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Just discovered hair oil!


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A detriment to growing your hair out is that it has a mind of its own. The crooked ones stick out, or the stray ones just won't behave, or the split ends take over, or the fluffy extremities explode. My hair is thick but fine and it resembles cotton candy at times.


A hack that my hairdresser told me to control frizz was to smear a bit of moisturizer on or through it. It does work, but it is not ideal. I have also experimented with different conditioners and have found one that leaves my hair feeling better, but my hair still lacks body and is still prone to some unruliness. 


I bought some hair oil today, tried it, and hey presto! Two squirts of it into my palms and rub it through my hair, and OMG the difference is amazing! Every strand seems to settle down, hair stays as just combed or brushed, and it also smells absolutely beautiful. 


My hair is my best asset. It took me too long to discover this, but yes! Yes!! YES!!!

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What a great feeling. Happy for you you found a new product you like so much and which brings you joy :D

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I also use biotin infused hair oil and a bit of leave in conditioner. It sure eliminates the frizzies. 

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I use a lotion for my curly and unruly hair that I make myself. I mix it in a squirt bottle. I use, in Davie's Hair lotion treatment:
• Use 2 parts non-oily moisturizer
• Add 1/2 part ACV, apple cider vinegar  
• Add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts, magnesium sulfate
• Add 2 parts water
• Add a scent like an essential oil if you like.

   Shake well before applying to damp hair, work it in, then style it as it dries. You can also squirt some into hair and restyle it any time.

Good for thin or thinning hair for seniors to give body and some curl to it.
The water and weightless silicone-free products are the perfect romance for curly hair.

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I need try this my hair grows but curls up so much the length never looks different.

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5 hours ago, Maddee said:

Is it argan or mortician oil?  I use that often😊

Argan and Brazil nut oil are the main ingredients apparently.


I did some research before I bought this product and coconut oil was highly recommended, but $30 for a 4oz bottle of it was a bit excessive I thought. This one I bought was only $6.50 for the same size! 


Oh, and thank you, @Vidanjali.

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I bought Olaplex no.7 at the recommendation of a Youtube stylist who focuses on hair growth. It works well at keeping frizz controlled and is super light on my fine hair. It gets good reviews online, but it is in that $30 range.

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I'll admit I'm jealous of you girls with real hair.

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Don't sweat it, @Ivy. I'm jealous of all the girls here who have actually gone ahead and transitioned.

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