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Found 2 results

  1. Just a light approach to what is really an issue which is a fact of life for any MTF. Today I had just got my lunch from the fish and chip shop I visit, and was walking back home to eat it. As I was passing another similar shop, I noticed outside a friend of mine (facing in my direction) and another male he was talking to (with his back to me). As I approached I got the opinion that he was uncertain of what to do. As I passed I waved (he was a good few yards away). I could have spoken but I could see he was talking and did not want to interrupt. He did readily say hello but carried on chatting. All went fairly well, but the point I am trying to make is that it is male nature to be competitive and show that you are better than anyone else; ie be top dog! When in conversation with someone who may be nominally equal is it likely that one may be worried about losing position by acknowledging someone who may well be viewed less than equal in parts of society? Women are still often thought inferior in the hierarchy of the tribe, and a friend who is in some position inbetween may be tricky to explain.. I am talking about basic animal behaviour here, rather than a refined code of conduct backed up by public opinion and law. I was mainly reading the body language rather than speech communication and the friend is usually very friendly. As I said - I am approaching this very lightly as more of a philosophical discussion, but it does raise questions about how to approach old friends in varying situations as our position in society changes. However things are, they are certainly interesting and challenging. Tracy
  2. As posted before , I have started attending LGBT meetings in Vancouver and revealing that I am Trans in these meetings. Yesterday's was down off Davies street which historically has been the LGBTQ Neighbourhood for the last 20 or so years. Ironically it is the street where I met an old friend from my home town and bought my first lot of LSD. Back then it was more of a neighbourhood at night famous for hookers and pornography stores. Enough of the fond memories. As the meeting was primarily men and my instinct was to leave before it started as I like a balanced meeting. I stayed as I had gotten free parking a block away and was still shaking my head why I hadn't done that when I was going to the trans support group having pumped the meter before with 5 dollars for 2 hours. Swallowing my simmering social anxiety I stayed. A few women showed up and the vibe was friendly. i am glad I stayed as when the sharing started it was very good and few who spoke had any time at all. The shares were raw and heart felt and from my senses very real . In short the kind of meeting I like and love. I had facilitated a beginners meeting with aa few others for my 3 years before it was shut down due to finances and that's what I need. Gritty front line meetings. i did get to share and kept it short to about 3 minutes keeping to the topics of 1.,2 and 3. Like I said helping people through step 3 is what I can bring to AA as I am not a "recovering catholic " and have nothing to unlearn. If I am anything I am an Abrahamist . (You can figure that one out ) I came out as trans during the share so there would be no secrets and I was well recieved by the mostly gay attendees. If there was another trans person there I did not sense it. It was a good meeting and a good experinence and I would go back mostly because it's a very good AA meeting with the kind of sharing that kept me sober in those early years which are the hard ones. Along with being a mild depressive I also enjoy selective social anxiety so I left the meeting with a few nods and thank yous. I went back after getting a coffee across the street as its at the Qmunity HQ and it was my intention to inquire about joining and stepping up to facilitate the Trans Support group I was attending before it was put on hiatus . I will have to phone during the week. i saw a few of the Aas outside and they were very friendly so I know I was accepted which is is, in the end, all we want:)