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Guest Isabella

Who Is Your Favorite Movie Martial Artist?

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Guest Lacey Lynne

Awesome thread!

How to answer this one, oh, my! Like, I really can't! :rolleyes:

1. Bruce Lee !

2. Jean-Claude van Damme !

3. Steven Seagal !

4. Chuck Norris !

5. Michel Qissi (as ... Tong Po! ... Tong Po! ... Tong Po!) !

In real life?

Uuuhhh, ...

FRANK DUX ... AT THE KUMITE!!! (Three Cheers for the Chinese moff-eye-ay!)

B) - LLB

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Guest Kate Lyn

Michelle Yeoh (THe Mummy tomb of the dragon Emperor and Chrouching TIger Hidden Dragon)

Jet Li

Jenifer Garner (Alias. Elektra/Daredevil)

are 3 i like most, not to say jackie chan, bruce lee, and van damme are any good cos they are, but steven segal, jason statham chuck norris?? they arent convincing, they dont sell being hurt, and they dont act very well either. i enjoy segal films but the other too, noooooo lol

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Guest KarenLyn

I'm going to say Cynthia Rothrock, simply because no-one knows who she is biggrin.gif

I know who she is but I'd still go with Jackie Chan first, then Bruce Lee.

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Guest Razilee

Jet Li or Jackie Chan are the ones I like to watch the most. I love to watch the out takes after the movie is over with Jackie Chan. He always does his own stunts and always messes up.

Sarah F

I too like Jackie Chan. We all know that the moves are unrealistic, but the outtakes give an bit of an idea of just how difficult it would be to make them in real, as opposed to reel, life.

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Guest Jo-88

I was really impressed with JeeJa Yanin in chocolate. She is a fantastically good martial artist. And shes cute!

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Guest princessofdarkness

Well gee, to give the long answer...

Well, Jackie Chan is indeed the King of All Action Movies, martial arts of otherwise. His stunt work, his unorthodox fighting style, and the sheer number of movies (I've only seen about 25 or so, which is just a fraction of his work (only his Hong Kong films of course), plus the sense of humor he always carries makes him the best to watch. So I'd say him. And I'd say 'Police Story' is my favorite movie of his.

One would be correct in saying that Chan isn't actually the technical level best martial arts, if we're talking tournament style ranking. Donnie Yen or Jet Li would be, and Cynthia Rothrock (glad one of you mentioned her, she's so underrated) would be best of the Western world. But the fun of Jackie Chan movies isn't seeing him take down armies Bruce Lee style, but hop around like a madman and go on the defensive. His film's are always funny to me, which just makes him likable too. So he's also the best actor in kung fu movies.

Bruce Lee is obviously the greatest martial artist of the 20th century, and he was a good actor, but his filmography is too small for me to call him the best MOVIE martial artist. Only 5 martial arts movies, and 'Game of Death' barely counts. That being said, 'Enter the Dragon' is probably my favorite martial arts movie period, and 'Fist of Fury' is a 70's masterpiece, and 'Way of the Dragon' is a martial arts classic. I'm definitely a disciple, I proudly own all of his movie's (Including 'The Big Boss' and 'Game of Death', which I enjoy, though I admit they're not very good) but he was much more than a movie star.

I do have to admit, I love Jean-Claude Van Damme to death, and he might be tied with Jackie just for me. His acting skills are, endearing. That's what they are to me. Some people say he's a bad actor, but hey, there's honesty in his eyes, and he's always likable. He's an extremely talented martial artist, but in his movies his moves are so over the top and ridiculous to some martial arts enthusiasts they reject him. But to me growing up, it was like watching ballet, I loved it. Yes, it's unrealistic, but so what? Watching him gracefully perform his moves always makes me smile. He's an A+ showman.

I've seen all his movies (except his direct to video one's), 'Bloodsport' is my favorite movie of his, and pretty much tied with 'Enter the Dragon' for my favorite martial arts movie. But I also love 'Kickboxer', 'Lionheart', 'Double Impact', 'No Retreat, No Surrender', and there are plenty of other's I really like (Street Fighter (yeah I said that), Timecop, Hard Target, Universal Soldier). I've seen some really bad one's too (Black Eagle//Maximum Risk/Knock Off/Double Team, etc...all horribly boring).

Some would say even the 'good' one's I named are over the top, borderline campy, silly cheese fests. And I would agree. That's why I love them. What's wrong with being campy? Just spells entertainment to me.

Plus, honestly...he was sort of dreamy back in the day...I mean, that French accent. :wub: (FANGIRL ALERT!)

And also, after his life went off the rails with drugs, domestic problems, his bipolar disorder, etc. I've been so happy to see him rebuild his life, his family, and his career. Seeing him get back on track just inspires me.

