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Found 6 results

  1. JohnniGyrl

    Ye Cannae Wear Yer Sister's Claes

    [Note: This is in Scots dialect - Claes = Clothes / Cannae = Cannot / Toon = Town / Tae = To / Metter = Matter / Disnae = Doesn't ] YE CANNAE WEAR YER SISTER'S CLAES Ye cannae wear yer sister's claes, D'ye want the whole toon tae think yer gay? Disnae metter if ye just like silk and lace, Ye just cannae wear yer sister's claes - Yer sister and her pals wear make-up and stuff, Skimpy tops, jewellery and silly wee skirts, Silk stockings, heels and lacy trim cuffs, You'd love to look that pretty, is that asking too much? She looks so sweet, dressed up in a frock, You'd love to wear one tae, but people would mock, They'd slander ye daft wi' their gossip and talk, And if they could, throw ye right in the dock - The judge in his chair with a big wig and gown, Would hear the prosecution with a bluidy deep frown, Of how ye became, the talk o' the town, "That's enough o' that son, you're going down!" You could deal drugs and that would be okay, Get done fir drunk driving and come what may, You'll be forgiven fir 'aw that, one of these days, But ye just cannae wear yer sister's claes! (c) Me
  2. I suppose this is really aimed at those of us who wish to step out as female in public, or already have. ( My greatest respect to those who have. ) In my early years of crossdressing behind closed doors 'just for me' - style didn't matter one iota - any female clothing was good enough. It was just a big thrill to own anything female; panties soon progressed to stockings, suspenders, skirts. That eventually led to bras, blouses, heels, jewellery, make-up - the whole nine yards! Again, colour co-ordination of matching of anything didn't matter, as nobody else would be looking. The skirts were as short as they could be, the tops as skimpy as possible - everything was ill-fitting and all over the place. Still, it felt great to wear any or all of it, even if I must have looked a mess! It was the feeling of the various materials and how it also made me feel inside, that mattered. Fast forward about thirty years... Now that I've finally admitted I'm transgender & I'm thinking of stepping out - it's a whole new ball game. Size matters with clothing it seems and so does everything else. I'm getting my head round wearing neutral colours and perhaps only one brighter or patterned/floral design in an outfit. Age appropriate clothing too - mini skirts don't work so well for the more mature woman, so I've been buying knee-length and midi skirts in prep for the big day... Overall, the wild, wanton look will have to stay behind closed doors where it always was, or only come out at nightclubs, gigs, rock bars etc... ( If I ever get the chance to frequent them again. ) However, I find I'm actually having fun learning style, fashion, correct make-up tips etc... for a more sophisticated look that aims to pass, or at least, gain acceptance. I'd say i'm happy in a Boho/Hippie or Rock Chick zone for casual wear, though I'd love to rock the classic or office/librarian look as well, though not sure if I could pull that off. Everyday is a school day though & wow, is this a learning curve! Keep on, keeping on ladies! xoxo
  3. JohnniGyrl

    Newbie Here

    Hi Y'all, newbie here. I'm m2f transgender, in the early stages of transition. I'm taking it slow, one step at a time, it's all good. Hope to make new friends here & discuss a multitude of things while we go. Stay beautiful 😉 xx
  4. JohnniGyrl


    THE WOMAN WITHIN The woman within is waking up, She's been asleep too long - The woman within is wide awake, Whether she's right or wrong - The woman within is waking up, Long memories remain - The woman within is wide awake, She's broke the locks and chains - The woman within is all dressed up, And sees her own true self - The woman within looks gorgeous now, In fine spirit and good health - The woman within yearns to be free, She's a sister and mother too - The woman within is not a freak, She's just like me and you - The woman within is breaking out, She grows stronger by the day - The woman within is only love, She'll show you come what may ... (C) me
  5. I Have Always Had Big Natural Breasts (46B/46C-Cup)...My Sister-In-Law Said That I Need To Wear A Bra...She Gave Me One Of Her Old Bras (46D)...A Bit Too Large In The Cup Size...She Then Took Me Bra Shopping...46B/46C-Cup Bras Fit Me Great...I Fell In Love With The Playtex Brand...She Then Said, Since I Am Wearing My Bras...I Should Start Wearing Panties (Size 13/14)...She Then Added Nylons and Nightgowns...She Then Gave Me Some Clip-On Earrings (To Complete The Look)...Then She Added Some Pink Lipstick and Blue Eye Shadow...Wow ! , Did I Look and Feel Great...We Now Go Shopping (Dresses, Tops, etc.)..."My Life Is Now Complete As A '(Sexy) Crossdresser' 24/7, 365 Thanks To My Wonderful Sister-In-Law" !
  6. I'm new to this site so I thought I would post here and see what happens. So let me start from the beginning, me and my girlfriend have been dating for about 4 years . I came out as a cross-dresser to her about a year or two ago and she didn't take it very well at first. Now she's just accepted it and just doesn't like when I do it around her. She's become more comfortable about it. At first she thought I might be gay or something but I assured her that I'm not. For example sometimes she'll catch me wearing bras panties yoga pants and all that stuff. We have even gone shopping together. But she's the only one that knows about this. But it's come the time where I need to come out to everybody. I'm not gay or anything I just love the feel and look of women's clothes on me panties, thongs, leggings, yoga pants, bras, everything. I even wear pads in my bra to make it look like that I have breast. I am not a homosexual whatsoever. So I guess my questions are why do I feel this way? Why do I love wearing women's clothes? And I want to come out to my family and her family and start wearing women's clothes in public to express myself. So I guess my second question is what would be the best way to do that? I should also mention that my girlfriend has a 10 year old kid and how would we explain to him about this without confusing him. Any serious advice would be much appreciated.
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