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  1. Aquarian

    Any advice for an enby ? <3

    Hi! I’m a minor and live with 4 other family members. I’ve tried coming out before when I was 10 (as a lesbian), and 11 (as a transguy). My mother told me both times that I was too young to know and didn’t want me to medically transition. I was wrong both times so some of that advice was for the best. I’ve been seriously thinking about my gender since then, and i’m definitely not cis. I don’t know how to talk about it because my mother has a limited understanding of this community and when I correct her on the pronouns of others she goes “you’re so politically correct!!1!” and
  2. Hello again my name is Julia. I made a post a few days ago about my transition. I have a little update. I have been testing panties and a bra. I have decided to wear both. If feels new. I have also been looking at crossdresser gaffs. -Julia
  3. I’ve known I was trans for nearly three years now, yet I am still to fully decide upon a new name for myself. For context I’m 17, MtF, mostly out to my friends and family and my birth name is Samuel. I’ve switched between a ton of different names including Samantha, Chloe, Hazel, Holly, Erin, and more. Each time I recognise them as being ‘good names’, but it never feels as though they ‘click’ if that makes sense. I’ve never tried a name which I thought would 100% suit me. im wondering if any other trans people out there, FtM and MtF, might’ve encountered a similar problem. I feel lik
  4. Hi! I'm Alexzander, I have been on T for 7 months now and my voice has gotten deeper (yay). It was cracking really bad between 3-6 months, but now I just have a really hoarse voice. I have to really strain myself in order to talk clear and deeper. When I try to talk "normally" my voice constantly cuts off and I sound "feminine". It's super painful trying to go throughout the day straining my voice as if I'm singing every word I say. Has anyone experienced this and do you have any suggestions or solutions? I drink a lot of coffee which I know can dry out the vocal chords (but I'm not giving up
  5. TrIIIy

    Mom does not approve

    I came out to my mom about 5 years ago, and from the get go she was appalled. She said that she would never stop loving me, but she did not approve of my being transgender. I realized then that my actual transition would be an uphill battle, especially since I live with her. This past week I was finally approved to start testosterone. I was SO excited! I called the pharmacy and found out that it was covered by my insurance - even better! But when I told my mother, she immediately fell into a depression/suppressed rage. She has been snapping at me about every little thing that I do
  6. Hi All, my name is Sarina (for now). I’m beginning my MTF transition, not yet on hormones and not yet out to family and friends. I’m 41, live in Southern California. I have a wonderful wife and three kids aged 21, 9, and 4. I just wanted to say ‘hi’ and intro myself to the forum. So far all of this has been super informative and positive (I even found solid tips for helping to grow out my hair) =) I look forward to learning more about this journey I am beginning, and meeting some great new peeps along the way! -S
  7. Hi guys, I'm 17 yo and have been living confortably with my identity since I came out to my friends and mother (even though she rejects me), but I'm finally planning on living with my older brother (who I'm still not prepared to come out yet, but has showed signals that he already knows and supports me) and start working as a comic artist next year. Which means I'm starting to think about taking part in contests, winning the most I can and saving money for my chest surgery (which is the most urgent, since it has grown quite a bit these past years and have been a real problem for me to pass nor
  8. My name was Matthew, I used to drink a lot and almost always a blackout drunk.You see, I was trying to kill myself and had been since I was quite young. But death from alcohol isn't the quick fix I thought it would be. I knew something was not quite right about me from a young age. I had this compulsion to cross dress, not makeup just lingerie. And I seemed to be attracted to men,,sexually. But I was also attracted to women,,sexually. I just found it easier to talk to men. Women scared the bejeezus out of me. Oh my they turned me on immensely but I was very self conscious and felt inadequate.
  9. i’ve known for years that i’m not a girl. i went from identifying as gender fluid to just calling myself nonbinary. i keep saying i’m fine with usually being misgendered because i tend to present a bit more feminine & i know people don’t see anything else when they look at me unless they know the truth. but i’m really tired of it... it makes me uncomfortable to have boobs (even uncomfortable to talk about the fact that i have them lol) and it makes me uncomfortable to be called a girl, to be referred to as ‘she.’ in the last six or seven months, i’ve been wrestling with the idea of m
  10. Hello! Im 29 and ive been on T injections for a little over a year now, pre-surgery top and bottom. But the only effects i notice are: lower, but not completely male (more like a teen) voice, a lil bit more hair (but since ive always had hairy arms and legs the difference is really small) and gaining some weight. should i be concerned? anyone with the same problem? my doc has told me im the only one among her other pre-surgery ftms who has such a problem, which makes me a bit downhearted. what might be the cause?.. its not that im trying to rush things but, you know. at least i wanna know
  11. Hey all! I'll be joining the Navy for 4 years this summer to pay for my college, though I'm... less than ecstatic about the thought of being completely closeted until I'm 24. I would really like to get on HRT when I can but my future as a whole is important enough to make that sacrifice obviously. However, I would love some insight on if medically transitioning while enlisted in active duty is possible. I'll probably be at sea often, but I've heard of people beginning HRT with around a year of their enlistment remaining? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you
  12. RithiaAllen

    Transition Timeline

    @Kirsten I know that you are feeling down about where you are so I figured I would share my timeline so you can see how the changes snow ball over time. If it makes you feel better I'll share with you a visual time line. As you can see there are months and months of awkwardness and eventually it just rapid fire happens. 4 months 5 months 6 Months 7 Months 8 Months 9 Months 10 Months 10 Months 2 weeks 11 Months
  13. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with a long break in the transition process. I started in 94, on high hormones and [dose removed] of Spirono, lived for 13 years as female, worked as outside sales rep, and had good life. then my mom got sick and passed away at 95...I cared for her 8 years, and sort of gave up all personal stuff, including hormones...I wore baggy clothes and just worked as a caregiver which took all my time. She passed in 2018, and I left Vancouver, all the temptations for opiates, then drove/moved across Canada to clear head. I didn't bother with any feminine clothes
  14. KimberleeBee

    Hi! I'm new to this site.

