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Found 3 results

  1. Naomi Knowles

    Home IPL unit effectiveness?

    Happily in the middle of facial electrolysis, and currently indulging in full body waxing. The full body wax sets me back £150 a visit because I habitually opt for "everything below the neck" removed, and with this being a bi-monthly cost, it's a real boxing match where my personal finances are concerned, looking to save money, but adamant about not shaving. Shaved my bikini line for several years, and it's first waxing was... Distressing. A pain that has reduced considerably since I begun leaving it alone and letting my wax tech handle it. Which leaves me with 3 options: a) epilators (great value long term, heard nothing but good things about the Braun Epil 7 series. Hurts more than wax apparently) b) Fork out for laser for things below the neckline (extremely expensive in the long run, but professional results should be trustworthy and effective)* c) do IPL at home (very expensive initial cost to get the unit, big question mark about ease of use/maintenance) Can anyone vouch for ease of use and the effectiveness of home-based IPL hair removal solutions? I've built a fairly robust pain tolerance to hair removal, but I have reservations putting an epilator anywhere near my bikini line or other intimates, if they hurt more than wax. So I'd still have wax salon visits, but I would pay £100 less per visit than I do now. *My nearest laser/IPL salon quotes 6-9 sessions to get a clear area, but sessions are charged individually, and the chest area weighs in at £145, naval charged separately at £45 and £240 for full legs
  2. Michelle F

    My turn...

    Today I set the appt for consultation and determine laser or electrolysis. I suspect it will be electrolysis. My hairs are too light for laser!
  3. Susan R

    Has anyone tried Sugar Waxing?

    I just recently did the whole saving everything but my head, arms, and front private area. I love the feeling and am hoping to continue shaving these areas from here on out. I realize there are more permanent solutions but until I'm full time, shaving was what I was planning to continue. I really don't enjoy all the shaving and my wife surprised me with a "new to me" product called SugarMeSmooth. It's about $53 a jar with shipping and contains a complete kit to do your entire body...hurts just thinking about it. We watched one informational video on it and it looks very promising. The benefit over regular waxing is that the sugar method does not stick well to skin cells but sticks very well to hair. So unlike regular waxing you don't loose a layer of skin each strip. You can repeat on the same area over and over without the worry of skin damage. Also, they say that it will keep hair at bay for 4-6 weeks depending on hair growth. Most people who stay on the program for long periods begin having thinner and more sparse hair growth. Well, two days ago I found out there are (4) Sugar Plum centers with specialize in this hair removal technique. I immediately called them and got some general information from a person who seemed very knowledgeable and was led to the website area for pricing. It's not as cheap as I would've hoped but they have a VIP deal every January. It works out to be about half off on all procedures and if you schedule the next within 6 weeks. I thought that was a good deal. For instance, doing my entire face...chin, under chin, upper neck mustache, side burns cheeks, and eye brows worked of to ~$75 a month. I thought I'd at least do it for a few months to learn their technique before doing it myself. I called back the next day to schedule a consult and spoke to the employee at length just to find out the don't do men's beards. The reason I guess is that men's beards have heavy multidirectional crosshatching. Also, it requires a special license here in Washington state to shave or remove men's beards. So I was misled by the person I talked to originally and can get everything done except my face. That immediately put a damper on my plans although I still might get some done to learn the process to do it myself since I have the kit. I'm only concerned about doing my own face. Obviously, Sugar Plum won't so me unless I'm female. Does anyone here have any experience with doing your face using the Sugar Wax method? Susan R🌷
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