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Found 8 results

  1. Twinstar4


    Hi, I'm a parent and ally, interested in doiing what I can to make the world a more accepting place. I've been in the trans community for 10 years. I entered it full of fear for my child but today I can say she is a healthy, happy, independent adult and I am very grateful. I am also very proud of her. It was a process, and it wasn't easy but our human instinct is to love and protect our children and that's what I did. Im interested in being a member of a mutually supportive environment and that's why I'm here.
  2. SamanthaC

    Hi I'm Samantha

    Hi everyone! I have been on an emotional roller coaster for two weeks, at times feeling like my head was going to explode with all the self analysis I had been doing. So many sleepless nights I've been exhausted. I've been crossdressing for years. Since I was 10 or 11 I think (i'm 56 now). I been through several painful purges - and everything has been fine for about 2 or 3 years. I've been depressed, overeating and drinking way too much. Generally hating myself and not knowing why. Two weeks ago my wife and 10 year old daughter planned a road trip leaving me on my own for the weekend. Normally when I am on my own I love to crossdress - so I started planning the clothes I would buy how which Amazon locker to pick them up from - I had it all worked out. A few days before my wife was about to leave I had an overwealming urge to tell her. to two nights I couldn't sleep, thinking it through, going back and forth, In the end I just blurted it out. My wife is very progressive and works with the LGBT community but even so I wasn't sure how she would react. I know it came as a complete shock to her, but she was very understanding and supporting. I felt extremely happy I told her, it gave me more confidence. To cut a long story short, since then (last week) I've explored a lot of who I am, seen a therapist, shaved my body hair, and had a manicure (leaving my nails long and shaped like a woman nails). I'm pretty sure I'm a transgender woman - it just feels right. I'm more more content and less depressed than i have been and feel good about the life - and for the first time, myself. I have a plan to lose weight - which I'm determined to do. Looking forward to the journey ahead (at least I think so ) .
  3. rainbowmirror

    introducing myself

    Hey there. I'm Henry, a college student studying social work and game design. I'm FtM/transmasculine and my pronouns are he/they. On the trans side of things, I have yet to begin transitioning but I hope to do so one day. I am fully out to everyone IRL. I've known that I'm not a girl for as long as I can remember but solidifying exactly what I am and how I feel wasn't so easy. If I were to take a stab at describing how I feel, I would probably say I'm nonbinary with a bit of masculinity thrown in. However, referring to myself as a guy is easier and requires less explanation to others in daily life. Even if that doesn't wholly capture my gender identity, it is succinct and doesn't create that discomfort and anger in being referred to as a girl. I sure hope that makes some sort of sense? In regards to everything else about me, I am very into music as a listener. Some genres I particularly enjoy are punk rock, metal, industrial, dark ambient... the list goes on. Some notable bands/artists I admire are SWANS, Ghost, Talking Heads, and Dominick Fernow. I collect physical music, vinyl records mostly but I won't turn my nose up at CDs or cassettes. Other hobbies are video games, creative writing, art, and keeping plants and reptiles. My long-term goal as of now is to make my own indie horror game mostly of my own efforts, including the art design and soundtrack. I have been drawn to this forum as a means of reading other people's stories and the guidance/advice given to them and hopefully finding a way to apply it to my own life. I aim to offer some of my own stories or advice down the line once I get acquainted with the platform. Of course, I also hope to befriend and connect with other people like me.
  4. lauraincolumbia

    Hello from Maryland

    Hello All, Laura from the Baltimore Washington suburbs here. Looking to meet new people. Laura
  5. Firstly, I'd like to say hello. I'm an anxious, rather shy person. I've fallen from a distant star into this alien body. Feminine all my life now I'm transitioning as fast as I can. I'm a mature transsexual lady, a late bloomer. I am a client of government funded gender clinic in Melbourne, Australia. I also have gender affirming medical treatment at several other clinics and hospitals. I commenced HRT in August 2017 and had bilateral orchiectomy in August 2018. I'm scheduled for tracheal shave in October 2019. Thanks for allowing me to join Trans Pulse. I hope I can contribute in some way. I'm always looking for more discussion and information related to transgender subjects. I'd like to connect with others in the trans community.
  6. ButYouDontLook~

