations on getting your new toolbox. I know how good Snapon tools are although I never owned any.  You are a loyal customer and they recognize that.  And obviously, your employer recognizes your good work as do the vehicle owners whose vehicles you work on.  My granddaughter’s boyfriend is a certified CAT And Cummin’s tech he went to a school outside of Philadelphia for his training.  My granddaughter is the certified welder but is happier working as an HVAC tech.  I recently asked how long she would be an apprentice and was surprised that it takes 4 years.  EPA and all that   @KymmieL that’s pretty good to have had that talk with your youngest. I never really know where I stand with either of my kids. They seem to be ok then not so ok.  Same with my wife.   Well I guess I need a second cup then I need to get working. I’ve got a lot of schoolwork to try to finish, along with laundry and housework I have to admit I have a hard time keeping up with everything.   Willow
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I wonder if the percentage of the population varies by area? I'm pretty sure trans folks are not anywhere near 1.5% of the population here. Perhaps many of them move out to other places?
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