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Found 5 results

  1. I've been out to my mom for almost a year, and she's been pretty decent about it so far. I asked her to go to a gender therapist and she brought me to one, she let me go to a lgbtq youth group, she bought be a binder (after my therapist made her do it), and she didn't mention anything to my dad like i asked her to. Then quit the therapist because she didn't 'talk me out of' being trans like she'd hoped, and refuses to budge on thinking of me as anything other than her daughter. She keeps having shouting matches with me about how "god made me perfect the way I am", she "loves me just the way I am", and she "doesn't agree" with me being her son. She keeps trying to push on me all of this god bullcrap that I don't believe in, as if that'll make me 'not trans' somehow, and make me her 'perfect little girl' that I used to be. That me doesn't exist anymore. That person hasn't existed for a long time, and she just refuses to see it. She arranged my after school schedule so that it made it impossible for me to go the the lgbtq youth group, insisting that, going to a group with other trans people in it somehow had made me trans. We went out to a conference in Virginia and I presented male and I wore had a big sticker that said he/him pronouns on it. Everyone called me by he/him perfectly fine until she comes by and practically shouts about me being 'her daughter' and her 'beautiful girl' to anyone I was talking to. It ruined everyone's view of me, and they adapted to my mom's 'girly girl' view of me. It just made me feel so uncomfortable and unsafe being around the hundreds of people that were there because they all looked at me as a girl, which is the opposite of what I want. I met another trans person while I was there, and he was really sympathetic the whole time. We'd be around my mom, and give me that look of apology, even his mom did too when we ate lunch together. My mom and I have talked a lot recently about me being trans, but she just tries to push her stupid religious beliefs on me and invalidating me at every point possible. She refuses to even try using the right pronouns, or to even avoid using gendered language towards me at all. She's too stubborn in her beliefs to even try looking at the situation from my point of view, and its been pretty difficult to deal with. I'm extremely grateful that she hasn't been hateful to me about who i am, i just don't know how to deal with her or how to make her see any different. Help?
  2. My younger child, now 17 has been transgender (female to male) for 4 years now. He's on "T". Now my older child who is 18 and in college just told me they are transgender as well (male to female). They said he is going to start Estrogen. Since he's 18 he does not need any help from us. He's going to start next weekend. He's only been "out" for a week to us, but says he's been living as a female at college for the past few months. (Trying to say "they", but he's still a he to me.) We support them both and say all the right things, but it's really have to deal with in my head. I don't understand it. Anyone else in this boat?
  3. Kendalllbadass

    What should I do?

    I’m currently stuck in a tough situation right now. I recently came out as trans to my parents. This was around 2015. I was 16 years old. My mom and dad did not want to accept who I am. They still love me. Nothing has changed. Fast forward to 2017. They still haven’t came around but I’m being patient and understanding. They did not want me to transition and so they kept me from transitioning while I was still a young teen. In a way, I felt like it is abuse because I have severe dysphoria and at first they didn’t believe me but I guess now they do because I have been persistent with my feelings of being the opposite gender. There was occasional questioning on my part because they didn’t make me feel so secure in my skin. I learned that I need to live for myself and not my parents. I have to find another place to stay because my parents are uncomfortable with me being transgender and transitioning. They are Baptist so they’re pretty rigid in their belief system. I don’t have any money. I actually was let go from my job at Kohl’s because I was only seasonal and they didn’t pay me enough for me to support myself. I’m currently unemployed and do not have the financial means to move out. I can’t go to a homeless shelter because technically I’m not homeless but at the same time I don’t have the freedom at home to be myself. My dysphoria is high functioning and it’s the only thing that’s on my mind all the time. Does anyone know of programs specifically for the lgbt population that provides housing? I can take anything at this point. My goal is to move out as soon as possible. It’s the only way I can be truly happy. I’ve been diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria so I know for sure this isn’t schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.
  4. PurpleBlue

    How To Make My Mom Accepting?

    I have a few questions to ask. I went to a doctor's appointment today and asked if I can go to therapy. My doctor said she has a therapist she thinks will be good for me. So I'm going to be seeing a therapist soon. I want to tell the therapist about being questioning. How could I bring up the topic of gender in the sessions? What could I say to the therapist? I am extremely anxious and scared. My mom is against LGBT people. I'm afraid of her being angry at me , never speaking to me again , hating me forever or not letting me explore my identity or transition whenever I come out to the therapist. How can I make my mom accepting of LGBT people? So she won't hate me or be angry when I bring it up in therapy? I'm afraid that my mom will just dismiss my feelings and just say I'm confused. Because last year around Christmas time I had mentioned something about questioning my gender and even showed her information about nonbinary genders. She got really angry at me and kept saying that we need to go to church more and she kept calling me a girl and her daughter. I'm so scared and miserable. Please help me.
  5. until
    This support group meeting is held online in the TransPulse live chat rooms. It is scheduled from 8:00 to 10:00 PM Eastern time every Thursday. Location: Meeting Room Moderator: Monica Jennifer
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