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  1. I'm new here and trying to figure everything out. I've never done makeup before a couple weeks ago, so I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm not 100% happy with the results, so I need some advice from you legends. Thanks!
  2. LouiseRose1954

    Makeup Remover

    So I went to Walmart and Target to purchase what I needed and I picked up a package of Equate fragrance free makeup remover wipes from Wal-Mart. I cannot pronounce half of what the ingredients are. I used them them first tme at the end of the night and my neck and face burned like crazy. Plus, I don't think they remove all the makeup and the fibers snag on my beard. I am shaving every morning, either with my Norelco rotating three blade rechargeable, or a five blade hand razor then using Witch Hazel and Jergen's Therapy Lotion after. This seems to calm down the burning from shaving before I ap
  3. OMG... Selfies on the city bus! Accident
  4. Guest

    Mustache Cover

    Hi, Anyone have tips on covering up "shadow?" For some reason, it always looks like I have a mustache, especially in artificial light. Even right after shaving or electrolysis, with foundation on. It's not even hairs poking out, it's more like a texture -- tiny bumps, or large pores, or something. Currently using Kat Von D full coverage liquid foundation -- concealer or extra foundation makes it look really thick and a different color from the rest of my face....
  5. Imaginary Spiders

    Beginner makeup tips

    I have never used makeup in my life and don't have a clue, but would like to give it a try. I don't where to start. I know I don't like my eyebrows, I want them to be more noticeable with a feminine shape. They are too thin in my opinion. So where is a good place to start with makeup?
  6. shayla98

    Crossdresser Shayla

    Hello, I never thought I would find myself crossdressing again until the opportunity presented itself when I would travel to conferences for my job. As a father and a husband, I don't have the freedom to dress whenever I want, so having my own space to dress up is very special to me. When I dress up as Shayla, I'm beautiful and confident. I love to dress up for the admiration. I hate to brag, but I'm very passable as a woman. When gawkers and admirers look at me and treat me like a lady, it's the greatest feeling. I love putting on the pantyhose because I have shapely legs, the fingern
  7. shayla98


    Hi, Even though I'm a closeted crossdresser. I wanted to get in on the action because this board is fun! What do you think? How do I pass? Mind you that I don't get to dress up often at all. These pics are from September. xoxo Shayla
  8. LeighAllison

    Mall Makeover Question

    I want to get help with my makeup at Sephora at the mall but I have some questions 1. Do I need to make an appointment in advance or can I just show up and ask (if they aren't busy)? 2. How much makeup am I expected to buy? 3. Should I tip the makeup artist? Thanks Leigh Allison
  9. My first tube of lipstick was a tester tube that I pocketed because I too freaked out to take it to the cashier. The lesson here is misleading. Don't steal is the obvious one but the less obvious one is don't grab the tester and put it in your basket to buy.as you'll be told that you accidentally picked the tester and will have to go back or have a clerk exchange it while you wait with a lineup behind you. Fortunately I felt comfortable there and the lady's have helped choosing the right shade of foundation for me. Clothing is sort of the opposite for me. I go to a dept store that is known
  10. tracy_j


    Hi I was putting on my lipstick this morning as usual and just wondered how many people do as I do? Almost 100% of the time when using lipstick (usually every day) I do not use a single colour. I find that after putting on a colour I don't really like it and tend to mix with another colour on my lips. Apart from a few times when I have found this being done on craft sites for specific effects, I am not aware of any woman (or man) doing this but I know few people who would be likely to (not many female friends and most of them use little or no makeup most of the time). I usually mix a brown
  11. I have heard that MAC and NYX are great for men. But, are there any cheaper brands out there that won't break the bank too much?? *I* use MAC and NYX for myself and I wish my husband and I were the same skin tone so we could just share. I went to Sephora last night to check out the lines of makeup they carry and they had a nice selection, and I almost purchased a few things, but my husband stopped me because he didn't want to spend that amount. I'm looking for any frugal tips anyone has to offer! He can be a little cheap at times, but I KNOW Cover Girl and brands of the like just won't give hi
  12. Guest

    a little help

    My wife and I are travelling to Honolulu in September and one of the things we want to do is dress me up. I am looking for a little help, maybe a transformation service, or a private individual who can assist. On suggestion was go to a MAC store for the makeup,,, that sounds ok. I have some clothes and wigs, and have dressed before, but I want to look and feel my best and think a knowledgeable soul could help. This is my first post here, any help would be great and if I've posted this in the wrong place, let me know. Thanks Andi
  13. Guest

    Why is this forum so quiet?

