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  1. I suppose this is really aimed at those of us who wish to step out as female in public, or already have. ( My greatest respect to those who have. ) In my early years of crossdressing behind closed doors 'just for me' - style didn't matter one iota - any female clothing was good enough. It was just a big thrill to own anything female; panties soon progressed to stockings, suspenders, skirts. That eventually led to bras, blouses, heels, jewellery, make-up - the whole nine yards! Again, colour co-ordination of matching of anything didn't matter, as nobody else would be looking. The sk
  2. [Note: This is in Scots dialect - Claes = Clothes / Cannae = Cannot / Toon = Town / Tae = To / Metter = Matter / Disnae = Doesn't ] YE CANNAE WEAR YER SISTER'S CLAES Ye cannae wear yer sister's claes, D'ye want the whole toon tae think yer gay? Disnae metter if ye just like silk and lace, Ye just cannae wear yer sister's claes - Yer sister and her pals wear make-up and stuff, Skimpy tops, jewellery and silly wee skirts, Silk stockings, heels and lacy trim cuffs, You'd love to look that pretty, is that asking too much? She looks so sweet, dres
  3. JohnniGyrl


    THE WOMAN WITHIN The woman within is waking up, She's been asleep too long - The woman within is wide awake, Whether she's right or wrong - The woman within is waking up, Long memories remain - The woman within is wide awake, She's broke the locks and chains - The woman within is all dressed up, And sees her own true self - The woman within looks gorgeous now, In fine spirit and good health - The woman within yearns to be free, She's a sister and mother too - The woman within is not a freak, She's just like me and you - The woman within is brea
  4. JohnniGyrl

    Newbie Here

    Hi Y'all, newbie here. I'm m2f transgender, in the early stages of transition. I'm taking it slow, one step at a time, it's all good. Hope to make new friends here & discuss a multitude of things while we go. Stay beautiful ? xx
  5. I'm new to this site so I thought I would post here and see what happens. So let me start from the beginning, me and my girlfriend have been dating for about 4 years . I came out as a cross-dresser to her about a year or two ago and she didn't take it very well at first. Now she's just accepted it and just doesn't like when I do it around her. She's become more comfortable about it. At first she thought I might be gay or something but I assured her that I'm not. For example sometimes she'll catch me wearing bras panties yoga pants and all that stuff. We have even gone shopping toge
  6. I Have Always Had Big Natural Breasts (46B/46C-Cup)...My Sister-In-Law Said That I Need To Wear A Bra...She Gave Me One Of Her Old Bras (46D)...A Bit Too Large In The Cup Size...She Then Took Me Bra Shopping...46B/46C-Cup Bras Fit Me Great...I Fell In Love With The Playtex Brand...She Then Said, Since I Am Wearing My Bras...I Should Start Wearing Panties (Size 13/14)...She Then Added Nylons and Nightgowns...She Then Gave Me Some Clip-On Earrings (To Complete The Look)...Then She Added Some Pink Lipstick and Blue Eye Shadow...Wow ! , Did I Look and Feel Great...We Now Go Shopping (Dresses, Tops
  7. Lisa inside

    Too late to change

    Hi everyone, I am a long time crossdressèr who lives alone after a 30 year failed marriage. I am medically retired and also too old to start hormone therapy so crossdressing and make up is the only way I can be the woman I was meant to be. Living in Ireland was a difficult situation for someone with thoughts of having a sex change. Even condoms were illegal until the 70s. I threw myself into marriage and had five wonderful children who are now aware of my situation. My ex wife was a tyrant and it saved my life when I separated from her. As I live alone I dress up each day as soon as I come hom
  8. Okay, fellow trans guys and fellow trans girls, this is like my introduction, my coming out and my journey into being a bubbly, brazen and bold trans woman, I am, through assisting me on crossdressing, I started with panties, bras and jewellery, bras are hard to strap-on, cis girls are sssooo right, men don't know what its like to apply it and to wear it, jewellery, such as earrings are hard to maintain, especially at home with my parents, wearing woman's pants, woman's tops and stockings were sssooo right and sssooo comfortable, but I can't go full-time at home, being a girl is harder to main
  9. Belladonnakarapinskia

