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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys! so a little while ago I made a post asking about whether or not a therapist that isn't a gender therapist could write me a letter of recommendation. Well I asked her about it and she said it feels "unethical" and that she would have to do some research . I want her to be aware of Informed Consent but I don't know how to take that route and would feel more comfortable with a rec letter. She just needs proof that it's fine to do is there anything in a WPATHS standard of care proving me point, that I could show her? Or is it truly unethical?
  2. Hey guys! I've been seeing a therapist (LMFT) for nearly 2 years now. Just yesterday I told her about my identity and my desire to start hormones and it got me thinking about letters of recommendation and all that fun stuff... Now I know you need a gender therapist to help you out but I would hate to lose the therapist I have now and have to go find a gender therapist. Because my therapist is willing to work with me on my gender "issues" is there a way that SHE could write a letter of recommendation for me? Stating I have dyphoria , etc? I'm pretty cool with my endo too bscause I see him often for other issues (hypothyroidism) I'm really hoping for some feedback (good feedback hopefully) thank you guys! -Trevor x
  3. Okay this is probably going to sound weird (bare with me) but anyways... I really want a STP packer but I've noticed they don't come with (or not the ones I'm looking at least) the actual funnel to pee out of.. Do most come with it? What do you do if it doesn't come with it? Would a funnel intended for cis people like for camping trips and stuff work if I stuck it in the opening? Idk I'm just confused... thank you for the feedback and taking the time to read this -Trevor
  4. Hey sooo... A few months ago I came here saying I think I might be trans and have experimented and realized that I feel amazing identifying as a male. I got called "he" by some girl that didn't even know I was trans (or identified as male) on Halloween and it made me feel amazing. But lately I've been feeling a strong sense of... Shame? I think? Or maybe it's dysphoria but every time someone, my sister for example, calls me he or by my name (Trevor) I just get angry I just...I don't feel good. I even got angry and impulsively told her to call me my birthname. (I later told her to call me Trevor again) but I'm just confused at my own emotions. ? The reason I say it might be dysphoria is bc it somehow started to make me feel worse like I knew that it didn't fit my appearance and that it's almost humorous and that made me really angry. I just.... I came on this site bc of the intense shame and suppression I was feeling when I started questioning and this site gave me peace but now the shame came back and I get embarrassed when ppl call me Trevor in public bc I know I don't "pass" enough. I don't know. I feel -crappy-. At this point in not even worried about others acceptance now but my own. IT was disappointing to realize I still haven't fully accepted myself. I don't know maybe I'm just feeling dysphoria?? I have such a strong to order a packer rn too.... Guys please let me know if u identify with these feelings or if this is dysphoria or something. I really need help identifying my emotions. It would mean the world and it DOES mean the world. Thank you. - Trevor
  5. hmillerrr

    Dysphoria; what exactly is it?

    Okay hi. So through out my self discovery as ftm I've started looking back at my childhood in ways I hadn't before and I'm noticing things that show signs of being trans from the very beginning. Things such as picking up dandelions and wishing to be a boy, laying in bed at night and saying I wish to wake up as a boy, etc. But I'm told by my family that I'm not trans because I don't have dysphoria or at least not in the ways they've heard it or seen it and it got me questioning myself. And I just want some help on what dysphoria really is. I don't really mean the definition or anything but signs. What are some things you guys have experienced? Because I'm pretty sure I have struggled with dysphoria my whole life and just didn't know it and I find that I still don't 100% know it/ or fully understand how I'm feeling. What are signs (idk what right word to use) of dysphoria that often goes unnoticed or is not easily identified? Thank you for any response, I could really use it. -Trevor
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