    I've been wondering this for awhile now. Why is the beauty subforum so quiet? It's all about makeup! And beauty products! Makeup, foundation, powder, blush, mascara, eyeliner, nail polish, bronzer, primer, eyeshadow...what's not to love about this place?! Makeup is good. Makeup is fun. Makeup makes you feel pretty. Love makeup. I do.
  14. Guest

    Great Foundation

    So i wanted to share about my new foundation. Its a lancome product( disclaimer this is not at drug store prices) the product is teint miracle in bisque 1. I use hard candy primer first. I am astounded with this priduct. It is a light weight liquid that blends perfectly and is very forgiving during application. I would definetly recommend this product, i had it on for two days now and no one can see my shadow. Price is about 55 dollars.
  15. I don't know ANYTHING about doing makeup. Could anyone give me ANY TIPS? Basic material, dos and don'ts?
  16. Guest

    Urban Decay Eyeshadow, Brushes

    Hello all you makeup loving ladies out there. Here's another one of my beauty loot posts. Recently I've been dipping my toe into the beauty waters of eyeshadow, to add another option to my makeup routine and thus make this take longer than 15 minutes like I'm used to for my usual routine. Well, when I have the time and desire I'll add eyeshadow to my routine so it's not an every day thing but it probably should become one.. Anyway, I was in Ulta up in Chicago with the specific mission of finding some eyeshadow and brushes. I had been dabbling in eyeshadow previously but I figured if I got th
  17. Please send your youtube links about makeup tips here. I am a transgender woman needing tips for makeup and making myself look more feminine. Thank you.
  18. http://www.lauras-playground.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&album=1544 New pictures in my gallery, Look at my makeup jobs and see if you think I'm doing better or worse. Also any comments about the fab outfits will be graciously accepted.
  19. Doing my usual cruise for knowldge on that new fangled world wide information super highway and I came across this place. http://makeup.lovetoknow.com/Category:Eye_Makeup_Techniques It's amazing! For instance... http://makeup.lovetoknow.com/Drag_Queen_Eye_Makeup http://makeup.lovetoknow.com/Man_to_Woman_Makeup_Transformations http://makeup.lovetoknow.com/Drag_Makeup Very informative! I can't wait until I have some alone time to try some of the tips they have. Some of the things they say explain why I just can't seem to get the man out of the mirror. Like lipsticks that aren't shiny
  20. I need help fast! The rest of my family is going to North Carolina for 11 days on Tuesday, and I have the house to myself. I want to try to do at least one day as me, but I realized I have no idea where to start! Like, I want to shave my legs and body, where girls clothes and makeup, but really the only thing I'm ready for it the makeup. (And I'm still not that great at it. lol) All I really know about shaving my legs I've read here, but I'm wondering things like can I use any razor, or what should I buy for this, and technique. Blah! I'm really nervous about that. lol And I have very very min
  21. It is time, once again, for a Liz once-in-a-blue-moon-product review. *applause* Today I had the chance to test drive a long-wearing lipstick to see if it really does last all day or if those claims are just a crock of clams. I purchased Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor in 'Eternal Rose' First, why eternal rose? Well I looked online at the company's website and it was between that shade or a cranberry. Since I was going to purchase another lipstick in a darker berry color I thought I would try the lighter shade of my two choices and I'm glad I did because this made for a good lipcolor for
  22. Hey everyone, Does anyone know a good site to purchase makeup in Australia? I know there are probably lots of good ones overseas but I don't really want to wait the time it takes to ship items to here. I am currently half way through a 7-week wait for some dresses from the US and it's killing me! I guess I am still a little self conscious when shopping for make-up in the stores. I'd like to take my time and choose carefully, mostly because I don't want to waste my money. My wife (recently became my ex-wife) is fully supportive of my dressing but she isn't going to be the one helping me choos
  23. Guest

    Incredible finds at Sephora

    Ladies! if you have a Sephora (or Ulta) in your town or close by, you must go! It's like femme-a-palooza in there! So much makeup, perfume, makeup brushes, etc. it's like being a kid in a candy store but you're a girl in femme land. (it's the best analogy I can come up with) I happened to go into one that's inside a JC Penney and although it's smaller than a regular store, I still found two amazing products that I'm totally in love with. First and foremost is NARS powder blush in 'Orgasm'. I've read about this blush in magazines countless times. They said it's flattering on every skin tone.
  24. Guest

    Sephora makeover

    So today we went to the mall and decided that I was going to sephora to get some lessons on applying makeup and to get the right tone for my skin...needless to say I was amazed. The sales girl took the time and showed me what to do and which ones to buy, but it would have cost me about $150 to get everything so after everything was said and done we got the equivalents at wallyworld for a third of the cost...yeah me!!! Erica <3
  25. Does makeup/ dress up games actually help in real life with your fashion and makeup ability? If so, could you possibly post an article stating this? I just want to know if it actually does. Thanks! O;

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