    Reneging On Coming Out

    Hey trans brothers and fellow trans sisters I've definitely suffered since the age of thirteen that I was a trans girl, I started crossdressing as a late sixteen-year-old or as an early seventeen-year-old, I came out to my mom around mid-2016, after buying a black night gown in late-2015 and real diamond earrings in late-2015, I didn't come out as Donna, I remained Alexander, a older trans lady told me I needn't change my given name since its a neutral gender/sex first name, I'm not financially-independent and I wouldn't be financially-stable anyway, my mom says its even mor
  10. Hello, I am new to this site, but not new to this issue... I am a lifelong (closeted) crossdresser. It has become more and more apparent (to me) that my crossdressing was a symptom more than a condition. When I was a child (five to seven or eight), I often dressed as a girl just because I enjoyed it. I thought the clothes were pretty, and I made friends much more readily with girls my age rather than boys. By the age of eleven or twelve, it was a full-blown obsession, and it gained a sexual component as I discovered masturbation. For many, many years, I self-identified as "j
  11. Good morning and Hello from the Beehive State. It's hard to introduce myself. Even with the myriad of identity options today, picking one remains a challenge. As with any peer group, selecting how to self-identity suddenly triggers anxiety brought on by the fear of being rejected by that group. My pursuit of identity may be better suited for another forum, so let's keep this simple. My display name ("Cindy4Review") is relic of my teenage years when I had a blisteringly fast dial-up internet connection and would get in trouble for running up the pay-by-the-minute internet bill. Cindy
  12. Hi girls.I am back after being away for many months.Something really significant happened in April.My wife has finally accepted my crossdressing.She has known about it for twelve years.One day in April I took the plunge and dressed up as my alter ego Belinda in front of her.She was extremely uneasy and annoyed but it felt so good to.be dressed in front of her. She was cool all evening but relented the next day. She agreed to buy all my clothes and lets me dress en femme once a week.Its the happiest time of my life. We have great fun choosing cute womens clothes from mail order catalogues. She
  13. Hey everyone! So I swung by Kohls on the way home tonight as a spur of the moment, and grabbed a couple of women's tank tops (1 blue, 1 pink). They're nothing special, but they are the first articles of clothing I've bought to help me feel more feminine. I really just wanted something I could change into when I get home from work/class and can relax for the night. I was wondering if you all had any recommendations on other types of clothing to help me feel more like a woman. I am still under my parent's roof while I'm finishing my degree, and I don't plan on coming out to them while I am st
  14. -Kandy

    Seeking mentor

    Hello everyone! I have been living in secret as a cross dresser my entire life. But I'm 25 now and have decided it's time to live my life the way I want. But I'm scared to death of what my family and friends will think. I also don't know how to share it with them. I'm really looking to meet more people and to find a mentor that could help me through all this. Thank you all so much! Looking forward to meeting and chatting with all of you!!!! -Klain
  15. Imaginary Spiders

    The Extra Man

    The Extra man(2010) Directed by: Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini Cast: Kevin Kline, Paul Dano, Katie Holmes I recently saw a most intriguing film called "The Extra Man". It is about a young man who is a bit confused and lost in the world. He meets an older gentleman played by Kevin Kline. Kevin Kline's character is an extra man which is an individual who escorts older women usually quite wealthy at parties and so forth. Nearly all of the characters in the film are rather eccentric. The main character in the film played by Paul Dano reveals in the film that during c
  16. I am a luck man with a lucky female somewhere inside. I feel a real sense of inner peace, which is nice. The previous weekend I came out in regard to crossdressing to my wife and it went really well. I could not ask for anything more from her. I am very blessed by having such an understanding and patient spouse. She is an amazing woman. Finding this site and reading the stories makes me appreciate her even more. The road from where I was to where I am now was difficult. I will note the highlights for others looking for understanding. I will describe my male self because it might help others w
  17. Hello, everyone. I am from Brazil, and I`ve been on Lauras Playground Forum for quite a while, even though I haven`t interacted so much. Recently my life had a big twist and I decided to share my story. Up until recently (about 2 months ago), I would see myself solely as a cross-dressing man. Even though have hidden the cross-dressing from myself for too long I began to accept it (about 3,5 years ago) and it felt awesome. My SO is supportive and helps me buying clothing, shoes and lingerie. I even got myself a pair of breast forms - the first time I tried them on gave me a feeling I don't ev
  18. Hi all I thought I would give you an insight into my experiences yesterday as I think the ideas will be of benifit to some. As I have mentioned previously I am essentially non-binary. As such I sometimes have a male mindset, sometimes female, but predominantly somewhere in the middle, wearing makeup and dressing female (except for work) but not girly (pretty dresses, skirts etc). Obviously it is without problem for me to dress male. Raises the odd eyebrow for me to dress feminine, but is a definite no no to be girly close to home. There are times though when I feel really girly and love the
  19. tracy_j

