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Guest Lizzie McTrucker

Covergirl 18-hour Shinewear

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Guest Lizzie McTrucker

OMG, this stuff is amazing!

While shopping about a week ago I decided to try Covergirl's 18-hour shinewear lip color. I bought it in a darker red color to wear with my dark colored clothes and actually agonized over what shade to get because since it supposedly lasts all day I didn't want to get a shade I hated.

Okay so the directions state to apply the color and then not touch your lips together for a minute while the color sets.

...really? *sigh* alright...

So I put the color on, making sure it all looked symmetric and even and all that. (normally with regular lipstick I'd just apply it to the majority of my lips and then smoosh them together and such to spread out the color, but..couldn't do that with this). One minute passes just after the "I feel like a blow-up doll" thought hits me. I close my lips and I feel this weird coating on my lips that appears to be moisture proof.

I check myself in the mirror to see how it looks and, ladies, my lips looked amazing!

Now granted, this stuff stays on and doesn't come off without makeup remover. It's straw proof. touch proof. I'm guessing it's kiss proof. food proof. The package comes with a tube of clear topcoat to apply over it to give your lips some shine and I really only used that whenever I stepped out of the truck and wanted to make sure I looked better than at least one other women whenever I went inside somewhere.

The great thing is, no matter what I did...my lips still looked awesome. Every time I'd check my face to see how my makeup was, my lips still looked awesome.

Keep in mind, when you're applying the color you do have a little bit of time to fix any mistakes before the color sets, but once it's set...it's set!

They say it lasts up to 18 hours. Mine was still looking good after 12 before I finally had to take it off. Now some color will fleck off, like if you put the topcoat on and then blot your lips with a napkin if you're about to eat or something but it wasn't noticeable.

So if you're looking for a lip color that lasts all day and don't mind having a weird film-like coating on your lips that makes them feel weird but won't come off unless you use makeup remover, then I highly suggest this. Covergirl 18-hour shinewear. (it's not cheap tho, I think mine was around $9)

Next trip I'm looking for a regular every day goes with anything color. :D

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Guest ~Brenda~

Thank you Lizzy!!!

That is so awesome! I never tried any of he specialty lip gloss type things. I always used standard libstick (smooshing my lips together to get that uniform look). I am going to try it though!! Knowing me, I'll forget because it is so ingrained in me to smoosh my lips that I'll mess up a few times before I get it right.



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Guest mia 1

Great Lizzy. Wondering where you have been. Keep posting......we love to hear from you......Mia

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Guest Kayliegh

Hi Lizzy -

I've tried it too and you're right, it dosen't come off unless you take it off.


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Guest AllisonD

I really like the cover girl $6 lipsticks, especially the 445 hot pink and 500 cranberry. So weird, since I also buy $30 lipsticks from Macy's. I'll have to look for the same colors in this 18 lipstick, that would be really convenient, particularly since I swim and my face comes off (Ok, eyeliner & lipstick) in the shower before I get in the pool.

I am so used to touching up lipstick 4 times a day that it will be a nice change to be able to forget about it. I must try this out.


