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Taking Advantage Of The "new Atheism"

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DaHudie Biz
11 hours ago, Fiona said:

The fact that a really smart guy tried to prove god isn't anything but information, data. And many of those old scientists saw god as something entirely different than the average 'believer' believes. The proper place certainly isn't the classroom when learning about that which can be proven.


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I started asking those tough question in my early teens, by the time I was mid to late teen, I had my belief system. I'm an electrical engineer, very logical minded and I tend to follow the evidence when performing research. :) 

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On 4/6/2012 at 10:49 PM, Guest winterangel said:

"New Atheism" is a name attributed to the ideas proposed and promoted by newly famous atheist authors of the 21st century; e.g. Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett. They advocate the view that tolerance of religion should be diminished in favor of criticism and countering of religion with rationale.

This is converse of secularism, which promotes tolerance of personal religion, but elimination of it where most reasonable (e.g. government).

I personally find that, although I encourage tolerance of religion (discussed below), religion is too tolerated in society; for example, terrorizing and torture of children for religious purposes should under no circumstances be exempted, and indoctrination of children, such as that done by parents and by pious schools, is displeasing; however, as to the latter, it is difficult to eliminate this without infringement of free rights.

I find that countering of religion is in almost all cases ineffective, because individual religious beliefs rarely ever have foundation in reason or logic, but in pseudo-philosophy or for short, 'faith.' Neuroscientists have proposed theories as to why the brain might generate these foundations, and if they are correct [that religion is inherent to humanity], we cannot eliminate religion entirely without elimination of H. sapiens itself.

Some religions however, such as Buddhism which is actually more similar to a philosophical system, do not take the strong irrational stances against say, science, as others often do, like Christianity or Islam with beliefs in falsified doctrines such as creationism and opposition to evolution and natural selection.

I feel that it is harmless for a person to believe in a deity or multiple deities, which can never be falsified, and that it is harmless if they are accepting of others, and are respectful of such things as science and history, and are respectful of others in regards to personal beliefs (including their own children, who should not be taught religion at an age too young to be mentally capable of analysis or of choosing their own religion).

I don't believe religion will ever be eliminated, nor do I believe in absolute intolerance of it, but there are some changes that need to occur in society.

IMHO, religions are iron age constructs to validate why the humans of that time period choose survivalism over annihilationism or extinctionism. To my knowledge, there is no way to prove that survivalism (something after this) is probable or definite.  Conversely,  there is no way to prove annihilationism (upon death the living being is completely destroyed and no longer exists - also called extinctionism)  is the true end-state either.  I believe the start of the term "annihilationism" came from Christianity;  whereby you were judged before becoming extinct and never to exist again.  Atheism is extinction without judgement.  You die, and that's it.  Something inside me leads me to believe extinctionism isn't guaranteed.  Is Dean Hamer right?  Do I have a "God Gene"?  I don't even think Hamer was peer reviewed with regard to that gene (VMAT2), was he?

I just cannot seem to find the faith necessary to believe in either end of the spectrum.  There is so much we don't know.  Yes, I understand that humans created religion as early as the bronze age, and that most of our modern religions come from the iron age - but just because that's when humans put survivalism down to words and articulated thoughts doesn't mean absolutely that it's a complete fabrication, does it?  Maybe they are wrong with their stories associated with their world view of survivalism; but yet survivalism can actually happen -  whereby there is something after death?   OMG this is all such a struggle for me.  I hope and want there to be something after this;  but there is no way to know if there is until you cross that threshold.  I guess death is like a singularity in that regard.

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On 3/14/2017 at 10:06 AM, Fiona said:

I started asking those tough question in my early teens, by the time I was mid to late teen, I had my belief system. I'm an electrical engineer, very logical minded and I tend to follow the evidence when performing research. :) 


I cannot seem to do that.  I waffle over time.  BTW,  I was an electronics engineer (military radar design) and now I am a computer systems engineer.  I switched professions after grad school.  I have not found a viable way to research survivalism (something after this) using the scientific method of test and observation. That doesn't mean survival cannot happen - just means I don't believe there is a way to test the theory of survivalism. 

