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Gay Men Attacked, Executed In Iraq, Rights Group Says

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Gay men attacked, executed in Iraq, rights group says

I wonder how many are actually transgender as we are often perceived to be gay.


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Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army militia, which is active in Sadr City, has joined in the attacks and defends its actions as a way to stop the "feminization" of Iraqi men, the report said.

Yes that will do it. A dead man usually gives up on his femiine ways, immediately.

And feminine qualities such as nurturing, love of beauty, and joy in being a decent person? All that MUST BE DESTROYED.

Iraq- where the men are men and the girls are too. Go blow up an American - suicide bombing isn't just for men anymore! If martared men get to heaven and given 77 virgins (Do I have that right?) What happens for the women?

Iraq - origin of the civilized world started there, as claimed? Maybe THAT'S where all humanity's misery came from!


Sorry - Iranian's have their political problems too - this is aimed at that, not the people.

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Ah yes, Islamic religion and the Jihad.

In the dark ages, and before and afterwards, the Middle Eastern countries were probably the most civilized and most advanced as far as technology and society in general. slam, like Catholicism and Christianity, remained the major religion for the region and had huge political sway.

it only seems now that Christendom has 'calmed down' from the old crusades, the horrible inquisitions, and basically the brutal slaying of innocent people due to "religious" factors. But Islam still seems to go with that way.

Unfortunately, the Muslims who suicide bomb and wage war are only thinking of the Jihad of The Sword. they are not thinking at all of Jihad of the Self (I think thats what its called), Jihad of the Mouth, and Jihad of the Hand- The forget about becoming a better Muslim themselves, they forget about preaching and teaching people about Islam, and they forget about helping others to show the kindness and power of Islam. Instead, they turn it into a political thing, like the corrupt popes of the middle Ages warped Catholicism.

ALL religions just need to come to realize what REALLY matters in their religion. Christendom needs to remember loving God and loving others and offering forgiveness, Islam needs to remember being courteous to all, helping others, and respect for elders and neighbors.

I can't think of a single religion that is based on the fundamentals of slaughtering innocent minorities.


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