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Found 16 results

  1. Ok so I am on the waiting list for Hrt, specifically puberty blockers. I am 13 and every day I notice that I am going further and faster into male puberty (I am mtf) I just feel so defeated because I am going to notice every damn day how I am becoming going further into a male puberty and it being less likely I will ever pass. Approximately 365 days of me noticing this. About 365 times my chances of ever passing get lower and lower. I have an appointment with my gender therapist today so I can talk to her. Will also probably talk to my friends. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post if so tell me and I will move it to the correct place. But anyway does anyone have any advice or anything. Thanks
  2. I started HRT yesterday and am thrilled, but what amazes me is how quickly (not TOO quickly) and smoothly this process has been. And yes, I have my seat belt buckled for the wild ride! It was only in May and June that I accepted myself as transgender and came out to my wife. Then I started gender therapy with a wonderful therapist, going out dressed frequently, and processing all of this with my wife who's been wonderfully supportive. Now, just a few months later, I'm committed to fully transitioning and have started HRT. It seems quick, but once I accepted myself the path forward became very obvious after decades of trying to both dreaming about it and trying to deny it. What's almost miraculous is that just the act of accepting myself and being open with others about it has made me so much happier and engaged. If HRT provides any additional sense of calm, that will be truly wonderful. I know there will be many obstacles and hard times ahead, too, but I feel so blessed right now to be in this position and wanted to share. Even though I've only been actively participating at Laura's for just a short time, the wonderful spirit and sense of community has been very helpful. Being able to read everyone's stories and get a better idea of what to expect has really empowered me to move forward. The simple steps of accepting who I am and sharing that with others has led to a much larger journey. I'm definitely ready for the long strange trip. :-) ~ Julie
  3. Firstly, I'd like to say hello. I'm an anxious, rather shy person. I've fallen from a distant star into this alien body. Feminine all my life now I'm transitioning as fast as I can. I'm a mature transsexual lady, a late bloomer. I am a client of government funded gender clinic in Melbourne, Australia. I also have gender affirming medical treatment at several other clinics and hospitals. I commenced HRT in August 2017 and had bilateral orchiectomy in August 2018. I'm scheduled for tracheal shave in October 2019. Thanks for allowing me to join Trans Pulse. I hope I can contribute in some way. I'm always looking for more discussion and information related to transgender subjects. I'd like to connect with others in the trans community.
  4. I came out to my wife a few months ago and now we are trying to find insurance that covers or helps with the transition process in Indiana. My work doesn't provide insurance so we have to find one we can pay for ourselves. I don't know if I'm just searching the wrong thing or something. But I can't seem to find any providers. Can anyone provide me with a nudge in the general direction.
  5. Hey guys! It's been a bad day. I see an endocrinologist for thyroid issues and stuff and I thought I'd ask about hrt and he told me that the only endo that aids in that stuff was in San Diego (as far as he knew).. it's such a setback. I started crying when I heard. I don't know what to do anymore I can't live like this anymore. 😕 hes gotta be wrong he's got to. How to i go about finding out for sure if san Diego is the only endo that can help me? I live about 2 to 3 1/2 hours from there 😕 and while that isn't that bad it is for someone who is barely if not at all independent financially yet. I need helping finding out where I could look or search to find my answers. It doesn't help that my therapist doesn't know anything about trans related things or that this isn't simply a "want" like getting a dog... Ugh.. I'm sorry you guys. I don't mean to dump my problems on anyone. This revelation has just been weighing on me all day. -Trevor
  6. Hello! Im 29 and ive been on T injections for a little over a year now, pre-surgery top and bottom. But the only effects i notice are: lower, but not completely male (more like a teen) voice, a lil bit more hair (but since ive always had hairy arms and legs the difference is really small) and gaining some weight. should i be concerned? anyone with the same problem? my doc has told me im the only one among her other pre-surgery ftms who has such a problem, which makes me a bit downhearted. what might be the cause?.. its not that im trying to rush things but, you know. at least i wanna know if itll stay like this forever or will eventually get better, hah.
  7. Hi guys! so a little while ago I made a post asking about whether or not a therapist that isn't a gender therapist could write me a letter of recommendation. Well I asked her about it and she said it feels "unethical" and that she would have to do some research . I want her to be aware of Informed Consent but I don't know how to take that route and would feel more comfortable with a rec letter. She just needs proof that it's fine to do is there anything in a WPATHS standard of care proving me point, that I could show her? Or is it truly unethical?