So yeah, there's the long answer. I could say Toshiro Mifune, because he's always playing samurai's, but that seems like cheating. Besides, he's make my list simply because of how amazing an actor he is; he could be the worst martial artist in the world for all I care, he's among history's best thespians. Cynthia Rothrock, whose movie's are always lovably cheesy and even cheaper than Van Damme's, I got to give a shout out to. Us girls got to represent! And Michelle Yeoh, she's great too.

And of course, as someone said above, Frank Dux is the greatest in the world period...That's sarcasm by the way.


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I like a lot of martial artists, but my favorite is Bruce Lee. When I was a kid my favorite show was the Green Hornet, and Kato was my favorite super hero on T.V., and later on when Bruce made those movies wow. Like many, I had a tough childhood. I was attacked a lot by boys. Inspired by Bruce Lee's combination of philosophy and martial arts ability, I studied martial arts from a fairly young age and was able to mimic his moves to protect myself (once I got big enough). I did not like violence, but I also didn't like being hurt. Unfortunately I also created a macho facade to scare boys away so they would be less inclined to attack me. In any case, decades later, I taught his martial art of Jeet Kune Do to soldiers in the Persian Gulf. Me and a couple of colleages with the Iraq Survey Group set up a dojo/kwoon to teach our favorite martial arts after work. I still occasionally watch his movies just to see him move, and hear his philosophy. What a great man.


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Guest meagan

Gordon Liu, His fight scene in Fists and Guts where he and the opponent must fight silently to avoid alarming any guards else they get shot was fantastic. The choreography was amazing. He is just as great in his other movies too. Gordon vs. Wang Lung-wei in The Martial Club is also an excellent fight displaying great choreography.

Donnie Yen I also like as his choreography is good. A favourite was his movies Wuxia and The Lost Bladesman.

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Guest Sasseya_Isobel

#1 - Jet Li - Not only is he a real kick to watch (hah, pun intended) . . holy hell, he actually blends into the roles rather nicely. Fearless, Expendables, and . . the one where he has the collar that makes him docile when it's on (ack, bad memory strikes again!!)

#2 - Jackie Chan - Real nice guy in person and actually would be tied with Jet Li. He's actually more entertaining to watch, but, he doesn't blend into his roles quite as well. THEN AGAIN, I admit to not having seen enough of his movies.

#3 - Bruce Li - You just know somebody's in trouble when he walks on screen. Nothing really complex here, he's a favorite of mine.

The jet li film with the he collar? That would be "Unleashed" brilliant film, also jet li in "the One" is possibly his best film,

in my male persona I was a fight choreographer for stage and screen for 20 years, with limited success I admit, but it did give me the opportunity to meet many of the world's biggest martial artists, and IMHO my favourite is a genuinelyall round nice guy and brilliant fighter, Bolo Young. For those that don't recognise the name he was the bad guy in a lot of JCVD films including Blood Sport

Love and prayers


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Guest Rei

while there are the usual names like bruce lee, jackie chan and jet li (yes, they're all wonderful, i grew up watching them), i'm also going to throw donnie yen into the mix. for those who may not be familiar with him, he's uses mma techniques and is a very good actor. some of his known roles have included portraying ip man (widely believed to have been bruce lee's master, though to my understanding, this isn't exactly true) and a hot-tempered hong kong policeman in "flash point".

i can't really say who my favourite is though. this is a really hard question xD

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Bruce Lee. Close second is Brandon Lee tied with Chuck Norris

