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Found 2 results

  1. Kriss

    New member

    Hello everyone, I'm new and wanted to say Hi. I'm mostly here to get advice and find like minded support. I'm 44. Born male. Been married and divorced twice. Crossdressed on and off my whole life. I've gone through pretty intense periods of questioning my gender. The crossdressing is definitely more than a fetish, though there's an element of that tied in. In between these periods of time I would be completely comfortable being male. The back and forth of feeling feminine and masculine seems to increase as I get older. Now at 44 I'm engaged again and decided to come completely clean with my fiance. She's been amazingly supportive, and even surprised me with some clothes. She says it helps that she's bisexual and has some gender issues as well. Its given us both a chance to explore. I think I've settled on genderfluid as a description of what I am. The back and forth is sometimes daily at this point. Today for instance, I'm in my office at work looking like any other guy but feel completely disconnected from my body. As if it wasn't even mine. Yesterday , no such problems. In exploring all of this I recently started clean shaving everything neck down and have been experimenting with cloths. I have no desire to transition as I have as many comfortably masculine days as fem. I guess my plan, such as it is will be to dress at home on days that I feel that desire. A desire that gets pretty overwhelming sometimes. I wish I had found language for all of this earlier in life. I guess what I'm looking for here is guidance and support. This is all pretty confusing to be dealing with at 44. Lol Thanks in advance, and I'll see you I'm the forums.
  2. Greetings! I finally find myself at a point in my life where I can try to settle some of the gender issues that have caused so many issues over the years. I'm biologically male, but don't always feel that way. It seems language has finally caught up with what I've always felt. Genderfluid is the best descriptor I've been able to find for me. I have days where I feel very male. Other days very female and feminine. It has not proven to be predictable, which is currently my greatest source of anxiety. I've had days where I feel great. Perfectly at home in my skin. Other days when I look in the mirror I don't recognize the face staring back. All I want to do on these days is crossdress and be as female as possible. Sometimes this switch happens mid day. Which is the worst. I've started shaving, as body hair is a major source of discomfort on what I'll call "fem" days. I've been playing with cloths to try and ease the feelings of being "off" on these days. I can dress around my house, which is great. But doesn't help when I'm at work and can't change or I'm stuck wearing my male cloths. I don't have a desire to transition. I just need some guidance on the best ways to handle the back and forth. Also, if someone knows of a better description than genderfluid, I'm all ears.
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