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    • Jani
      This is nice Michelle. We can all be an inspiration to someone, whether we know it or not.   Jani
    • michelle_kitten
      A friend at work today sent me a message he wanted to talk to me.  I was leery, because he can talk on and on, and lecture if he thinks someone's done something incorrectly.  Sigh.  I asked him what he wanted to talk to me about and he replied, "Nothing. Just something personal."  Okay.  Well, that's sounds better than, "You should have done..."  So, after my shift was over I went by to see him.   He said, "I have to thank you." "What for?" I asked. "Because, of  you I went and got help for something that's been a problem for a while and I was too embarrassed to get help." Of course, at this point my mind is going.  Is he gay?  Is he trans too?  He is a bit effeminate.  "What's happened?" I asked. He tells me he's been feeling really run down, and sleeps away his weekends for some time.  He went to the doctor, and they diagnosed him with low-T.  He's on hormones now, and may end up on estrogen blockers as well.   That's exactly why I have been open about my transition with folks.  I believed if I was living a lie, by coming out others might find the courage to stop living lies as well.  I am very happy about this.  I am glad he is getting help.
    • AJ Baumann
      Thanks gennee. It is nice to find supportive community 💚 AJ
    • Nivegnal
      I ponder what I would really do if it all was just handed to me tomorrow.  Would I jump in both feet or not.  It’s easy to say you want this or that and different when you can actually get it.  I know this well enough.   I’m not in a hurry to have more surgery.  SRS is not on my scope but seems like a possible step.   Like you I’m more interested in an orchy and shed my T.   But I’m still healing from my last tangle with a scalpel.    Before I go on with that I want to understand my feelings and place in all this.  I’m hoping the therapist can show/teach/explain what’s what and why.  
    • NB Adult
      Back in the early 1990's I was fortunate being in a VA related counseling program for PTSD issues. My counselor was in a long term lesbian relationship, so when I broached the subject of what I intended to accomplish as a trans person, she had no qualms about writing me all the necessary letters. Prior to that I had been seeing Dr. Anne Lawrence, I know some people detest her, but she saw fit to put me on feminizing HRT and she also wrote me a letter of recommendation for SRS. Later it turned out that the endocrine specialist at the local VA hospital knew Anne, and he bought into my plan to transition and set me up for free meds. He also wrote me a letter recommending an orchiectomy and or SRS as I had complained about having to take Spironolactone as a testosterone blocker. So when I hooked up with Dr. Bowers I had both feet in the door but in the finale analysis decided that it wasn't the ultimate panacea for me. The reason I blathered all this past history out is that I felt at the time that if anything that you desire to accomplish is really valid and that important to you, then you will be manipulative and as devious as necessary to achieve what you need to. I am a bit embarrassed by putting all this out there, because in the end I dropped the ball entirely and in retrospect I have to concede that we should take our time going through the process step by step and not try to circumvent the system. It is what it is for our own good.
    • Nivegnal
      I am hoping to feel “the weight” lifted.   It is nice to know there are those here that understand.  
    • Nivegnal
      I wish you all the best with your conversations and your marriage.  The first time I came out to my first wife it was easy and she was totally supportive.  We shopped together and she taught me make up. It was wonderful. Then we got divorced a year later and my world crumbed.   She eventually couldn’t do it any longer even though I was not truly out still being in the military.  Still a guy in public and at work or every where outside our home.   ot was crushing.  Having to go deep in hiding again. I almost took my life.  My fear of this happening again is crippling.   I hope to work through my fear and one day tell my wife now.   Good luck this weekend ❤️
    • Amanda Thomas
      Thank you for your kind support Jani. More and more, I'm reaching the point that I realize I can't go back to my old life no matter what I do. Strangely, this is a source of courage. I have to move forward now and I feel a strange sort of calm knowing that my transition is beginning no matter what I try to do to stop it. It seems I am not letting my fear stop me from living anymore.
    • Jani
      I don't know much about Italian protocols in therapy but hopefully you can search online for therapists.  Might there be a society that they belong too (such as the APA) to search for members and qualifications?   I googled "therapists in Italy" and found this.  https://internationaltherapistdirectory.com/listings/italy-1/   Jani
    • Jani
      I love cars and all things automotive. I used to race a dedicated car; high strung race engine, full safety cage, trailered, etc.  While I no longer race since I don't have the stamina I do still have a small fleet of vehicles that I love.  I have a well equipped shop to play in.  I also love to cook and sew, always have.  While I once fretted over my "male-centric" hobbies I've found it to be a non issue.     Enjoy what you do.   Jani
    • Jani
      I was terribly nervous going in and walking on air on the way out as I had finally unburdened my soul to someone. This will hopefully be a good thing for your too.    Jani
    • Jani
      This was me too so you're not alone.  I found it difficult to explain to my wife something I couldn't explain to myself.  Counseling helped me a lot.     All my best.  Jani
    • NB Adult
      Being willing to sit down and talk through all of the issues she has is critical.
    • Jackie C.
      Best of luck Sara! My conversation was a little different from what you're going to have, but Susan and I are closer now than we've ever been before. Over the weekend she was telling an old friend how much more pleasant I've been to have around the house since I've started transitioning. Note here is that I'm OUT out. I present as female all the time, I'll happily answer questions to the best of my ability and I'm not ashamed of being transgender. I'd rather I wasn't mind you, but I think part of being trans is making the most out of a difficult situation.   Your wife sounds like a wonderful and caring individual. You're still the person she fell in love with, you're just sharing a little more of yourself. I think it's telling that you came out to her and she stuck around. I think you'll be OK.   Hugs!
    • SaraAW
      @Nivegnal  My wife is still upset I hid it from her. What she can’t grasp is that I wasn’t ready to tell her as I had almost no answers at the time and was really feeling shame. We have had only very brief conversations since as we have had people staying with us almost non stop since the initial conversation.    I honestly don’t know that I would I have really done a whole lot different if I could have a do over. It was one of the most stressful things I have ever done in my life. It took everything I had to bring it into the light. I am still stressed about it both the situation with my wife and the fact I am not out to anyone else other than my therapist, my GP and my endo.    I am going to have a much more in-depth series of conversations with my wife this weekend, as we are finally going to have some alone time. We will see how it goes.    I wish you the best of luck in coming out to your spouse. Everyone is different and will handle the news in their own way. You may end up with a super supportive partner.    *hugs*   Sara
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