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    • tracy_j
      An interesting subject. Probably a lifetimes work there!   Tracy
    • tracy_j
      Yes I agree to staying online. At least you have friends you can relate to here which is good, epecially if things get tough.   Tracy
    • tracy_j
      Good luck! I don't know how well it will relate to your job but I have a general link here which gives a flavour of things in the NHS.  It, and the links from it, may be a help. https://www.nhsemployers.org/retention-and-staff-experience/diversity-and-inclusion/policy-and-guidance/sexual-orientation   Private companies do not usually publish their policies online (as far as I know) but NHS trust and probably local government documents are likely to be available. A quick look found this for Newcastle: http://www.newcastle-hospitals.org.uk/downloads/policies/Personnel/GenderTransitionatWorkPolicy201808.pdf   I had a little look and found some info which private companies give but it would take a bit of searching to find details specific to gender, but may exist although maybe only in large companies. I did come across a council document though:   https://wolverhampton.moderngov.co.uk/documents/s36286/Appendix - Transgender Guidance Notes.pdf   Tracy
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://news.usc.edu/158899/transgender-research-usc-brain-gender-identity/     Carolyn Marie
    • ToniTone
      I'm sure as Carolyn Marie said, most of us had doubts.    Me personally, I had a lot of doubts the months before I got on hrt. But by the time I got it, I reasoned that I'd never be happy to keep going on as a man. So I took the plunge, and so far transition has been pretty gentle to me. I'm very content with my choice and where I see transition taking me now.    Really at the end of the day, it's your decision though. If you aren't already, maybe consider talking with a gender therapist, or find a community meeting local to you. Some ways to get some perspective. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      Hello, Crystal Elaine, and welcome to Trans Pulse.  I want to start by congratulating you on being open minded, non-judgemental, loving and supportive.  It is wonderful to hear about, as its not as common an occurrence as we would hope.   What you've done together so far is a great start.  Other suggestions I can make include letting him dress and sleep in a nightgown (some have sexual relations this way, and I hear it can really invigorate a couple's sex life).  Helping him with makeup, buying a wig, wearing small items of jewelry (that he can hide from others, like an ankle bracelet) can also help with feeling feminine.   I'm sure others will have great ideas, too.  Thanks for asking, and best wishes to you both.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      Many of us have doubts about virtually every aspect of our transition.  Having doubts and questions about HRT is not only normal, it is logical and sensible.  That's because HRT carries risks, as does any prescription medication, and those risks can be significant, especially if you have some types of pre-existing conditions.   My advice is to read as much as you can from reputable sites and publications, starting with the WPATH Standards of Care.  There is a whole lot of good information about it, including on this web site.  Being informed and knowledgeable is important.  I've had to educate some of my own doctors, which is not an unusual thing.   If you have specific questions, we'll try to answer them, but we aren't medical professionals, so be guided by your doctors and by your own informed mind.   Carolyn Marie
    • Dev
      Everything helps, Alex, and I really appreciate you pitching in!
    • TiaMaria
      Hey everyone,    Thanks for all the advice from my last post.    Today, I went to an endo doctor, and they say I might be able to hopefully start hormones in the next couple of weeks. When they told me that, I was excited but still hesitant. I always keep thinking that I'm going to have regrets or something. Is that normal? Did any of you have this feeling when starting hormones?    Thanks in advance!! 
    • CrystalElaine94
      My husband recently discovered by complete accident that he likes cross dressing. When I say by accident, I had seen videos of boyfriends/husbands doing their girlfriends/wives makeup, and I asked him to do mine. After he was done, I asked to do his. To both of our surprise, he really liked it. Now we are pretty adventurous in the bedroom, and we decided this could be a fun role play (my husband is into domination/humiliation). However, he didn't feel dominated or humiliated. He felt empowered and "pretty" to use his own words. For the rest of the night, he wore one of my dresses and a full face of makeup. The next day, we went out and bought a wig to complete his look. That night, I taught him how to do his own makeup, he put on one of my dresses and his wig, and he absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, it made me feel extremely uncomfortable. When I looked at him, I didn't feel like I was looking at my husband. I felt as though I had lost my husband.    After discussing this with my husband, he explained that he just liked not having to feel masculine. He likes getting in touch with his feminine side. Now my husband is a correctional officer who grew up in a strict southern baptist household. We have been exploring his sexuality together recently, and he has come to the decision that he not attracted to men, but he does still like to dress as a woman. He does not feel as though he is a woman, he is just tired of feeling like he has to live up to the standard masculine social norms.    We decided that I may have been uncomfortable because we just jumped straight into it instead of easing in. So we have decided to work up to him completely cross dressing by doing things that are deemed feminine. Last night, we did a foot scrub, painted our toe nails, and did a facial mask. I would love suggestions of other activities we can do to not only help me ease into the idea of my husband cross dressing, but to also allow him to do what makes him feel comfortable and helps him relax. I would also love any advice on what has helped anyone else through the same situation.   I love my husband dearly, and it's been a while since I've seen my husband that happy and relaxed. I am trying to support him the best that I can, but I am also confused by this. 
    • Alex C
      Hey Pixie... honestly I am so lost right now, but I  know this:  I have being dealing with other voices in my head that are not helpful to me. If it was not for my Gender Therapist properly would of off myself. So If you feel confused getting a G.T is a great starting point. Good luck be safe and keep us update  this site is a great sounding block and welcome
    • Alex C
      wow that's totally mind blowing. I will contact my A.I 2mor. I can't offer L.I.. but ty u all
    • Alex C
      hey  Dev just donated. Wish I had more but I hope it helps. Keep up the amazing job. It's truly help with my transition. Much lv  
    • Dev
      PayPal is our card processor as well as its own thing.  If you click through it'll ask you to sign up or sign in, but you don't have to do that.  If you continue without signing up, it'll let you plug in a credit card and process it like any other transaction.
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      Laura, ff you click on the link in the post above, it will take you to the donation page, where you will see options for donating with any of four different credit or debit cards.   Carolyn Marie
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