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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, Fairly new to posting here so sorry if I haven't responded to many threads, I've been stuck in my head a lot this week and just looking for support. I still haven't figured out how I feel about my gender dysphoria yet. I know I can say "if I clicked my fingers I would have been born a girl", but I don't think it's something I've ever paid much attention to. In fact, the opposite is true. I always felt not masculine enough. Feminine features, lack of body hair, wide hips etc. I had bad body dysmorphia leading to gynecomastia surgery (which was not
  2. Dear Respected members of Laura's Playground, I am a Straight Girl, but my boyfriend has gender Dysphoria of MTF. I found this out 3 years ago when he came out to me (I will explain why I use He and not she soon). I love him more than life itself, and through my deepest saddest times, he was always there to support me. During the year of 2013, he was a she to me. My best friend, I called her by her preferred name, female pronouns, and we were as close as two people could be. She was my soul bestie, however, I completely crumbled and my heart broke in losing my friend, the male version of her
  3. Hi! I really need a transwoman, or trans-friendly GG, girlfriend (friend who is a transwoman or GG) to be friends with, talk with, meet for coffee, go shopping together, etc. I have met some wonderful women online, and chat with them often. But there are those times that I just ache to get a real hug, or have someone to walk around and window shop with me, share experiences together, you know? So my question is, other than my local MTF support group, how can I find someone that would like to do so, who is also physically near me? I'm not out yet, so I've not even begun to transition yet. So
  4. i guess i've been wanting a girlfriend...which is pretty common for a 15 year old in high school. however, i'm finding it kinda hard to find my own group of friends as to where i fit in. i've been trying to figure out my own emotions (as i am use to being isolated from other people most of the time and being bullied for my gender identity and sexuality) and finding a place where i can be comfortable with myself. i somewhat want to be in a relationship and able to approach a girl but at the same time i feel like getting a girlfriend would put more weight on what i already have to deal with. i'v
  5. Guest


    I have been datin my girlfriend for 3yrs(she is my first girlfriend) I'm only 20yr and I am tryin to work up the courage to tell her, "I am a Crossdresser." Crossdressin is a lot of who i really am, but i keep it very private and i have never told anyone. I think it would bring maybe some higher level of intimacy to our relationship and remove a secret i have been keepin. We are both virgins and i don't know why i feel like that's important to say, but i do. We have our fun she has more recently began wearing lingerie and we go shoppin for it together which is just bitter sweet. I drop hints
  6. Guest


    Quite a few things have happened in the year of 2012. On January 27th, I had an appointment with the doctor who oversees every transition in my city. I was given a letter stating that I am transgender, so I was able to register at my new school as male. He told me that I passed quite well, which was probably the best compliment I could receive. He also sent out a referral to an endocrinologist. I got to see said endo on April 30th, but unfortunately couldn't start testosterone without my mother's consent. So, I wait until the end of the year to start T. I had my second appointment at the

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