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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everybody, nervous and excited to join the forum! My name is Holly, I'm 27 AMAB and have just started seriously exploring my gender dysphoria. I think I have known for a long time that I am a bisexual woman, however I have only just come out to my girlfriend and nobody else yet. I am still exploring how I want to progress going forward, but I thought a simple introduction was a great place to start. I'll probably be posting a lot on the other forums, but if anybody that has had a similar experience to me, please feel free to contact me and have a chat :) Much love,
  2. I’m 30 yrs married and recently permanently out with my spouses support so far. I have always been infatuated with women and always will be. My intention is to fully transition. But I have Bi thoughts and question my future relationship with my spouse as my wife questions it as well. When I go the HRT path, are these Bi tendencies go to be consuming enough to cross me over to make the male form more attractive to some extent.
  3. I know this may be a little annoying but it's true. every day, multiple times i am constantly groped, touched in sexual ways when i don't want it (they still do it even when i say stop so i just give in so i don't start a fight) and when i annoy them by trying to talk to them or one of their friends, they make threats about raping me. These boys are in my year, the year below me and the year above me. they are so annoying. i hate it. most don't even know i'm trans coz i don't dress in girl clothes or anything. i do act very feminine and people at school always point it out coz i can double cro
  4. On Tuesday I woke up feeling like crap. I got out of bed, took my suicide note from my bag and placed it in my pocket and went straight to the kitchen and opened the door. Unfortunately my father had hidden all the sharp knives and all i could find was an incredibly blunt steak knife which was small ennough to smuggle to school in my pocket. Anyway I walked to school with a plan. A plan to kill myself. As soon as I arrived at school I sat down. People could see it in my eyes. SOmething was wrong. I went to roll call and this girl who I am trying to befriend, Luceille was being mean to me whic
  5. I made a big mistake. You probably know my big secret. I am a transsexual girl. On Tuesday I was casually in conversation with a friend, James when i mentioned i had a big dark secret I tell no one. Well, he kept on harassing me and asking for the answer. Another one of my friends, Tamara walked past and she heard James begging to know. I trusted Tamara and told her I was TRANSSEXUAL. Well, a few hours passed and it was now lunchtime. Crystal (Tamara's best friend and my crush) got back from in school suspernsion and hanged out with Tamara for the remainder of the day. She then began to brag a
  6. I was wondering if it's "normal" or not.
  7. Hello all, I guess that I'm a relatively, shy, misanthropic, cross-dressing bisexual, as I'm more interested in the parts, so to speak, than of getting into any kind of crazy relationship with anyone but my straight and oblivious (as in, doesn't know anything about my 'play') SO; therefore, I 'play' by myself in a very private world of my own, and out in the woods, usually. I started feeling a twitching between male and female attraction right after hitting puberty in my preteens, but I favored females, and still do. I started cross-dressing with whatever I could find (no sisters) in my very
  8. Hello, everyone! My regular therapist brought up something interesting yesterday when I questioned my sexuality; she wondered if my attraction to females was brought on because of me attempting to fit the "normal" image of a boy, and my true attraction is towards males. And I may have repressed those true feelings, as I was too afraid to be judged (and I am). I've questioned my sexuality before this whole transgender thing, but I was always too afraid to explore it. I've said "I'd go gay for " too many times! I still have an attraction towards girls, and I'm starting to explore the feelings

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