    Hi, my name is Clover

    Warning - very long post ahead which is basically my life story Hi, my name is Clover and I've recently realized I'm non-binary. For a very long time I struggled with my gender identity. I was assigned female at birth, but as I got older I started to realize that I wasn't just completely a girl. This was before I knew anything about being non-binary or genderqueer, but I knew about being transgender. However, I knew I was not transgender. I knew I didn't want to transition to male. I didn't know what to call how I felt, and I didn't want to say I was trans because that isn't true and I didn't want to be disrespectful by saying I was. So for several years I just continued to live as I did, but just saying I was female. Luckily I'm able to masquerade as female (I'm not out yet to ANYONE that I know personally) while still being able to live a more non-binary life. I've always been a "tomboy" so nobody is surprised when I wear men's clothing or do/enjoy "manly" things. I've lived a very rough life. I won't go into all the details because it may be triggering to some. My parents split when I was only 9. After I turned 10 we had to move two hours away from home and live with my grandma, and I was miserable. My mom was depressed and practically pretended my brother and I didn't exist. I developed depression around the same time, which went untreated for years. I wasn't popular and middle-high school was pretty miserable. I had many crappy boyfriend's along the way. Around my junior year I really just stopped caring about what other people thought of me and just did my own thing. Then I graduated a year early. Everyone hears that and is like "omg you're so smart!" but in reality I went into an alternative school program because I was failing whoops. I mean yes, I guess I am smart. I was one of the kids who did super well in elementary and middle school but then totally blew it in high school. It was mostly because I kinda just gave up and did the bare minimum. But now I'm out of school so yay! Another thing I realized is that my brother and I are autistic. I was always a little off, but everyone was just like "oh she's just being a kid." But the the show The Good Doctor came out and I related so much to Sean, the main character and autistic surgeon resident. So I started doing research (on reputable websites) and the pieces just sort of fell into place and everything made so much more sense. Unfortunately, I apparently "don't look autistic" so nobody really believes me. I also have fibromyalgia, which sucks a whole bunch. I live with a lot of pain, but I'm doing my best to handle it. Some little fun facts about me: - I like the YouTube channel Game Grumps - I like the YouTube channel Game Theory (and their second channel GT Live) - I like art - I like music and love to sing - I'm 5'4" and only realize how short I am when standing next to my boyfriend in a mirror - I like to eat (it's a problem) - I play video games sometimes, and dungeons and dragons TLDR: my name is Clover, I'm non-binary, my life sucked, I'm autistic, I have fibromyalgia, fun facts
  7. JTCaterpillar

    Mildly distressed Heyo!

    Hello from Louisiana, everyone! I have a lot to say so if you don't mind I'll go ahead and start.. I bought a sports bra today. It was $2 from someone on Letgo. My desire to go back in time to be born female is probably the greatest wish I've ever had. I know I prayed that it would happen almost every day from the time I was 6 to when I was like, 12. I grew my hair out to my shoulder blades and it was funny, because people would actually always mistake me as female and I would indignantly correct them. Yet, I would secretly, when no one else was around, tie my hair back in laughably bad ponytails and try to figure how the hell to make mascara look pretty. I never felt comfortable during those years because I was so dedicated to my long hair, but I was so unsettled by my wishes. My father figure was a big beefy man's man who was a Marine and a punk rock drummer. He proved to ultimately be a scumbag but he instilled a sense of manhood in me that I want to improve on. He imposed that classic toxic masculinity while emotionally abusing me and my alcoholic mother. Chin up, sit down, don't cry, grow up, and *grow some -censored- balls.* His constant letdowns created so much inner turmoil in me, and even so, it impacted me. I feel like it's something I have to do.. to be a better man than he ever was. I fantasize about finally growing facial hair (even though now, at 19 it has yet to fully come in yet), and even being a father one day. I want to be strong. I want to be strong *and* retain my sensitivity. Despite this, I feel a dreadful discontentment towards my own sex. I've always felt uncomfortable with my penis and I've never enjoyed its performance. I feel that phantom vagina, that so many other trans people have felt. I still have that wish I've always had, to be born female. It's been this way all my life, just typical suffering. So I bought the sports bra. I've worn it all day and I've felt so happy. I used to be so utterly ashamed. Last week I drunkenly came out to my friends on Twitter that I've always had these feelings about wanting to be female. I received lots of support, but I regretted the admittance, and really considered deleting the tweet altogether when one friend actively held a 1-on-1 conversation with me about my pronouns in our big active Discord. I was secretly incredibly happy to be so open about it but it stressed me out a lot as well. It helped me find solace in that decision, however. I don't know what I want to be. I am a writer, and someone who wants to strive towards a life of meaning over happiness. I still love punk rock more than anything even though the one who showed me the world proved to be my greatest demon. I'm pretty sure I know *who* I want to be. But I'm so utterly lost! I know a therapist is the one to discuss with on this matter. But this is America, and I live on my own. Rent is the priority. I think I am asking for advice, or encouragement. Maybe I just want someone to tell me one way or the other, but we all know how foolish that is. Regardless, I'm planning to join the Navy for 4 years in order to fund my college goals, so I may resort myself to the closet until I'm 24 out of pure necessity.. and that's an utter downer. At least I can have more time to really look within myself and solve my dilemma. I hope you all have a great evening. Thank you so much for reading. THAT means quite a lot to me.
  8. tgpuppie

    No longer a puppy

    The title is a shout out to my screen name really! I came up with it 15 years ago, definitely NOT a transgender puppy anymore. I'm an old dog with very few new tricks. I started my transition 15 years ago, on testosterone for 14 years now. I say I started 15 years ago, I didn't really start anything though. I legally changed my name and started taking weekly injections. Nothing about me changed. I knew who I was when I was younger and unfortunately put someone's happiness above my own and once that was corrected I started the process. I was born and raised in Florida and now find myself in Indiana. Have been here for 12 years. Usual story, moved here for a woman..it failed..and here I am. But my family isn't close, with me anyway, so it's not terrible being without them. I've made a small circle of really.good friends. I've recently become more open with my journey. I don't deny who I am anymore. I've had relationships where it was looked down upon if other people knew I was trans. That's a whole other bucket of worms for a whole other thread though! I'm here to mingle and make some new friends and maybe share some wisdom as well as humorous and/or anxiety riddled stories! Thanks for reading! Chris
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