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    • Jani
      Hello and welcome!   The idea that your thoughts are due to social media, friends or your medication is unfounded.  It's none of that.  Seeking the counsel of a therapist is a good idea.  Coming to realize you are not the gender you were raised as doesn't always happen when we are young, or older for that matter.  It's all very personal and not to be thought of as following a strict timeline.  Many of us MtF grow up participating in very masculine activities seemingly as a way of proving to ourselves we are OK.  But of course, we are OK.  This is our normal and no one can take that from you.     Talk with your therapist, be honest, and determine what you want and need to do.     Cheers, Jani
    • Jani
      It scared me as well but as I found once you start to reveal who you are it gets easier and easier.  The idea is to not worry about what others think since you can only control what you think.   Taking small steps is great advice.     All my best, Jani
    • Xilendra
      Okay, so here is the deal, I am a male, 19 years old. I still live with my parents, and we are very close with eachother. I have been for the last 2 years, thinking about transitioning, and naturally, I resisted it for so long. Well, now I know how harmful that is. My mom I am almost positive would be accepting of it, probably would be disappointed. My dad however, I have heard his opinion towards the subject of trans people. Outside of my parents, I do not have much of a social life, I do not have friends, and nobody knows about this. I am at the point where, either I go through with it, or I end up blowing my brains out. Please, I need help, or advice.
    • SugarMagnolia
      It scared me to death for many years. I really had a hard time imagining it working. But I've taken small steps over the last few and am now out 100% at work and full time everywhere.   Everyone's situation is different, but my work transition has been really easy. I'm a software engineer so not dealing with the public all the time but it's gone really well.    Your mileage may vary, but every fear I've had has turned out much better in practice than I expected.   You could start with small steps though and take your time getting more comfortable with each step. There's nothing that says you have to end up in a certain spot so try each new thing on and then see if you want to do more.   ~Julie    
    • My name isn’t Megan
      I’m a twenty year old who was born male, but recently I’ve been inclined to believe that I wish to transition to being a woman. I’ve just recently informed my parents of how I feel, who were supportive, if not a little confused. This is a somewhat recent development in my life; growing up, I didn’t have a lot of female tendencies (like wanting to wear a dress or play with girl’s toys), and I never felt uncomfortable with a male body. Across the span of this year, however, I’ve felt this nagging curiosity about what it would be like to become a girl. This curiosity has grown in recent months, so much that I think about it almost every day. The suddent growth of these feelings is what has me conflicted; I feel very strongly that I would be happier as a girl, but I don’t know why I feel so strongly all of a suddent. My mom thinks it might have something to do with outside influence (like media or friends or my antidepressants, Zoloft EQ for reference), and I’m honestly unsure as to exactly why myself. I plan to seek out a geneder therapist to help me with the process, but I’m looking for any advice that I can get as to how I can figure out who I am, who I want to be, and how I can get there.    Thanks very much for reading!
    • jo jo
      today im listening to the stone roses i dont know if they made it over the other side of the pond but they had such an awesome sound political but real life aswell well worth a listen
    • Jani
      I read this at another site.  Good news! 
    • Jani
    • Amy LeBlanc
      Forgot to add.  if anyone is interested.  I have started a YouTube channel to help me out on documenting myself in transition.  I may not look as pretty as all the other YouTubers, but I have something they dont and that is real life at the beginning stages.   https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions/UCcCj9U8yd6MB0Rq3quqV0mw   Hope everyone likes   Amy
    • Jani
      Hello Cloee and welcome.  I'm happy to read you're talking with a therapist.  I think once you realize what is possible and that you can live happily you will be fine.  Read the stories of others, you'll see we are all similar.   Please join in the conversation.    Jani    
    • Amy LeBlanc
      https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-real-thing-transgender-film_us_5bef4438e4b07573881e935d?fbclid=IwAR3Z-okBZZgEArHc5biMXnd246Ctzi50O0qzFPtoU6IuL3mWVBS8B1ViBjU   I end of crying every time I watch this.   Lots of Love   Amy
    • Jani
      An interesting visit to say the least! 
    • Jani
      Welcome and thank you for sharing your story.  I'm glad you've joined us.     Jani 
    • Jani
      Welcome on board!  Please join in.   Jani
    • Jani
      Martyn, Death is never the answer.  You will never solve anything if you are not around.  As noted, layering suicide over the changes in your family will not make things better.     Reach out to one of the organizations that Sugar Magnolia (Julie) has provided links to.     Your son can change.  He is under the influence of his mother now and as he grows he may see you as a good and fine person. 
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