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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everybody, nervous and excited to join the forum! My name is Holly, I'm 27 AMAB and have just started seriously exploring my gender dysphoria. I think I have known for a long time that I am a bisexual woman, however I have only just come out to my girlfriend and nobody else yet. I am still exploring how I want to progress going forward, but I thought a simple introduction was a great place to start. I'll probably be posting a lot on the other forums, but if anybody that has had a similar experience to me, please feel free to contact me and have a chat :) Much love,
  2. A simple post as I'm new and extremely anxiety prone. This is me, the only thing I have changed is the length of my hair (digital wig). How do you think HRT will effect me and do I have a chance of passing? Much love ❤️
  3. It started when I was a kid I always imagined being a girl even having dreams about becoming a girl through magic not fantasies. dreamz... I was young don't judge lol. So that was from 9 to 12 when I was young I was so much like a boy because I thought I was one and I remember I used to love playing play house with a girl in pre school. Also when I was 7 at Disney my mom ask if I want to get a pic with the princesses and I was acting so manly when I was younger so i said no but i still remember me thinking "i really wanted to be next to a princesses"and I was to young to understand. One time a
  4. Op-ed: I'm a Lesbian Targeted by the Bathroom Police Overzealous gender-policing of restrooms doesn't only hurt transgender people http://www.advocate.com/commentary/2015/07/07/op-ed-im-lesbian-targeted-bathroom-police Hugs, Carla
  5. I know this may be a little annoying but it's true. every day, multiple times i am constantly groped, touched in sexual ways when i don't want it (they still do it even when i say stop so i just give in so i don't start a fight) and when i annoy them by trying to talk to them or one of their friends, they make threats about raping me. These boys are in my year, the year below me and the year above me. they are so annoying. i hate it. most don't even know i'm trans coz i don't dress in girl clothes or anything. i do act very feminine and people at school always point it out coz i can double cro
  6. I made a big mistake. You probably know my big secret. I am a transsexual girl. On Tuesday I was casually in conversation with a friend, James when i mentioned i had a big dark secret I tell no one. Well, he kept on harassing me and asking for the answer. Another one of my friends, Tamara walked past and she heard James begging to know. I trusted Tamara and told her I was TRANSSEXUAL. Well, a few hours passed and it was now lunchtime. Crystal (Tamara's best friend and my crush) got back from in school suspernsion and hanged out with Tamara for the remainder of the day. She then began to brag a
  7. Guest

    Review: Elena Undone

    One of my absolute favorite movies is Elena Undone starring Neca Zadegan (words cannot express the sensations this woman evokes), and Traci Dinwiddie. Plot: Elena (Necar Zadegan) is a bored, lonely suburban housewife who's married to a pastor with whom she has a teenager son. By many well-thought twists of fate, she and Payton (Traci Dinwiddie), an agoraphobic author (and "out" lesbian) are brough together. And... Watch and you'll find out! It's worthwile! It's a very sweet, mature (and not in the icky way) romantic drama. The plot is very real, very believable, and did I mention Necar Zadega
  8. Hi, This is my 'label' for me, if I really need one. The whole situation is pretty new to us, and I'm wondering how many people there are like me on here. Please let me know your experiences. Did you face any really unusual obstacles? I'm doing well with accepting changes and information, I'm just curious about how everyone does. Thanks! ~Jessii
  9. This is probably the wrong place for this, but what the hey... So I've been seeing a woman since the end of May/beginning of June, and I thought everything was going great. I was starting to feel better about myself, and really looking forward to having a woman friend I could talk to about stuff. When we first started chatting, we would email/text each other several times a day. We've spent time at each other's places, and we've seen a movie together. Again, I thought everything was going great. Where things start getting confusing for me though is that we haven't seen each other in 3+1/
  10. Honestly, I hesitate to post this here. This website is probably one of my most visited sites, not only in terms of transgender issues but on the internet at large, and I almost find these new doubts to be embarrassing. I've been dressing for some time, and I was so excited to begin HRT April 28th. Since I've been on T, the main things I've noticed are: 1) MAJOR increase in sex drive and 2) An increase in confidence. These changes, though, have brought me to a pretty big emotional obstacle. I've never been one to sleep around...and that's an understatement. I've dated people for almost 2 ye
  11. Guest

    Androgynous channel!

    Hey everyone!So there's a new androgynous guy channel out. Its on youtube and its looking for new members. Theres 2 spots up for grab and you can audition and you might get the part. Its for androgynous guys, lesbians,androgynous girls,gays,trans people. So generally any one can try out. one specific person posts on each day of the week and its about a certain topic. I'm posting this here for the androgynous people to reach out and have fun on youtube! If you wanted to audition click down here (: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8-pnbv5xwA&feature=g-u-u
  12. Hello, everyone! My regular therapist brought up something interesting yesterday when I questioned my sexuality; she wondered if my attraction to females was brought on because of me attempting to fit the "normal" image of a boy, and my true attraction is towards males. And I may have repressed those true feelings, as I was too afraid to be judged (and I am). I've questioned my sexuality before this whole transgender thing, but I was always too afraid to explore it. I've said "I'd go gay for " too many times! I still have an attraction towards girls, and I'm starting to explore the feelings

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