  8. I have Klinefelters 47xxy and will be starting transition with hormones. My blood work actually showed my testosterone is high for a male. I am sterile, have small testicles as a typical case of Klinefelters but am odd in that my T is above male average. Any insite as to why? With my xxy, how can I expect my transition to progress? Does anyone else with Klinefelters have experience with hrt?
  9. Hey all! I'll be joining the Navy for 4 years this summer to pay for my college, though I'm... less than ecstatic about the thought of being completely closeted until I'm 24. I would really like to get on HRT when I can but my future as a whole is important enough to make that sacrifice obviously. However, I would love some insight on if medically transitioning while enlisted in active duty is possible. I'll probably be at sea often, but I've heard of people beginning HRT with around a year of their enlistment remaining? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you ❤️
  10. Hey I kind of asked this already but I wanted to ask in a different foru m as well as (hopefully) get an explanation of the process of getting on hormones. Could a family therapist who is working with me on my gender identity write a letter of recommendation for me? Does it specifically have to be a gender therapist? Also what is the process of getting on T with a letter of recommendation? Thank you tons guys! -Trevor
  11. Hey guys! I've been seeing a therapist (LMFT) for nearly 2 years now. Just yesterday I told her about my identity and my desire to start hormones and it got me thinking about letters of recommendation and all that fun stuff... Now I know you need a gender therapist to help you out but I would hate to lose the therapist I have now and have to go find a gender therapist. Because my therapist is willing to work with me on my gender "issues" is there a way that SHE could write a letter of recommendation for me? Stating I have dyphoria , etc? I'm pretty cool with my endo too bscause I see him often for other issues (hypothyroidism) I'm really hoping for some feedback (good feedback hopefully) thank you guys! -Trevor x
  12. I've been on HRT for a year and a few months, and sometimes after doing an injection in my leg, a lot of blood will gush up after withdrawing the needle. I aspirate every time before injecting, and also alternate between legs to give the other one time to heal. I'm assuming I'm puncturing a blood vessel? But it's more than a few drops, it like pools out. When it does that, should I be seeking medical attention? As far as I know, I don't have a blood clotting condition. Could it also maybe just be I'm pulling the needle out at an angle? I've also noticed over the past couple of months, that it's getting increasingly harder to get the needle to break through the skin, let alone muscle. It took me two hours last night to do my injection because I couldn't get the needle in my leg no matter how much pressure I used (you can bet it hurt like hell too). So maybe there's excessive bleeding due to trauma? Thanks for the replies in advance! (If needed, I have pictures that I can post if mod says it's okay to. They're not gory, just shows that it's more than a few drops.)
  13. Hey guys. Ive heard different things about patches for (testosterone, although I'm sure the estrogen ones aren't much different) and a lot of the things I've heard have been a bit negative. Regardless, I think patches would be best for me when I hopefully & eventually started T. Do any of you use patches? What's your opinions on them? Thanks a lot. -Trevor
  14. KimberleeBee

    Hi! I'm new to this site.

    Hello. My name I go by is Kimberlee or Kim but not legally yet. I hope to get it changed in the new year. I've been on hrt for 2.5 years. I love dressing girly but it's not practical in my line of work so I just settle for a pink hard hat and pink safety vest. I dress fem on weekends or if I have to go out on a weekday evening. I thought it was going to be rough being a transgendered woman in a male dominated trade but I am accepted and treated very well. (At least to my face) I wish I was able to transition way earlier in my life but better late than never 😁
  15. Hello everyone I just came to terms with myself and decided I want to come out then start moving forward. But im close to 30 and not sure if the effects of HRT would be able to feminise me enough to pass as female. I'm 5'11 and 185 lbs with little fat and mostly muscles, I'm fairly wide shouldered as well. I think my fear is that I start HRT and never change enough to be comfortable in my own body, so why even start?
  16. Zedarius

    Starting T Soon

    Hello all, I haven't really put an update since my last post, this one does belong here more though. So, I will be starting T to roughly about a month. My gender clinic will be serving off my referral letter to the Endo early this week (somewhere between today - We'd) So... Soon it will be happening.
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