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Found 2 results

  1. shelly_koleva83


    Dear readers, You are reading the words of a ghost! The words of a delusion... Bulgarian Constitutional Court decided that gender, gender identity, transgender are not Constitutional, in a court decision related to the so called Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention) . Thanks to the pressure applied by evangelistic, fascistic and pseudo-family oriented groups, by reading materials written by transphobes, by laying on their illiteracy on the topic and refusing to listen modern arguments, the judges (most of them women) decided that the Convention and the fake 'gender ideology' where they are putting the transgender issues are against our Prime law. We don't need powerful being to erase us - the trans population of Bulgaria. We don't need a finger's snap or spell like 'No More Trans'... Our judges in the high court decide it, and prove that the hate, illiteracy, the abuse, the discrimination, the lies and the anti-humanism are the main Bulgarian goals. With the decision announcing that the only determining sex/gender is the biological one, trans people are send into nowhere. From now on it would be hard for us to change our documents, even impossible. From now on we are not human beings, officially. We are not existing! This is what my society is capable of, our big accomplishment - to ruin lives in the name of old values and twisted faith. https://www.novinite.com/articles/191318/The+Constitutional+Court+Decided%3A+The+Istanbul+Convention+is+Against+the+Bulgarian+Constitution
  2. If i was questining where my older brother and sister stood as far as trans people go today made it clear. We were standing in line in front of a trans woman which sparked the conversation. It started light hearted and about the cost of transitional surgeries. Fair enough but things got hairy fast. My brother started delibrately calling the woman a he (not to her face we were in the car at that point) and me and sister argued with him as he shook his head stating "if you're born a man you're a man" fantastic. My sister then stated that the idea of being trans was just disgusting going forth to state "being gay doesnt bother me but-" which is the way most homophobes who think homophobia is only punching a gay person in the face and lynching them asked why they wouldnt want the puh tang when they were that handsome? And all of my fellow gay bretheren shook our heads thinking of the wholesome beuty of the male figure. I dont thonk theyre bad people by any means and while this most certainly mean i wont have the smoothest coming out they wpuld never hate me. My brother cares deeply about my tourettes and seizures and so doea my sister my brother often asking about side affects and advising me on things to do and generally being supportive on the whole out of the blue absentia seizure thing but this dpes mean ill have to be thw teacher of this stuff to them. I'm not gonna pull my haira out with arguements but ill definately calmy explain to them why im transitioning and see where it all leads from there. All i know at this point is 2018 is gonna be one hell of a ride. And if the thing on their being a kind of coming of age in your teen years are true i think its gonna happen real soon.
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