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Found 6 results

  1. Hey. So I'm afab, and questioning. I thought for a good while I was definitely FTM. Then after a few months of accepting and coming out to my husband, I went back to feeling just female. Then for a few months, I went back to feeling like a guy. When I'm in guy mode I have these intense needs to flatten my chest, pack, cut off my long hair, and have facial hair. Since early September I havent felt any dysphoria, or need or desire to be/present male.....and I want to? I'm sad that now that I've accepted being Male (at least sometimes) and that has gone away. Also, in girl mode I seem to be asexual. However when I'm in guy mode, I tent to be a more sexual person. Is all of this normal? Thanks in advance for the kind comments.
  2. Hi everyone, I am Natalie. I have felt like I was supposed to have been born female since I was 7 years old. I am now 32. I get these desires or urges to be female and during this times I feel both great happiness and sadness. The happiness comes from getting to be myself, the sadness from when I look in the mirror and realize I don't look how I feel. When I was younger this would come and go like seasons. I would want to be woman and then I wouldn't really care. Lately it has been happening more often and the feeling is stronger. It's like I have a feminine energy that flows and it feels so strong. I have been getting depressed because everytime I have to leave the house I must become male and it does not feel right. Right now I feel like there is a woman trapped deep inside me and she is screaming to come out and she will stop at nothing until she gets her way. I have a wonderful girlfriend who know about my feminine side and let's me be myself but I have never talked with her about wanting to transition. I also work in the public so I have to very careful here in the south. I just need some support and guidance. I feel so lost and I don't know where to turn or what to do. ,Natalie
  3. Hello 😊 My partner recently told me he was a woman and has decided to transition - we are currently not in an area where she feels comfortable to go full time so we are in the process of moving. We have decided to move into two seperate households to make things easier on us, as we also have a 5yr old daughter. Well my partner decided this as, I was rather reserved and unsure on him transitioning. He has taken things into his own hands and is doing it and I respect him for that. My fears are always going to be there, until the end and they can be answered I appreciate that and understand that he is doing this so that they can feel completely happy. She has always been very doubtful of whether or not to do it because I am very unsure on whether the relationship will survive and I believe that he is worried about it also. I'm not attracted to woman, in all honestly I try and avoid them as much as possible. They intimidate me and I haven't really met one woman that I've connected with or has actually liked me 😖 I'm such a loner tbh. I am also very odd when it comes to sudden changes. E.G - my other half used to have to give me three days warning before shaving his face otherwise I have a little melt down, can't use the shower in a new house unless they do first, hair cuts, anything sudden and drastic just freaks me out. She knows this and while I do my best to not freak out when she looks pretty, or like last night - cut herself a fringe in. I complement her and I'm being honest - she does look fantastic. - I feel very awkward and the fears just scream out. I'm not really sure what the point in this post is .. or whether there is an underlying question. I feel awful - like this morning we were getting "sexy" .. and I'd just woke up, (morning sex is great usually). She had on a bra, nice panties and some leggings and a top .. looked sexy if I'm honest. Looked down at myself and ive always had the worst body confidence .. like I despise myself and that's down to years old verbal abuse by family etc. It instantly put me off sex and she thought it was cause of her and no matter how many times I tell her she don't believe me.. I feel terrible for having my own issues when I know that she'd kill to have my body - she's told me plenty of times. That doesn't mean that when I look in the mirror I don't despise it. We do try and communicate as much as possible, which is something that I find very hard anyway as I'm a very closed off person but I understand that relationships don't survive like that. I struggle with his hatered for her body, that doesn't match. I never know what to say or how to make her feel better. She isn't on hormones or anything atm due to our local health cares hoops we have to jump through first. Thank you for this place to rant.
  4. Im a born female but i remember now knowing that theres more than two gender and a possibility of bwing trans that i used to be highly curious in male stuff at a very younge age. I was facinated to learn boys had different parts than i did. Id like to walk around the house shirtless and occasionally curiously pee standing up like i saw the men in movies do it. Id allways hang around the guys like uncles and feel macho and cool and although im allways content with my female family members hanging around the guys had allways felt rigjt especially when id play soccer with my three male buds rushing and clammering to kick it away (i lost a lot but only because my friend landel was freakishly tall, like 5 foot 9 in middle school tall and i was a puny 5 foot.) I also started noticing i never quite felt comforatable ESPECIALLY at serimonies. Those were the worst. I hated weating those stupid dresses and make up and allways long to wear a nice suit and tie instead feeling it was much more neat and easier than shaving my mammoth legs (thanks dad). When i did dress girly i never felt pretty and most times it was to show off to others and kinda validate myself. I would wear booty shorts with my friends because otherwise thwyd tease me and for a while i thought this was normal but i was recollection a lot of what i did what them was influenced by the pressure of trying to fit in and the more i dug deep the more i rwalizes id never truly been content with my appearance. Something was just allways off for some reason. This of course led me to the conclusion that i must be a trans male. The ideas of the word father and beother and son felt nice but something was off again. Now to predasess this i dont have much stuff to experiment with atm. I dont have a proper binder or packer or many masculine clothes. Dont have any makeup experience to excentuate my male features so i allways look feminine esc but theres allways a sense of consfusion especially around my breats. Ill look at the bra in the mirror and halfway cringe but faintly kinda like it, ever so slightly. I hate everything else, would prefer to have male parts below the line on all accounts and if the chance was given and bottom surgery was fantastic id get it changed in a snap but as i look at my breasts i cant decide what the hell i think of them. This goes into other apsects like when i picture myself at times its a girl and like right now while five minutes ago that image was okay i dispise it again wanting to hurl at the simple consept of shorts and halter tops, without a flat chest that is. This could come down to sexuality and style i suppose. Im pretty gay but i can see myself dating anyone really and do get attracted to women all be it less frequently than men so perhaps im just having a moment of attracction, like my style of girl i make myself is a type im attracted to or if im kinda idk agender of kinda gender mixed. I did see a study that trans women have brains that are organized like females and trans men tend to have an inbetween. Not male but a mixture between the typical male and female brain set up so maybe thats my case? I have no clue and it gets frusterating because i want to come out. I want to be certain and tell everyone and get the transition going and be content with whatever pride flag i end up holding but i cant find thw one that fits me. I cant fit anywhere at all entirely and everytime i get close something changes again and theres doubts. Is this normal? Is there any ways i can learn what i actually am and atop having to do quiz after quiz trying to find something out about myself. What the hell am i?
  5. Aro