    A Week in Devon

    Hi everyone Just thought I would give a quick update on the last week or so as I have not been online at all. I have just been on annual vacation and have spent it with my partner in sunny Devon on the South Coast of England. When I go away I like to take a bit of a break from technology as well, so no computer and mostly resorting to local public transport so getting some of the local flavour (although being a very touristy area 'spot the local' can be an alternative to 'I spy' lol). Getting to the main points as regards Laura's, it is a time when I can be somewhat more open in dress as t
  20. My wife and I were talking about my crossdressing and it kind of bothered me that she refered to me as a seperate person when dressed. I don't feel like two different people, I feel more feminine when dressed but I don't see myself as two separate people. It feels as if she is saying I have multiple personality disorder. I don't know how others feel regarding this but I can say I am the same person when dressed just prettier:). I don't know if I should say anything to her about it considering she is still trying to adjust to my crossdressing. Maybe by making it two separate people is her
  21. tracy_j

    The Boy in the Dress

    Hi I have just watched a comedy on BBC iplayer that was transmitted over Christmas with the above title. I must admit I found it extremely funny and also brought tears to my eyes in places. There were so many points relevant to people here in the program but treated very lightly so as not to cause offence! Obviously others may well have different opinions but I think most will find it good entertainment and it may well broaden the horizons of the general population. I would recommend it if you have chance to see Tracy
  22. moderators, if this is a duplicate of another thread, feel free to move it, not yet that well versed on everything this site offers. respectfully.,,, I have a question for my cd sisters. How long was it before you became comfortable with yourself as a cd? I'm not meaning presentation as that seems to be a forever struggle. I mean that part of you that said, i dress and i am ok with that. It took me many years to finally realize that this was a huge part of me and that i needed to own it and accept it. For too long, the shame and guilt of it all ruled my world. I still to this day, stay in th
  23. Crossdressing is something I've been very hesitant about since coming out as transgender. I'm FTM, and although I identify as male, I still have an occasional love for dresses and skirts. It's brought up a lot of questions and fear when it comes to dressing up. I worry about not being taken seriously or accepted as man, especially as a transman. I'm afraid of facing violence if I'm outed as trans, as I've been on testosterone for almost half a year and my voice has dropped. I wonder if I should pretend to be female when dressed up, and fake a more feminine voice. I also wonder if I'll
  24. Guest

    best of both worlds

    I really have this question for you all, my future wife knows and encourages my dressing and wants that I am her woman so to speak, is it possible to be both her woman and her man, ie the best of both worlds so to speak, both feminine and a man in bed, she and I both want that I have the dual position of husband and wife, mentally and physically... again my post seems a bit rambling!
  25. Hi: I'm very new to this subject and I just want to know if I am doing the right thing. I have met the most wonderful man , he is considerate , caring, affectionate.. He is just perfect. From the start he told me about CD, he was so ashamed of it ,he said that it was something that he is been doing since he was a child . he said that it relaxes him . My first question that I had for him was if he was gay , which he got really defensive and said no, my next question was if he wanted to have a sex exchange and he said no as well angrily. I honestly don't mind about it , I love him so muc

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