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Found 7 results

  1. I am 18 years old and currently trying to figure out where to go in my life. I am not out to my parents, and when I am the most down I find myself feeling like I will never be able to come out to them even though they are very kind and understanding people. I tend to suppress myself and feel that I have no chance of success in life. Already reading through the posts on many of these forums full of positivity and love has made me feel better. I know that these extreme thoughts I'm having are not true, but I was just wondering if any trans folk with more experience would be willing
  2. BlindWillow

    Dawn in the Dark

    Dawn in the Dark They say we live under the same sky, but that's a lie, one that those of us whose sky is dark or gray know to be false. We're the ones who're afraid it'll always be that way. But we must cling to the knowledge that dawn always comes after dark. Our sun still shines even when Earth turns so we're faced away from the sun's light. In those cold and dim hours, it's so easy to give up hope. Then it falls upon those of us who can still shine, however bright, to be the guiding stars that show no one is unloved, however far from dawn
  3. Ok ladies and gentlemen. I just got home from my appointment with my new counselor. I have to say I am a bit surprised. It started off with her asking me to bring her up to speed from my perspective where I was at and where I hope to go. She showed me the work up done in the preliminary . Well it is about 6 pages long and quite detailed lol. She wanted to get to know me from me as opposed to what her colleagues first look provided. I am pleasantly surprised. I am also giddy t
  4. I am getting ready for my second appointment with the Head shrinks at the VA. I believe this is a short one to give me their diagnosis from the eval from 2 weeks ago. I am really wondering what they will have to say.I am very hopeful it will be good news but, alas I am finding myself guarded and apprehensive . I will a positive attitude and keep my chin up as it were. Wish me luck.
  5. The Boy in the Silent House Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lived in a silent house. In this house, no one spoke or sang; nobody listened at all. The little boy had no name, no friends and no place else to go and so, he stayed hidden in that silent house. The boy would watch as the other children played together outside. He had tried many times to play with them but among them, there was nowhere to hide. So, he sat by his small window, yearning for the light beyond. In his dim little room, the boy sat, in a house made of stone. 'I didn't ask to be different,' thought the boy
  6. Well this topic is definitely a 180° from my last little "episode". I am starting to look at things a bit more clearly now. After having a very lengthy discussion with my cousin last night, in which we examined exploratively, some of the deeper recesses of our prefrontal corticies, I came to some realizations. One of which Id like to share as it is directly involved with the recent news I'll reveal at the conclusion of this post. Life, it seems, is filled with ups and downs and grey-areas galore. Sometimes those "downs" (mistakes, let-downs, afflictions, failures, etc) somehow lead inevitabl
  7. I was crying little bit because I'm worried that i will never transistion till my mother's death because my mother can be too controlling and harsh at times. She really transphobic and can be judgemental at times. She told me she wanted us to lived at US virgin islands but I really just to live somewhere far away from her so I can tranision and be the person I really am inside. I have always been scared to disagree with her because she always act like I did something that really offensive to her. At times, she can really nice but I just hate how transphobic and bossy she can be. When I tried t

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