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Found 1 result

  1. DaveMK

    Hi. I need support.

    Hello! As you read the title, I need support, and mostly help. I am a 16 year old FTM. I found out I was experiencing these feelings when I was 12 or 13. I came out to my parents, mainly my mom which was about a few months ago. I have always hinted with it and once I did come out to her vaguely. But she reacted badly from it. This time, she reacted more differently and said that she wouldn't think different of me. However, when I bring up the fact that I wish to buy men clothes- binders, boxers and such, she reacts annoyed. I'm really scared that I'm wrong and maybe I shouldn't feel this way. Since she believes that feeling this type of way believes you're sick or not normal. Today, she really hurt me by yelling at me when all I said was that I wish I could have a simple masculine haircut. Then she brings up an article about how sex transitioning is terrible when I never even brought up about ANYTHING related to the topic. She then tells me to stop crying- which, really hurt since it seemed like she was saying it as if I had no reason to cry. I felt terrible and I always feel like crap when I try to do something on my own. I don't feel comfortable being called a girl, someone using she/her for me or even having this body. It really hurts because I am only so young and can't provide for myself yet. My parents refuse for me to get a job since I need to finish school first, which, I can understand. But them not supporting me really does affect me negatively. Including when I explained dysphoria to my mom, and how I specifically feel and why I chose to be trans. My dad knows this as well but doesn't really care and my sister currently knows, which, she thinks it's just a game and something funny. Saying that I was put on this earth as a female for a reason. I may be over dramatic but this stuff really does leave a scar on me. My mom even told my aunt that I'm transgender, but I don't even talk to my aunt- which, my mom didn't even ask for my permission to tell anyone. I have one binder and four boxers, which are the only thing holding me at the moment. I wish I could have actual support, but I can't get it from family. Thank you.
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