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Found 4 results

  1. crossroadcreep

    Post Injection Pain

    I just started testosterone three weeks ago, but I have been experiencing severe pain after my injection. The first two weeks I became really sore 24hrs after my dose. my entire outer thighs were tender, sore, and hot to the touch. I could barely walk for two to three days before the pain finally subsided in time for next shot. This past week, the third week, I developed an itchy, red lump right where the needle entered. The soreness isn’t as bad as the previous, but there is still a lump. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I feel no pain when giving the actual injections and make sure to rotate areas. Is this normal? Is my body just getting use to testosterone?
  2. After my appointment last week with my gender therapist at the VA, I expressed concern over the long wait I had been experiencing. Today I got phone calls from my therapist and with the community care coordinator to select an endocrinologist and get the appointment pushed through! Hurray! At long last. The wait has been really messing with my head. Finally the wait is over. 《《《 hugs 》》》 TA
  3. I wanted to give a three-month update on my low-dose estradiol regimen. I'm non-binary and seeking dysphoria relief, not significant physical changes. 1. My doctor has been helpful in allowing me to adjust the size of the patches I apply (meaning, use scissors to cut a given patch in half, or thirds, etc.), as I seek to find a level where I'm getting benefit, but not seeing significant breast growth. As she stated, she's not too worried about this approach, given that these are low dosage levels. 2. It's likely going to take a while to find this dosage "sweet spot", and I'm comfortable with a bit more breast growth than I've already experienced (due to the dosage being a bit high) if I can subsequently find a lower dose where there's no further growth. But I don't want to be lower than need be, either, as the effects of estradiol on my mental well-being are very, very real! 3. And that's really the question I'm seeking: is there any dosage level at which my breasts won't (even slowly) grow? My doctor has noted that I'm one of those persons who's very sensitive to estradiol, such that a dose that's considered low and a starting dosage for most MtF patients is five times higher than what I'm doing now. So, my fingers are crossed that I'll succeed in finding a level that can work for me. 4. I'm looking forward to warmer weather, as there will be a new wardrobe approach than in prior years. No tight-fitting tee-shirts anymore <smile>. All in all, I'm feeling great about HRT, how it's benefitted my psyche, and also feeling good about the future. Onward. Astrid
  4. TrIIIy

    Mom does not approve

    I came out to my mom about 5 years ago, and from the get go she was appalled. She said that she would never stop loving me, but she did not approve of my being transgender. I realized then that my actual transition would be an uphill battle, especially since I live with her. This past week I was finally approved to start testosterone. I was SO excited! I called the pharmacy and found out that it was covered by my insurance - even better! But when I told my mother, she immediately fell into a depression/suppressed rage. She has been snapping at me about every little thing that I do and sleeping a lot. In short, I feel like a have come out to her a second time because of her reaction. It’s a major downer to my happiness of starting T. I don’t want her to be sad or angry at me, and I know that I’m not doing anything wrong, but it hurts to know that after all this time she is still so disapproving of my transition. Just needed to vent. Thanks for reading. -Trey
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