    Genderfluidity sucks

    I figure i'm genderfluid although it might be something else but i'll stick with that namesake for now and i absolutely hate it. I can't really come to embrace my genderfluidity because it doesn't feel like femal me male me no gender me and both gender me it feels like i'm a trans male who's contantly stuck on the "surgery or no surgery?" question constantly flattening my chest and thinking i should just hack them off (matter of speach, i'd, of course, get that done by a professinal if i ever did." but the next minute i kind of hold off on the idea finding myself to e not as repulsed by them as i was thirty seconds ago. It's constant flip-flop between self lov and hatred and absolute confusion as i try to fit myself somewhere, anywhere really but can't. I, in all honesty, do wish i was born with a male body and could be genderfluid that way since i feel masculine more often than i feel feminine anyway but because i'm a female i have to kinda sit through it and wonder about surgery and expenses and possible regret from getting it done. It's not like i want to have children anyway, i plan to adopt, but even if that changed i don't plan on doing bottom surgery just top and there's breast food formula i could use. I just wish i could land on something i wanted and be sure about it rather than this wobbily back and forth between the two. It's getting really tiring and stressful to look in the mirror nowadays and i just want it to stop and finally feel fully happy with myself.
  6. Hey... made one post a few months back, and got some helpful insight and I'm really grateful for it. But at the moment, I haven't been able to see my new school therapist because of scheduling issues, and I'm unsure who to go to. So I've been questioning since last September because I've always had this recurring question of "What if I was born a girl instead of a guy" ever since I can remember. The reason I started exploring is that I had both time, and realized that not everyone thinks like this. I've been out dressed (with a friend so I felt safe) more fem, with breast forms, more fem make-up, at an outfest, and felt so nice, confident, and happier with my body. Not only that, but the few friends I have trusted this secret to say I pass w/o hormones or surgery. Moreso recently, every time when I know I can stay in my room in my apartment w/o having to worry about my roommates, I wear my breastforms and I feel so much better with myself, and now I'm actually having trouble sleeping w/o them on. But, some other days I feel ok with my body as is... I have no idea what I am, how I'm supposed to feel, and It's actually making it hard to focus on other things like homework. I'm also terrified that this might be a phase (NOT TO SAY THAT THIS IS A PHASE FOR EVERYONE OR ANYONE BUT THE WAY IM TREATING IT FOR MYSELF I DONT KNOW) or if I'm fantasizing it, and I'm kind of scared to move forward not knowing if it is or not. I need help, insight, anything... someone to talk to, advice, literally anything. I started keeping a journal, but thats only slightly helping... and I dont know what other info to say/what to ask for/what I am.