    Hello. My name I go by is Kimberlee or Kim but not legally yet. I hope to get it changed in the new year. I've been on hrt for 2.5 years. I love dressing girly but it's not practical in my line of work so I just settle for a pink hard hat and pink safety vest. I dress fem on weekends or if I have to go out on a weekday evening. I thought it was going to be rough being a transgendered woman in a male dominated trade but I am accepted and treated very well. (At least to my face) I wish I was able to transition way earlier in my life but better late than never ?
  15. Hey, I’m a trans guy who started a new year in high school this September. However I go to a coed Catholic high school, which is quite difficult. At the beginning of the summer, my mother and I met with the school’s head of guidance to work out some things about my transition. While there, I asked pretty basic questions regarding my transition (bathroom/locker room situation, name/pronoun changes, and P.E. and sports questions). I also live in an area that doesn’t discriminate against transgender students regarding the law. The answer to changing my name and pronouns was that I could not go by
  16. Hey guys! so I'm going to be 18 soon and I'm sure all of you can understand the desire to get on hormones as fast as possible. I won't have insurance and I want to apply for medicaid. does this cover hrt? could I be able to get on testosterone with it? If not, what parts of transition would it cover. Thank you so so much for anyone that responds. I wouldn't be where I am today without you guys. Fr.
  17. Hey guys, so I told my parents in August and it didn't go very well. The first thing my mom says is, "your not a boy, you just don't want to be a -lesbian-." And my dad said, " If I were to live my life as trans I would go away to do it..why would you do it here? " And from there it's gotten worse and worse from my mom. And that's the thing deep down I know she's not transphobic 100% she just doesn't want me to be. she tells me all these things but I can tell she's saying them more for herself than me. Things like "you're a girl" randomly through out the day. And even awful things such as, "y
  18. Hey friends, I'm relatively at the beginning of my transition and I'm moving to Michigan in less than 6 months. I was born in California and have lived here my whole life and am apprehensive about trans life in Michigan only because it's obviously more open in California (I mean come on im an hour and a half drive to LA) I just want to make bigger steps in my transition when I move and I just want to know if there is anyone I can private message who has transitioned in Michigan? I really really could use this help. Thank you! -Trevor
  19. Hey so I'm pretty sure I would consider myself gender queer but I definitely fall towards ftm more.. Idk my gender expression and my gender identity are not aligned and it confuses me. I'm pretty sure I would still like to start HRT regardless..is this okay? have any of u still medically transitioned? Idk I don't feel like my dsyphoria is that bad to start HRT. And as bad as this soinds , I wish for more dsyphoria just so I could have an "excuse" to transition (which I've come to find is a form of dysphoria in itself I think) but i just I don't know.. a m i valid? Have any of u experienced thi
  20. I think I may be in a situation that is unique to some of you because I techinically live in a mental health facility. Right now, I live in a supervised apartment for the mentally ill, but by the end of the month I will be transferred to a group home for the mentally ill. This is because I struggle with borderline personality disorder, among other illnesses. Part of being borderline means suffering from brief psychotic episodes during periods of severe stress. That is why I going back to a group home. I am really afraid that once I get there, the staff will not acknowledge my true
  21. Hello ? My partner recently told me he was a woman and has decided to transition - we are currently not in an area where she feels comfortable to go full time so we are in the process of moving. We have decided to move into two seperate households to make things easier on us, as we also have a 5yr old daughter. Well my partner decided this as, I was rather reserved and unsure on him transitioning. He has taken things into his own hands and is doing it and I respect him for that. My fears are always going to be there, until the end and they can
  22. thatpeep

    changing my name

    I've had an ideal name that I've wanted to use for ages now but now that I've moved to uni someone in my class has the same name Do you think it will be weird? Should I try and find another name? Has anyone got any advice??
  23. Lisa inside

    Too late to change

    Hi everyone, I am a long time crossdressèr who lives alone after a 30 year failed marriage. I am medically retired and also too old to start hormone therapy so crossdressing and make up is the only way I can be the woman I was meant to be. Living in Ireland was a difficult situation for someone with thoughts of having a sex change. Even condoms were illegal until the 70s. I threw myself into marriage and had five wonderful children who are now aware of my situation. My ex wife was a tyrant and it saved my life when I separated from her. As I live alone I dress up each day as soon as I come hom
  24. Hey, Last time i posted here I think I was still questioning and unsure... after a few therapy sessions with my school therapist, they've helped me realized that my only fear continuing on is the fact of what others might think, and that I really shouldn't be afraid, and if some friends do think differently of me then they probably aren't real friends. I've started voice training at a Voice Therapy place, and I'll be going to the Mazzoni center next week to set up appointments to start hrt. Im both excited and nervous but the entire thing that I have experienced up to this point ha
  25. I'm questioning my gender again and I need some advice on when you know you should transition. I've been out in my personal life for nearly 6 years and the vast majority of that time I have identified as transmaculine non binary/genderfluid. I guess I feel a little guilty because I feel like I should know myself a little better at this point. And I know I shouldn't feel guilty and I know that people jump back and forth over the course of their lifetime and all this other stuff about spectrums and fluidity and flux, but even if I "know" that I don't "feel" that acceptance when it c

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