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Found 13 results

  1. I arrive here after having written on a site for men who were sexually abused as boys about my experience with crossdressing. I've spent my life confused both about my sexual orientation and my gender but without memories of what happened when I was young. I interpreted my sexual acting out, including my fixation on women's undergarments as signs I was a pervert. As I've read here, that led to repeated cycles of obtaining, then discarding lingerie; every cycle laced with shame. During therapy over thirty years ago I had memories of some things that happened with my mother when I was in inf
  2. I'm new here and trying to figure everything out. I've never done makeup before a couple weeks ago, so I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm not 100% happy with the results, so I need some advice from you legends. Thanks!
  3. Caramason1971

    I came out this year

    My story I have always felt a bit female from when i was young i used to play with my sisters dolls my first cross dressing experience was i used to sneak into her bedroom and try on her clothes i loved trying on her dresses. It felt great i have been cross dressing for around 30 years i came out to my mum in February this year she took it well she helps my pick my female clothes
  4. Dressing up as a woman is one of my life's greatest fulfillments and joys whenever I get a chance to do it. Which is very rare. I'm also happily married(to a woman) who I love whole-heartedly. However, one of my inner most fantasies about Shayla is not only to dress up and walk around as a woman, but to go out on a date with a man, have dinner and a great conversation. I also wouldn't mind if we went dancing and follow up the night with a passionate kiss. I'm so glad I can share this on this forum, because other forums that are strictly crossdressing don't cater to 'sexual' desires. I'm heter
  5. shayla98

    Introducing Shayla

    Hello, I never thought I would find myself crossdressing again until the opportunity presented itself when I would travel to conferences for my job. As a father and a husband, I don't have the freedom to dress whenever I want, so having my own space to dress up is very special to me. When I dress up as Shayla, I'm beautiful and confident. I love to dress up for the admiration. I hate to brag, but I'm very passable as a woman. When gawkers and admirers look at me and treat me like a lady, it's the greatest feeling. I love putting on the pantyhose because I have shapely legs, the fingernails a
  6. Greetings all, My spouse came out to me a month ago that he had been secretly cross-dressing for several years. He says it all began when I was going through treatment for breast cancer, then had a recurrence, more treatment, many surgeries, etc.... When I recovered from that I got Lyme disease and when recovered from that I broke my femur in a skiing accident. Yikes, it's been a tough few years! I want to apologize in advance for not using pronouns the way some of you might wish. To me my spouse is still my husband and for the most part a he. When he is cross-dressed I do refer to her
  7. Hi, im sorry if this topic is inappropriate or offends anyone, I just dont know who to talk to it about or if anyone else has gone through this. My boyfriend recently told me hes CD, and I find I can deal with a decent amount of it so far, but he wants to be able to do things sexually when hes dressed up, but I just cant. I tried recently to let him wear lace undies when we were together, and it wasnt too bad at first, but then he wanted me to talk dirty, like call him girly things. It was like I hit a wall, I was immediately turned off and I just wanted to leave. Hes a guy, and im a girl, an
  8. Hi, I just found about my boyfriend being a CD. We've been together 2 years and friends a bit longer. I don't know a lot about it, and I admit I didn't hackle it well at first. But I love him and I want him to be happy and feel safe, so I was wondering if I could get some advice from other significant others on how to handle it, and help from other CD's for him. He's very new to it himself so he's lost and we don't know anyone who could help. Thank you
  9. Hello, This is mara42 of the chatrooms, and I just wanted to let everyone know that this Sunday will mark my start of the Sunday Chatroom meetings. Meetings start at 7:00PM This Sunday , the 27th of April, will just be an informal "Getting to know you" type of meeting. I hope you all can come and join in. I DO need to ask that everyone be on their best behavior! Please do not be disruptive, and definitely keep thing PG13, I do not have the patience the more experienced Mods have in dealing with things of a higher rating. I will be useing this thread to post the weeks topic every Wednesday
  10. Hi everyone, I'm kinda new to crossdressing. About a year ago a friend had talked me into doing it as a joke for Halloween and I ended up really enjoying it. I've dressed up a few times here and there after that and she was always very supportive and alot of help. She ended up leaving for college and I just fell out of doing it. Lately I've been wanting to dress again but I'm not really sure where to start, I guess I'm still really new to all this. Thanks
  11. Guest

    New Story of Me

    Hi I am amazed at how far i have come in the last year. I have been wearing women's cloths on and of since I was 9. I have never not liked being a boy, but until this last year I did not recognized how strong my fem side is. I have struggled for most of my life with my sexuality, I am very comfortable and happy with who I am today. For the last 40 years I have incorporated CDing in my fantasy world, but with shame and guilt, I could never share this with anyone. I consider my self as bi-gendered as I like both the male and fem side of myself. In the last year I have gone from keeping my CDi
  12. Hello! My name is Lexi! I've been poking around this site for a couple months and recently decided to make an account and join in on the conversation! ^-^ I've been wearing girl clothes and felt pretty girly since about the time I hit puberty, I started dressing up around that time too! I never got too serious though, until recently when I recovered from a long sickness. After I recovered I decided to change a few things about my life, including embracing my girly side! Right now I am only part time and no one knows about my secret except for my ex and all of you here. I am the only T tha
  13. To me I'm both genders, and I used to cut for some time. But my male persona saved me. As Madi when things got to rough I always considered the lazy and stupidest option, but every time Rowan would become more apparent and say to us both: "This is pathetic! You deserve better! You're a bloody coward, now cut it out!" so in the end FCD really saved my life. I'm so greatful in so many ways! And knowing what Rowan's done for us both, he'll be a part of me for ever! The last time he interfeared was the first time I forgave myself, the first time I said sorry for locking away a part of myself for s

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