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Found 5 results

  1. im currently working on writing a story about a transgender woman in around the 90s and what it was like living. the problem here is that im a transboy born in 2005 so i wanted to be able to accuratly depict what it was like coming out during those times thanks! -max
  2. Tara.S


    Hello ladies and gentlemen, My name is Tara Sparks but you can call me T. if you prefer 😊 I’m 20, turning 21 in a few months. I’m not going to write a book about my life so i’ll make the story short. Basically, i’ve been trans since the age of 6-8 when i was conscious enough about myself, others, and my feelings. It began with a crush on a boy then bullying that made me realize I wasn’t really a man as my family made me think, then a fight thst lasted my whole adolescence years with my non-supportive family, till I got here after years of research and plans. I’d love to chat and meet you all, in hope to make friends, maybe find some special lad as well. It’s an honor to be among you all ^~^ If you have any comments or questions, my door is always open. See you all around!
  3. LaylaBarbz

    Coming out to my Turkish muslim mom

    Lately I've really wanted to come out to my family and especially first to my mom as a transgirl. But as you might read in the title, there's one problem..... My whole family is Turkish and muslim, they never would accept me being trans. I can't even think about what would happen if I come out... I wrote a coming out letter, I don't know when or how I'm going to give it to her. What would the best advice be?... :(
  4. Lilly James

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone. My name is Lilly. I was born male and recently accepted I was transgender. I found this forum to connect with others like me. Currently I'm trying more things to appear more feminine so any tips are helpful xx
  5. earlyberries2020

    My third week in HRT (mtf)

    Hi everyone. I am a black early 40's transwoman and I've been on HRT for 3 weeks. I am on <dosage removedd> spironolactone and I take <dosage removed> estradiol estrogen patches, worn at ALL times, changing the patch every Tuesday and Friday. I just wanted to share the changes I've noticed. Now, everyBODY, literally, is different. As for myself, I've already notice the blotches on my face have cleared very noticeably, and my face is not as oily. My skin is indeed softer. My face is starting to look more different already, and my booty is a little more plump. For example, I can go to sit on my bed unclothed and I can actually feel my butt touch the sheets before I'm actually sitting. Almost like slightly sinking into a pillow. I feel the beginnings of slight soreness happening in my breast. My areolas are starting to expand a little. I can definitely notice a more softer hand-full feel of my breast. I think it's safe to say my transition won't take more than a full year, from the changes I'm already experiencing in only my third week. I was very nervous when I started and I asked the doctor if they can start me on the lowest estrogen doses and I still see results. A week or 2 before starting HRT, I totally cut out nicotine, red meat, vegetable oil, white bread, eat green veggies with every meal, I exercise vigorously at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes and I only drink water. This will help you to transition more smoothly and your body will thank you. No let up. No excuses. Get it done. I'm much happier, healthier and I feel like my body has adjusted to my meds so I don't get as worried about these new meds in my system. Congratulations to all my girls on this site who've already begun this exciting journey and also, congratulations to my girls yet to begin HRT, but are about to or inwardly desire desperately to do so. You can do it! YOUR happiness is the main objective.
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