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Found 4 results

  1. BrandenLeon

    Well news.

    I have been getting called sir alot more. (Even when i don't wear my binder. Am blond so it helps me.) But some call me mama or miss after they hear my vioce. (Most women do) And most men still call me sir when they hear my vioce. I been thinking if i want to get better at passing should i try out some vioce training videos to deepen my vioce? Has anyone else done these?
  2. AnnaD

    cant pass

    hi, im 15 and i havent been on any hormones or blockers because the referral to the gender clinic is over a year, and i was referred last month. im worried ill never be able to pass, as i literally tried girl hair, clothes and makeup but just looked like a feminine boy. please help, im not sure what to do.
  3. Hello! Im 29 and ive been on T injections for a little over a year now, pre-surgery top and bottom. But the only effects i notice are: lower, but not completely male (more like a teen) voice, a lil bit more hair (but since ive always had hairy arms and legs the difference is really small) and gaining some weight. should i be concerned? anyone with the same problem? my doc has told me im the only one among her other pre-surgery ftms who has such a problem, which makes me a bit downhearted. what might be the cause?.. its not that im trying to rush things but, you know. at least i wanna know if itll stay like this forever or will eventually get better, hah.
  4. I'm finally home from my gender health appt. and let me tell you... it was a wonderful but very long day. I arrived all dressed casual with full makeup and hair done nicely. I made it to the elevator and up to the third floor and into a line with a dozen people in front of the reception area. No one noticed a thing. My wife said I blended very nice. I was sure to talk very softly and at a higher pitch...not Mickey Mouse high but enough to keep a low profile. I was very confident and handled all the "chit chat" at reception myself. I was very comfortable. I filled out some paperwork and then went to the TG center and waited in the room. No one who walked by me on the way to my room clocked me...at least that I noticed. I just smiled as I passed them and they all smiled back. My nurse and new Gender Health Doctor are fabulous to work with. I have appts. every month now until who knows when but I actually look forward. Isn't that odd? On the way out of the building, I had absolutely no issues at all. The elevator down was full but there was no awkwardness. When I got to the car, I took a deep breath and asked my wife how she thought it went in regards to my passing. She said, "During the entire appointment I only noticed one scruffy haired middle-aged man take a second look at you as he passed close and he then looked at me, then you again and he may have clocked you". I asked my wife if she saw any of the old male me during the visit. She said, "I didn't see any of [my birth name] during the appointment. All of your mannerisms and your walk looked like Susan". So although it wasn't perfect, I did the best I could, according to my wife. I had to get labs done after the first appointment and it went even better..and faster. No one seemed to care at all. Not even one odd look or comment. So overall, I think it went well. My wife felt fine being with me dressed as Susan so from here on out I'll be dressing for all my appointments which is great news. I'm one step closer to living my dream. Thanks for reading, Susan R🌷
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